October 6th, 2013

Anderson Cooper Special Report–“The Pizza Bomber” airs Sunday, Oct. 6

On Sunday, Oct. 6, CNN will present an Anderson Cooper Special Report–“The Pizza Bomber”, an exclusive look at America’s most bizarre bank robbery and the incredible cast of criminal misfits who planned and attempted to bring off one of the nation’s most unusual crimes.

CNN investigative correspondent Drew Griffin will take viewers behind the scenes of a four year long FBI investigation into an incident that began a decade ago in Erie, Pennsylvania.  On a hot August afternoon, a 41 year old pizza delivery man named Brian Wells walked into a small branch bank wearing what he said was a bomb underneath his white tee shirt.   He gave tellers a note demanding $250,000.   He escaped with a little more than $8,000 and was quickly cornered by police in a parking lot less than a mile away from the bank. A half an hour later, surrounded by police and television cameras, the bomb Brian Wells was wearing detonated, instantly killing him.

Drew Griffin talks with Wells’ sister, who to this day declares him innocent, and to the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, now retired and free to talk.

The hour airs at 10:00pmET on Sunday, Oct. 6, with encores at 1:00am and 4:00amET.