CNN Politics: #1 for 16 Months Straight
July 21st, 2016
03:08 PM ET

CNN Politics: #1 for 16 Months Straight

More Video Starts Than Fox News Politics & MSNBC Combined

June 2016 marked the 16th straight month of CNN Politics winning streak online. The network topped all competitors by triple-digit percentages, and saw more video starts than Fox News Politics and MSNBC combined.

#1 Multiplatform Unique Visitors

Doubling the traffic of nearly every other outlet, CNN Politics attracted an audience of 39 million unique visitors across platforms in June 2016 beating second place HuffPost Politics by 19 mm visitors.

39 mm: CNN Politics

  • 19 mm: HuffPost Politics
  • 18 mm: MSNBC TV
  • 14.0 mm:
  • 13.8 mm: Fox News Politics
  • 9 mm: The Hill

Source: comScore Multi-Platform Media Metrix, June 2015 – June 2016. Based on News/Information – Politics Category.

#1 in Video Starts

CNN Politics topped every category competitor for the month with 77 million video starts in June —more than the combined total of MSNBC, Fox News Politics and TYT Network.

77 mm: CNN Politics

  • 25 mm: MSNBC TV
  • 22.4 mm: Fox News Politics
  • 22.1 mm: TYT Network
  • 8 mm:
  • 7 mm: – Politics

Source: comScore Video Metrix, June 2015 – June 2016. Based on News/Information – Politics Category. Video is desktop only.

#1 in Multiplatform Views

More than doubling the views of every other outlet, CNN Politics earned 267 million multiplatform views in June. CNN posted gains of 139% from the prior year while Fox News Politics dropped 21% from the month prior.

267 mm: CNN Politics

  • 115 mm:
  • 92 mm: MSNBC TV
  • 79 mm: Fox News Politics
  • 77 mm: HuffPost Politics
  • 67 mm:

Source: comScore Multi-Platform, June 2015 – June 2016; Views are browser only and include desktop video. Based on News/Information – Politics Category.

#1 in Minutes

For the month of June, audiences spent more time consuming CNN Politics content than that of any other political news outlet. In fact, users interacted with CNN Politics twice as long as MSNBC and Fox News Politics.

667 mm: CNN Politics

  • 335 mm: MSNBC TV
  • 304 mm: Fox News Politics
  • 181 mm:
  • 75 mm:
  • 71 mm: HuffPost Politics

Source: comScore Multi-Platform, June 2015 – June 2016; Based on News/Information – Politics Category.

CNN Worldwide Earns 15 News & Documentary Emmy Nominations Setting New Network Record
July 21st, 2016
02:57 PM ET

CNN Worldwide Earns 15 News & Documentary Emmy Nominations Setting New Network Record

CNN Worldwide was honored with 15 News & Documentary Emmy® Award nominations, it was announced today by The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.  Setting a new network record, the nominations were spread across CNN’s diverse brand portfolio including CNN/U.S., CNN en Español, CNN Original Series and CNN Films.
CNN’s nominations include:

Anderson Cooper 360

Europe’s Refugee Crisis – Reports by CNN’s Arwa Damon


The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

US Spy Plane Over China


Anderson Cooper 360

Secret Deaths: The Hospital with a Serious Heart Problem


Anderson Cooper 360

#BeingThirteen: Inside the Secret World of Teens

Anderson Cooper 360

Police Under Fire


CNN Special Report

CNN Debates Coverage                                                                                                            


CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow

Hunger Games: Feeding America's Most Vulnerable Children

CNN Original Series          

High Profits: Dreams of Empire    


CNN Films  

Life Itself                                                                                                                                   


CNN Films                                                                                                                                   

Life Itself


CNN Original Series

The Hunt with John Walsh: Torture House                                                                               


CNN Brand Campaign                                                                                                              

AC/AB Heart of the Story

The Seventies         

The Seventies Campaign


CNN en Español

Directo USA


CNN en Español


Muros de Agua


About CNN

CNN Worldwide is a portfolio of two dozen news and information services across cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices and the Internet in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Domestically, CNN reaches more individuals on television, the web and mobile devices than any other cable TV news organization in the United States; internationally, CNN is the most widely distributed news channel reaching more than 271 million households abroad; and CNN Digital is a top network for online news, mobile news and social media.  Additionally, CNN Newsource is the world’s most extensively utilized news service partnering with hundreds of local and international news organizations around the world.  CNN is division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner Company.


