October 4th, 2013

The real Siri revealed: People want me to make a “naughty” app

Siri, Apple’s voice-activated virtual “assistant,” made its debut on October 4, 2011 with the iPhone 4S. The real person behind the voice revealed herself to CNN.com’s Jessica Ravitz, and now to the world. Although Apple won’t confirm it’s her, an audio-forensics expert with 30 years of experience confirms that it is “100%” Susan Bennett, a voiceover artist from suburban Atlanta. Bennett told her story to “New Day” explaining how she became the voice of Siri and why she finally decided to come out.

When CNN News Anchor Michaela Pereira asked Bennett questions such as “why is one foot longer than the other” and “what is the driving time from New York to LA,” she replied a very common Siri response, “I’m sorry Michaela, I cannot answer those questions.”

“That’s something that people would like me to do is make a little, naughty Siri app,” Bennett said.

CNN.com Red Chair interview: http://on.cnn.com/GCcFnx
Vine: https://vine.co/v/hgTZJDHYwmd

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