February 2nd, 2011

CNN to launch app on Android tablet

Today, Google held a press event at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters to preview Honeycomb 3.0 and how developers are using the platform. CNN was one of three brands selected to join Google on stage to give a sneak peek of CNN’s latest mobile application: the CNN App on Android.

The app is scheduled to launch in Android Market soon in conjunction with the Android tablet’s commercial launch.

Some highlights of the CNN App on Android Tablet are as follows:

  • Available for the Honeycomb platform, 3.0 SDK at launch
  • iReport capture and upload functionality is available first on Android tablets
  • Live and on-demand video, plus CNN Radio updates
  • Available for free on Android Market

During the event, CNN vice president of mobile Louis Gump and CNN.com participation director Lila King demonstrated a select few of the application’s features, including:

Broadsheet (image above): This main screen makes a broad range of stories easily accessible to the user by presenting up to 350 of the latest news stories in a grid-format that features powerful imagery and headlines. Users can dive more deeply into a topic by selecting from the navigation fragment or by swiping left and right.  Further, the customized action bar offers direct access to iReport, Live Video and CNN Radio updates.

Live Video: Taking advantage of Honeycomb’s HTTP live streaming capabilities, CNN is delivering raw domestic and international live feeds for major stories and in breaking news scenarios

iReport (click here for image): This is the first time that iReport has been available on a tablet.  The CNN App for Android lets users browse user-generated content; register, sign-in to their account or sign on as a guest to capture and instantly upload user-generated photos and videos (through the front and rear cameras).  Users can also browse iReport’s latest “assignments,” asking the community to weigh in on various news stories. Honeycomb’s status bar pops up in the notifications tray, which lets a user know that their story has been uploaded.  It continues to upload even when the app is closed.