July 31st, 2013

AC360 VIDEO: Snowden’s father on FBI deal to visit Moscow and latest on NSA revelations

Britain’s Guardian newspaper revealed today that the NSA’s e-mail searches may go deeper than you might imagine. According to the paper, agents are not only able to access e-mail addresses and subject lines, but also the content of the messages.  In addition they are also able to view web histories and social networking activity.  All this echoes bombshell allegations by Edward Snowden in the same newspaper.

Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360°, Lon Snowden gives new details on the FBI offer to have him fly to Russia to meet his son. He now says he has no interest in going, as he has lost faith in DOJ. “ At this point I have no desire to get on an aircraft with the FBI to fly to Moscow. Because I have lost faith in the overarching organization the justice department, that they are operating in good faith.”

He tells Anderson Cooper that he would tell his son to stay in Russia because “Russia I believe has the strength and conviction to protect my son at this point.”

In addition, his attorney, Bruce Fein spoke with Edward’s attorney last night – says Edward is “in good health” – and teases a possible meeting of the lawyers to hammer out an ending that would satisfy all.