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CNN Tops ABC, CBS, MSNBC During Third Night of RNC: Narrows Gap with Fox News From 4 Years Ago
July 21st, 2016
02:13 PM ET

CNN Tops ABC, CBS, MSNBC During Third Night of RNC: Narrows Gap with Fox News From 4 Years Ago

CNN Tops ABC News, CBS News and MSNBC during Third Night of the Republican National Convention

CNN Way Up vs. 2012, Narrows Demo Gap with Fox Significantly Since Four Years Ago

CNN Digital Outpaces 2008 & 2012 Convention Performance

In prime time (8-11pm) last night, CNN attracted 3.031 million  total viewers, +84% more than MSNBC’s 1.645 million; Fox News had 5.813 million in total viewers during Day Three of the Republican National Convention.  In the demo 25-54 CNN had 893k, MSNBC trailed with 452k,  Fox News delivered 1.313 million. 

Compared to the night of the VP nomination in 2012, CNN is way up in total viewers (3.031m vs. 1.115m in 2012) in primetime. In the demo, CNN is also up dramatically (893k vs. 342k in 2012).  CNN has narrowed the gap with Fox in the demo 25-54 compared to four years ago.  In 2012 CNN averaged 342k to Fox News’ 1.422m; this RNC convention, CNN averaged 893k to Fox’s 1.313m in primetime.

From 10pm-11:15pm, when the broadcast networks were in convention coverage, CNN beat ABC News, CBS News in total viewers and among adults 25-54 during Day Three of convention coverage.  CNN also easily outperformed MSNBC during this time period.

Total Viewers — 10pm

Fox News – 7.247m

NBC – 5.060m

CNN — 3.436m

CBS – 2.531m

ABC – 2.303m

MSNBC 1.964m


Demo 25-54 – 10pm

NBC – 1.770m

Fox News – 1.717m

CNN – 1.043m

ABC – 799k

CBS  – 718k

MSNBC – 549k 

An audience of 18 million turned to CNN Digital on the third day of the RNC Convention in Cleveland. unique visitors exceeded the unique visitors of the Wednesday of the RNC convention in 2012 by 44% and video starts by 212% and the Wednesday of the 2008 RNC convention in uniques by 55% and video starts by 324%. CNN Politics also welcomed 8 million unique visitors and 8 million video starts on day 3 in Cleveland.



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CNN Digital Tops All Competitors, Sets Traffic Records for June 2016
July 20th, 2016
03:18 PM ET

CNN Digital Tops All Competitors, Sets Traffic Records for June 2016

14th Straight Month as #1 in Digital Video

CNN Digital reached a record high number of visitors in June 2016, outpacing all news and information competitors with more multiplatform unique visitors, mobile unique visitors, multiplatform views, video starts and consumption time than any other news outlet. June also marked the network’s 14th straight month as the number one source for digital news video.

CNN welcomed a record-breaking 116 million unique visitors in June, besting every other outlet and maintaining its number one rank. CNN topped second place Yahoo News by 16 million visitors across platforms and third place by 38 million.

CNN: 116 Million Unique Visitors

  • Yahoo News – 100 million uniques
  • – 78 million uniques
  • The New York Times – 75 million uniques
  • – 74 million uniques
  • – 71 million uniques

Source: comScore MultiPlatform based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016

CNN saw 88 million unique visitors on mobile devices in June — a record setting month, and a 78% increase from the year prior and 18% more than second place Yahoo News.

CNN: 88 Million Unique Visitors

  • Yahoo News – 75 million uniques
  • – 65 million uniques
  • The New York Times – 59.4 million uniques
  • – 58.5 million uniques
  • – 56 million uniques

Source: comScore mobile metrix based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016

With nearly a half billion more multiplatform views than its nearest competitor, CNN registered an impressive 1.9 billion views in June 2016.

