June 26th, 2012

State Sen. who sponsored SB-1070 reacts to SCOTUS ruling

Former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce (R), previous sponsor of SB-1070 who’s running for re-election after being ousted during recall vote, voices his position on Supreme Court’s ruling.

Pearce says, “There’s never been a preemption of states enforcing the law. Never had there been a preemption. Had Congress wanted to preempt the states, they could have used their power. They have not done that. But apparently, because the cheap labor, the cheap vote crowd, it’s OK. The deaths and costs of billions of dollars is OK for them. It’s outrageous. Do you know how the immigration law has been enforced, reasonably enforced, 9/11 would have been averted? Four out of the five main hijackers were stopped by law enforcement and were let go and were in the country illegally and overstayed their visas. One of them had the citation, the car that was abandoned at the airport. But apparently that’s OK to the left. ”

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