October 21st, 2013

Tonight! AC360 EXCLUSIVE – 3x Tour de France champ Greg Lemond speaks with Anderson Cooper

In an exclusive interview on tonight’s Anderson Cooper 360°, three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond speaks with Anderson in his first in depth interview since Lance Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France victories and admitted to doping.

Sound bites from their interview below. The full interview airs tonight on Anderson Cooper 360° at 8pm ET on CNN.

Anderson Cooper: In 2001 in an interview you said, ‘If Lance is clean, it’s the greatest comeback in the history of sports. If he isn’t it would be the greatest fraud.’ Do you think what Lance Armstrong did was the greatest fraud in the history of sports?

Greg LeMond: Absolutely. Absolutely. The greatest fraud was that, I mean, I know his physical capabilities. He’s a top 30 at best. I mean, at best. No matter what. If he was clean and everybody else was clean, he’s a top 30 at best. He’s not capable of winning the Tour. He’s not capable of the top 5.

Cooper: What do you think should happen to him now?

LeMond: This is not a sporting infraction. This is criminal.

Cooper: You think he should go to jail.

LeMond: I do, yeah. This was an organized mafia and he literally tried to destroy people.


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