CNN: 1.9 Billion Views

  • Yahoo News – 1.4 billion views
  • – 1.1 billion views
  • – 945 million views
  • The New York Times – 905 million views
  • MSN News – 715 million views

Source: comScore MultiPlatform based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016

Across desktop and mobile devices, visitors spent more time consuming CNN content than that of any other news organization – 3.8 billion minutes last month.

CNN: 3.8 Billion minutes spent

  • – 3.3 billion time spent
  • Yahoo News – 2.5 billion time spent
  • – 1.6 billion time spent
  • The New York Times – 1.4 billion time spent
  • BBC News – 1.3 billion time spent

Source: comScore MultiPlatform based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016

CNN mobile users spent a record-breaking 1.4 billion minutes consuming content in June, 13% more than second place BBC News.

CNN: 1.4 Billion Minutes

  • BBC News – 1.2 billion minutes
  • – 1.12 billion minutes
  • Yahoo News – 1.10 billion minutes
  • – 921 million minutes
  • The New York Times – 869 million minutes

Source: comScore mobile metrix based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016

The clear and undisputed leader in news video, CNN once again beat all news competitors in video starts with 292 million video starts in June — nearly double that of the nearest competitor Yahoo News.

CNN: 292 Million Starts

  • Yahoo News – 154 million starts
  • – 152 million starts
  • – 103 million starts
  • MSN News – 69 million starts
  • – 56 million starts

Source: comScore Video Metrix based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016. Video data is desktop only

Audiences spent an incredible 2 billion minutes consuming CNN video in June, a 40% jump from the year prior.

CNN: 2.0 Billion Minutes

  • – 1.5 billion minutes
  • Yahoo News – 877 million minutes
  • MSN News – 829 million minutes
  • – 392 million minutes
  • –256 million minutes

Source: comScore Video Metrix based on CNN Brand entity — June 2016. Video data is desktop only

CNN again ranked as the number one social news outlet in the world, with more mentions, fans and followers than any other competitor.

#1 mentioned news brand across social platforms
#1 news brand on Facebook with 22 million Facebook fans
#1 most followed news brand on Twitter with 66 million across CNN’s main accounts
#1 most followed news brand on Instagram with 2.1 million followers

Sources: Social Mentions: Sysomos, 6/30/2016. Brand comparisons for social mentions include ABC News, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, msnbc, Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, NPR and HLN; Social comparisons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: Shareablee, 6/30/2016. Brands included in comparison are ABC News, BBC World News, Buzzfeed, CBS News, Daily Mail, Fox News, Mashable, MSNBC, NBC, NowThis, NPR, Huffington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo, VICE, and VICE News. CNN Facebook number includes CNN Facebook flagship account only. Twitter for CNN includes @CNN and @CNNBRK. Instagram for CNN includes flagship account only.

CNN Tops ABC News, CBS News and MSNBC during Second Night of the Republican National Convention
July 20th, 2016
01:43 PM ET

CNN Tops ABC News, CBS News and MSNBC during Second Night of the Republican National Convention

CNN #1 In Prime Among Younger Viewers (18-34)

CNN Way Up vs. 2012, Fox News is Down

20 Million Turn to CNN Digital; #1 Day for CNN Politics in 2016 Election Cycle

CNN beat ABC News, CBS News and MSNBC in total viewers at 10pm last night during Day Two of the Republican National Convention.

In the demo, CNN also topped ABC News, CBS News. And MSNBC.


Total Viewers — 10pm

Fox News – 5.262m

NBC – 4.682m

CNN — 3.064m

ABC – 2.329m

CBS – 2.537m

MSNBC 1.533m


Demo 25-54 – 10pm

NBC 1.563m

Fox News – 1.165m

CNN – 944k

CBS – 792k

ABC – 749k

MSNBC – 467k

In prime time (8-11pm), CNN attracted 2.793 million, +81% more than MSNBC’s 1.539 million; Fox News had 4.838  million in total viewers.  In the demo, 25-54 CNN had 816k, MSNBC lagged far behind with 435k; Fox News delivered 1.002 million.   Among younger viewers 18-34, CNN was #1 with 256k, Fox News followed with 196k and MSNBC trailed with 105k

Compared to the second night (prime time) of the RNC in 2012, CNN is way up in total viewers (2.793m vs. 1.115m in 2012), Fox News is down (4.838m vs. 5.846m in 2012).  In 2012 MSNBC had 1.299m total viewers.

