December 12th, 2012

Crist says he has same values, believes in “live and let live”

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist tells CNN’s Soledad O’Brien why he switched from Republican to Independent to Democrat. O’Brien asks if he is still pro-gun, pro-life, pro-family and anti-tax, to which Crist replies that his values are still the same. However, Crist says he believes in what President Obama is trying to do with revenue to avoid the fiscal cliff and his view on social issues is “live and let live.”

On being a Democrat, Crist says, “I felt the need to go full circle. Really it’s where I feel a lot more comfortable to be perfectly honest with you.”

Crist continues, “I am pro-life, but I don’t believe in imposing my will on other people. I am pro-gun. I think that people should support and protect the Second Amendment. I do think that raising taxes is not something anybody really wants to do.”

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