March 9th, 2013

From SXSW: Bill Gates on how to make digital classrooms work

If you fast-forward a decade, classrooms and lessons might look a little different, according to Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

In an exclusive interview from the 2013 South by Southwest Conference and Festival in Austin, Texas – CNN Money’s Laurie Segall spoke with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

Today, classes are too big. Lessons are taught the same way to dozens or hundreds of students — each of whom has different learning style.

Technology can, and should, change that, Gates argues.

“Being there physically doesn’t add much value,” Gates told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview. He believes the days of big lectures with hundreds of students gathering in university classrooms may be numbered.

Gates envisions a college of the future in which students watch lessons online, delivered by the brightest minds in the field.

Gates’ idea is one of many visions for the quickly transforming education system in the United States. In a time where tuition costs are rising, and technology is quickly disrupting major industries, many entrepreneurs are wondering why innovation hasn’t driven down the cost.