June 15th, 2012

CNN’s coverage of Greece’s election

The Future of Europe: Greece Votes
Greek citizens return to the polls Sunday, June 17 after failing to form a government following the May 6 election. CNN’s Richard Quest, John Defterios and Matthew Chance will lead CNN International’s coverage Sunday and Monday from Athens, Greece with additional reports from CNN correspondents around the world.

From Germany to Tokyo, CNN correspondents will report on regional reaction to the election results, focusing on the trading floors as the global financial markets respond. CNN’s Diana Magnay, Jim Bittermann, Al Goodman and Felicia Taylor will report live as the world wakes up to a new Greece and the potential for a new Europe.

CNN International’s special coverage on Greece’s election, ‘The Future of Europe: Greece Votes’ will begin Sunday, June 17 at noon ET and continue after the polls close. On Monday, June 18 ‘Global Exchange’ and ‘Quest Means Business’ will broadcast live from Athens.