April 4th, 2012

CNN honored with three Peabody Awards

CNN will be honored with three George Foster Peabody Awards this year.  The Peabody recognizes excellence, distinguished achievement and meritorious public service in journalism.  The three awards are for CNN Worldwide’s coverage of the Arab Spring, for Fareed Zakaria GPS and for CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.

From The George Foster Peabody Awards:

CNN’s Reporting of the Arab Spring including Worldwide Coverage: Egypt –Wave of Discontent and Uprising in Libya
With seasoned correspondents already stationed throughout the Middle East, CNN was prepared when revolution began to leap like wildfire across the region.

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute (CNN, CNN International, CNN Espanol)
The star-studded, televised tribute is the culmination of a year-long effort to identify and reward 10 people from around the world who’ve made truly significant differences in the lives of others.

Restoring the American Dream: Fixing Education and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS: Interpretation and Commentary on Iran (CNN)
Zakaria applies his interviewing and analytical skills to impressive effect in his prime-time special devoted to America’s education quandary and in his measured, insightful ruminations on Iran.

CNN’s Ivan Watson, Nic Robertson, Parisa Khosravi and Arwa Damon attend the Peabody Awards ceremony on May 21 in New York.