February 29th, 2012

CNN’s Coverage of Tornado Outbreak in Midwest

The Midwest was hit Wednesday with a powerful storm system that left residents with very little time to seek shelter. CNN is reporting nine dead and more than 100 injured. Among the hardest hit cities was Harrisburg, IL.
CNN and HLN anchors and reporters deployed to Harrisburg, IL:
Ashleigh Banfield    Anchor, Early Start                       @CNNAshleigh

Sandra Endo            Correspondent                                  @sandraendocnn

Don Lemon             Anchor, CNN Newsroom               @donlemoncnn

Soledad O’Brien    Anchor, Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien @Soledad_OBrien

Jim Spellman         Correspondent                                  @jimspellmancnn

Bob Van Dillen      Meteorologist, HLN                 @BobVanDillen

Chris Welch             Correspondent                                 @cwelchcnn