April 29th, 2011

A royal treat: iReporter Jason Sauter

With more than 750,000 iReporters around the globe and an iReport submitted from every country in the world, CNN issued an open invitation for people to share their Royal Wedding experiences via iReport, whether they were in London or simply celebrating at home – and also held the iReport Royal Wedding Contest to send one lucky U.S.-based iReporter to London to witness all the festivities firsthand.

Contest winner Jason Sauter joined CNN’s Royal Wedding hosts Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Kiran Chetry, Richard Quest, and special contributor, Cat Deely, as well as HLN’s Brooke Anderson, live in London for the royal nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. While in London, Sauter and his girlfriend of six years and inspiration for entering the contest, Nancy Vidarte, had quite the adventure, as reported by our pals at CNN.com’s Royal Wedding blog, Unveiled.

So far, Jason and Nancy have filed more than 15 iReports from London, which have been showcased on CNN and HLN, as well as CNN.com; and within the Royal Wedding iReport Open Story, featuring select photos and videos from iReporters and CNN journalists, placed along an interactive timeline and map to paint a comprehensive picture of the event through the eyes of the many people who experience it. To date, there have been 247 submissions to CNN iReport’s Open Story: Royal Wedding with 134 vetted for use on CNN.

Sauter’s contest-winning submission, “In the eyes of the men,” argued for a reporting perspective to explore why countless women around the world dream of becoming a princess – regardless of their ages – and how the men in their lives can live up to such expectations.

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