March 30th, 2012

CNN’s ‘Starting Point’ panel debates influence of Zimmerman’s dad in the Trayvon Martin case

Retired officer Lou Palumbo joins the Starting Point panel of CNN contributor Will Cain, National Urban League President Marc Morial and political comedian John Fugelsang, to discuss the possible influence George Zimmerman’s dad, a judge, had on charges in the Trayvon Martin case.

Palumbo says, “I don’t want to taint this for you any further. But Zimmerman’s father is also a judge. If you look at the Van Der Sloot case in Aruba where we had some influence with the father. You may have the same thing going on here.”

After Cain disagrees with the comparison, Palumbo adds, “What would be so surprising? I can tell you this right now. I’m a little reluctant but I’ll just tell you that. Every time we run into people in our own community, the law enforcement community, we show them difference. Lawyers do it. Doctors do it. What would make you think the judicial system would not do it for a judge? I’m confused.”

Cain responds, “Logic.”

Palumbo answers, “Logic? This whole case is devoid of logic.”

Cain states, “You have two individual circumstances and drawing a parallel. Two anecdotal individual circumstances and drawing a parallel, it just simply doesn’t give you evidence to add them together.”

Fugelsang adds, “So, Trayvon may have had weed in his bag once and that’s relevant. But the fact that a shooter’s father is a judge, that’s not relevant?”

Cain responds, “Let’s make one thing clear to you, have I ever sat this table with you and suggest that Trayvon’s marijuana residue is relevant here?”

Fugelsang says, “We’re talking about logic, Will. We’re talking about logic. It is a debate worthy of discussion.”

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