January 27th, 2014

SOTU coverage: live streaming and Hamby webcast

In the first of its kind, CNN and CNN mobile will offer an alternate livestream to watch the State of the Union and GOP response – a next gen “PoliCast” (political webcast) with digital correspondent Peter Hamby. Joined by former Obama White House spokesman Tommy Vietor and Republican strategist Tim Miller, the running commentary will tap into live reaction of the speech and the immediate impact it is having on social media.

To be a part of Tuesday night’s “PoliCast,” tweet at Peter (@PeterHambyCNN), Tommy (@TVietor08) and Tim (@Timodc) using the hashtag #CNNSOTU.

To get a preview of what’s to come in the “PoliCast,” Peter, Tommy and Tim will give more details on Tuesday.

Additionally, CNN’s live television coverage of the SOTU address and the GOP response will also be live streaming on CNN.com’s Home Page and on the CNN mobile apps for all users.