January 8th, 2013

Former Univ. of Texas coach: I want equal treatment and due process

Former University of Texas Austin Track and Field Head Coach Beverly Kearney opens up about resigning over her affair with a student in 2002. She claims that although she was forced to resign, other professors and administrators at the school have not had the same repercussions after engaging in relationships that violated policy.

Kearney says, “I’ve always tried to live my life in a manner that I did not want to do harm. And it’s always been easier for me to forgive others. But this was a challenge for me to forgive myself for making a poor decision.”

When O’Brien asks if the student she had the relationship with “ratted her out,” Kearney answers, “Yes, that’s fair.”

O’Brien reads the section of the school’s employee handbook that highlights how not disclosing a romantic or sexual relationship with a student could lead to termination. Kearney responds, “I didn’t know that there was even a rule on the book. I think the rule had come into play maybe a year prior to the relationship, and I don’t ever even remember reading such a rule.”

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