October 16th, 2012

CNN Digital tops competitors in September ratings

In September 2012, the CNN Digital Network beat out nearly every news competitor in both unique visitors and total page views, ranking second to only Yahoo-ABC News. With 60 million uniques for the month, CNN earned more visitors than Huffington Post Media Group, NBC News Digital, CBS News and the combined sum of FoxNews.com and the New York Times.

CNN Digital had 60 million unique visitors, beating:

· HPMG News by 8% (56 million)

· NBC News Digital by 13% (53 million)

· CBS News by 45% (42 million)

· FoxNews.com by 125% (27 million)

· New York Times by 133% (26 million)

At 1.7 billion page views in September, CNN Digital surpassed:

· HPMG News by 11% (1.5 billion)

· NBC News Digital by 44% (1.2 billion)

· CBS News by 55% (1.1 billion)

· FoxNews.com by 78% (958 million)

· New York Times by 198% (573 million)

(Source: Comscore Media Metrix, Sept. 2012)

Contributing to CNN’s success was growth in several key sections of CNN.com. A 117% spike over last year, CNN’s World section claimed 169 million page views in September 2012. Garnering 100 million page views, the site’s Entertainment section saw growth of 34% over September 2011. CNN Digital’s Politics section was up 76% against the same month last year while CNN Opinion continued to boast big numbers hitting 32 million page views for the month.

(Source: Omniture Global, Sept 2012)