May 23rd, 2013

Piers Morgan Live: Heroes reunited with the man they saved

Tonight, “Piers Morgan Live” shared the story of tornado survivor Alex Barnett, who joined the program tonight with his emotional account of Monday’s events.

Trapped beneath rubble in what remained of his home, Barnett was eventually rescued by two men who heard his screams. Tonight, Barnett recalled the moment the twister touched down:

“All I seen was the big cloud coming my way and I just went and grabbed my pillow and blanket and went straight to the bathroom,” he said. “I no more than got in there just for a second or two, and what little rumbling I heard as it got louder it just, my ears popped, and it was there.”

In an amazing display of raw emotion, Barnett then got a chance to meet Juan Olivo and Jerrel Brewer for the very first time. Embracing the men who found him, and sobbing heavily, the guest could only mumble “Thank you very much. God Bless you.” Watch this reunion here.