November 9th, 2012

Rep. Peter King on Benghazi hearing: Petraeus “absolutely necessary witness”

The sudden resignation of C.I.A. Director General  David Petraeus has stunned many in both Congress and the intelligence community at large.

Tonight on CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman, Representative Peter King, said “This is a real loss for the country, a real loss for the CIA.  We’re going to lose the best man for the job, but again America is adaptable. Put it this way, anytime you lose David Petraeus, the country is not as safe as it could be.”

Although the CIA has announced the General would not testify at next week’s hearing on the attack in Benghazi, Rep. King said General Petraeus is “at the center of this, and there are answers that only he has.”  Asked by Burnett if he will ask that the General still testify, Rep. King said “Absolutely, to me, he’s an absolutely necessary witness.”