April 30th, 2012

“Stand Your Ground” law: Explained

The Trayvon Martin case brought the “Stand Your Ground” law into everyday vernacular, but what’s it really all about? CNN Digital’s Mallory Simon and Ann O’Neill have published a piece that has quickly become a top-talker about the law, its origins and how other cases of this law have affected families of the victims. With photo galleries and an interactive outlining self-defense laws by state, CNN Digital explores the ethical dilemma of how the law tows the line between self-defense and murder.

Also “Stand Your Ground” – related, CNN profiled Marion Hammer earlier this month, the first female president of the NRA and the woman responsible for pushing through “Stand Your Ground”. Additionally, CNN published an opinion piece today by contributor Mark NeJame that expresses with the urgency that the Stand Your Ground law and gun laws in general need to be evaluated immediately.