June 26th, 2012

Romney rep. won’t state candidate’s position on SB1070 ruling + Pres. Obama immigration executive order

CNN Anchor Soledad O’Brien repeatedly asks Mitt Romney Senior Advisor Carlos Gutierrez about Romney’s position on immigration, the Supreme Court’s ruling on SB1070 and President Obama’s executive order on immigration.

O’Brien says, “But my question, sir, was not about President Obama. My question was about Mitt Romney and specifically this one provision of SB1070. Does he support it as it now stands?”

Gutierrez, “As I mentioned, the Governor [Romney] supports the right of border states and the country at large to protect its border, to protect its integrity. It’s not an anti-immigration issue….”

O’Brien says, “But, sir, that is not the question. And I get it, I think there’s a zillion people who would agree with you. But on this particularly thing, what has been interesting to me to see the degree to which Mitt Romney has been dodging what is kind of a yes/no question.”

Later on in the interview, O’Brien adds, “But specifically on this question [on SB1070], I feel like, and I think a rational person would agree with me, Governor Romney and his people who speak for him are completely dodging this question.”

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