June 24th, 2012

Piers Morgan Tonight: Conan O’Brien on his critics

Monday night, Piers Morgan gets serious with the clever comic and late night legend Conan O’Brien in an in-depth exclusive interview.

O’Brien, who succeeded David Letterman on “Late Night” in 1993, encountered years of criticism. The host read an excerpt of Tom Shales review of O’Brien, written in the Washington Post but recited during O’Brien’s commencement speech given at Harvard in 2000:

Shales wrote, “O’Brien is a living collage of annoying nervous habit … he’s the host who should never have come.”

O’Brien said during the commencement speech that his failures were the stepping stones to success. In the interview with Morgan, O’Brien once again graciously responded to the insults:

“I never in my heart had any, really had any ill will towards people,” O’Brien explains. “If I had not been myself and had watched Conan O’Brien debut after David Letterman, I’d have been horrified as well.”

Watch the clip and and tune in Monday at 9pm to see a side of Conan O’Brien you may not have seen before.