April 28th, 2011

CNN journalists covering storm-ravaged southern states

CNN anchors and correspondents are on the ground reporting on the powerful tornadoes and storms that hit southern states causing rising death tolls and massive devastation.

A list of the CNN journalists covering the story is after the jump.

Reporting from Alabama:

Reynolds Wolf (@ReynoldsWolfCNN)

Don Lemon (@donlemoncnn)

Martin Savidge (@martinsavidge)

Ines Ferre (@Ines_Ferre)

Wayne Drash (@drashmanCNN)

Sarah Hoye (@sarahhoyecnn)

Rob Marciano (@robmarcianocnn)

Reporting from Georgia:

Rafael Romo (@RafaelRomoCNN)

Matt Cherry

Reporting from Tennessee:

Susan Candiotti (@susancandiotti)

Reporting from CNN Headquarters:

Jacqui Jeras (@jacquijeras)

Chad Myers (@chadmyerscnn)