October 3rd, 2012
09:56 AM ET

CNN Digital: How to use clip-and-share for tonight's debate

CNN White House Correspondent Brianna Keilar demoes the clip-and-share editing feature that viewers can use during tonight's debate.

For four nights in October, CNN will present its live TV broadcast and offer unrestricted access to the network’s presidential debate programming through CNN.com and via CNN’s apps for iPhone and iPad. From 7 PM to midnight, October 3, 11, 16 and 22, anyone with an internet or mobile connection can view CNN TV's news, analysis and live coverage. Displayed in a brilliant 768 x 432 HD video player, complete with closed captioning, CNN’s full coverage will air on CNN.com/debates. A truly interactive destination, CNN.com/debates will feature companion content including a live blog, on-demand videos and articles, candidate profiles, social media integrations and a Social Buzz meter. In addition, CNN.com will debut new clip-and-share video editing features for the debates. With DVR-like controls, clip-and-share makes everyone a CNN editor. Users can quickly fast-forward and rewind to the perfect start and end points to create powerful video clips, straight from the live feed. Clips can be shared with friends and followers directly through Facebook and Twitter. Once shared to these social circles, users can watch back the moments and create a direct URL or embed code for blogs and websites, and share their must-see moments via email, LinkedIn, or Google+.

CNN App comes to Kindle Fire
CNN App for Android is now available on Kindle Fire.
September 5th, 2012
01:17 PM ET

CNN App comes to Kindle Fire

CNN announced that the CNN App for Android is now available globally for free on the Kindle Fire.  The CNN App combines intuitive navigation with an immersive news experience, giving users direct access to CNN’s global resources so that Kindle Fire users can access CNN wherever they are.

The CNN App, sponsored by Lexus, showcases U.S. and international news of the day through text and photos as well as live and on-demand video.  Kindle Fire users can download the CNN App here or go to www.cnn.com/mobile for more information.

CNN Digital launches audio beat through Soundwaves
July 9th, 2012
12:12 PM ET

CNN Digital launches audio beat through Soundwaves

Building upon its foundation of innovative storytelling, CNN Digital is launching Soundwaves, the network’s online destination for news content formatted in an original listening experience. Produced by CNN Radio, this new audio beat will enhance the way users consume news by offering content in four forms: audio, text, photo and video. Users can share and embed audio clips from Soundwaves across their social networks, allowing more exposure to and conversation about audio news stories.

“Soundwaves is a new frontier for CNN Radio,” said Tyler Moody, vice president of CNN Radio. “Some stories are enhanced by an audio format, and we want to deliver a product that gives people that option. Also, being able to socialize Soundwaves gives us the opportunity to engage in two-way communication with our audience – not just broadcast to fans.”


May 24th, 2012
03:59 PM ET

US Prisons: Centers for rehabilitation or stagnation?

Does the United States justice system do enough to rehabilitate lawbreakers? Today, CNN.com published a story about the world’s nicest prison, which allows inmates to roam freely around a fenceless perimeter, prepare their own food, work with animals, receive a stipend and even take computer classes. This Norwegian jail accepts criminals who’ve committed a wide range of crimes, from murder to embezzlement. Those in charge of the Norweigan prison in Bastoy believe these activities help build an inmates’ self-worth and equip them with the skills to effectively reenter society - thus preparing them for life after imprisonment. According to the article, only 20% of Norwegians who leave prison commit crimes again – an astounding number compared to the approximately 50% re-offender rate in the United States. Why is that? As we reflect on people in the news who could face possible jail time, such as the man in custody for the Etan Patz case, George Zimmerman and even Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian man responsible for attacks that killed 77 people last year, one can’t help but wonder how difficult it would be for those people to reacclimatize after serving their sentences.

February 3rd, 2012
05:03 PM ET

CNN at South by Southwest

South by Southwest 2012 is right around the corner. Here is a look back at the CNN Grill during the 2011 South By Southwest Conferences and Festivals in Austin, Texas.

Follow @CNNSXSW on Twitter. Additional details coming soon.