September 27th, 2011

HLN Posts Strong Double-Digit Gains in Q3 11

Q3 Marks Network Milestones and Firsts; Beats MSNBC in Dayside

Prime Programs Including ‘Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell,’ ‘Nancy Grace,’ ‘Dr. Drew’ and ‘The Joy Behar Show’ Surge

HLN experienced significant double-digit gains in Prime (Mon-Sun) and Total Day Q3 11 vs. Q3 10:

In Prime, HLN increased +67% (674k vs. 404k) in P2+ and +49% (192k vs. 129k) in P25-54;

In Total Day, the network surged +71% (451k vs. 264k) in P2+ and +32% (150k vs. 114k) in P25-54.

In addition, Q3 is HLN’s best quarter ever in total day among total viewers, and its best since Q1 09 among P24-54. Moreover, HLN handily outperformed MSNBC in daytime (9 a.m.–5 p.m.) by 33% in P2+ (480k vs. 360k) and 46% in P25-54 (147k vs. 101k) and HLN topped MSNBC in daytime in Q2 as well.

Led by HLN’s deep bench of talent, network programming also experienced notable gains, including:

  • Morning Express with Robin Meade (6 a.m. – 10 a.m.) increased +23% in P2+ (380k vs. 310k), edging out MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” among P25-54 (154k vs. 152k);
  • HLN Special Report, hosted by Vinnie Politan (5 p.m. ET) posted triple-digit gains, +182% in P2+ (575k vs. 204k) and +106% in P25-54 (169k vs. 82k);
  • Prime News, hosted by Vinnie Politan (6 p.m. ET) up +133% in P2+ (561k vs. 241k) and +73% in P25-54 (166k vs. 96k);
  • Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell (7 p.m. ET) increased +61% in P2+ (658k vs. 408k) and +28% in P25-54 (188k vs. 147k), besting MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” by +3% in P25-54;
  • Nancy Grace (8 p.m.) up +48% in P2+ (929k vs. 628k) and +36% in P25-54 (261k vs. 192k), outperforming MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” by 10% in P2+ and 30% in P25-54;
  • Dr. Drew (9 p.m.) increased +63% in P2+ (751k vs. 460k) and +66% in P25-54 (213k vs. 128k);
  • The Joy Behar Show (10 p.m.) up +38% in P2+ (522k vs. 377k), maintaining last year’s demo audience levels;
  • Showbiz Tonight (11 p.m.) increased +21% in P2+ (401k vs. 331k).

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