June 16th, 2011

Libya: Proof of rape on cell phones

On the frontlines of Libya’s war, rebel fighters say they are finding a lot more than weapons on captured or killed Gadhafi soldiers. Rebels claim to have video proof of Gadhafi loyalists torturing and raping Libyan citizens, found on confiscated cell phones. CNN has obtained exclusive access to one such video. Sara Sidner reports on how this potential evidence of war crimes is being handled on the battlefield.

This story is disturbing and graphic.  It is about rape as a weapon in Libya’s civil war and evidence of those assaults that rebels say is frequently found on captured cell phones.   As CNN’s Sara Sidner explains from Misrata, Libya, the videos are so awful, that even the rebels are trying to erase the evidence to avoid humiliating victims and their families.  We should tell you that we have blurred almost all of the video to make it possible for Sara to file this report.