CNN Digital’s second day of the Cleveland convention outranked all convention days since 2008 in unique visitors, with a whopping 20 million turning to CNN across desktop and mobile devices. CNN Politics also saw it’s top performing day of the entire 2016 Election cycle, welcoming 10 million unique visitors.


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CNN International puts the green agenda centre stage through new series, ‘Eco Solutions’
'Eco Solutions' host Isa Soares
July 20th, 2016
11:06 AM ET

CNN International puts the green agenda centre stage through new series, ‘Eco Solutions’

Saturday 23 July at 1330 BST / 1430 CET

Air quality, polluted oceans and energy production: these are just some of the environmental issues blighting our planet today. Who has the answers? What’s been proven to work?

Each month CNN’s ‘Eco Solutions’ takes an issue from the green agenda and looks at what people are doing to address the issue.

Hosted by CNN anchor Isa Soares, ‘Eco Solutions’ takes viewers to meet the people across the globe whose innovations are helping to combat our rapidly growing effects on the environment.


CNN Tops Broadcast Nets During 1st Nite of RNC; Up From '12, '08
July 19th, 2016
01:40 PM ET

CNN Tops Broadcast Nets During 1st Nite of RNC; Up From '12, '08

CNN Tops Broadcast Networks in Total Viewers during First Night of the Republican National Convention

CNN Way Up vs. 2012, 2008



CNN beat the three broadcast networks last night in total viewers at 10pm during the first night of the Republican National Convention.  

In the demo, CNN also topped ABC and CBS News.

Total Viewers — 10pm

Fox News – 6.348m

CNN — 3.943m

NBC – 3.913m

ABC – 3.643m

CBS – 2.693m

MSNBC 1.995m


Demo 25-54 – 10pm

NBC 1.637m

Fox News – 1.600m

CNN – 1.373m

ABC – 1.254m

CBS – 785k

MSNBC – 503k

In prime time (8-11pm) CNN attracted 3.603 million, +87% more than MSNBC’s 1.925 million; Fox News had 5.502 million in total viewers.  In the demo, CNN had 1.181m, MSNBC lagged far behind with 469k.  Fox News delivered 1.301million.  

Compared to the first night (prime) of the RNC in 2012, CNN is way up in total viewers (3.603m vs. 1.201m in 2012), Fox News is down (5.502m vs. 5.150m in 2012).  In 2012 MSNBC had 1.317m total viewers.  

Compared to 2008, CNN is also up in total viewers —  3.603m vs. 2.497m in 2008.  Fox had 5.101m and MSNBC had1.424m in 2008. 

CNN Digital kicked off the 2016 convention season strong with the first day in Cleveland ranking #1 across all metrics compared to every day of the 2008 and 2012 RNC and DNC conventions. It exceeded the first day of the RNC's 2008 convention in unique visitors by 55% and video starts by 336%.



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FULL TRANSCRIPT: CNN World Exclusive Interview with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
July 18th, 2016
06:04 PM ET

FULL TRANSCRIPT: CNN World Exclusive Interview with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In his first interview since the failed military coup on July 15, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells CNN’s Becky Anderson (@BeckyCNN) he would approve reinstating the death penalty if lawmakers approve the measure.

“There is a clear crime of treason and your request can never be rejected by our government,” says Erdogan speaking through his translator. “But of course it will take a parliamentary decision for that to take action in the form of a constitutional measure so leaders will have to get together and discuss it, and if they accept to discuss it then I as president will approve any decision that comes out of the parliament.”

Conducted at the presidential palace in Istanbul, Erdogan also tells CNN he’s calling for extradition of Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen from the U.S., what happened the night of the coup attempt – including turning to social media to get his message out – and why it “never crossed” his mind he would be ousted as president.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Full transcript after the jump. FULL POST

July 18th, 2016
05:01 AM ET


Finalists in the prestigious CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2016 Competition were announced today by Ferial Haffajee, Chair of the independent judging panel.

This year, the competition received 1637 entries – a record number – from 38 countries across the continent, including French and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

There are 38 finalists from 14 countries:


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Priebus on Trump picking Pence as a running-mate "shows maturity and a pivot to the general election"
July 17th, 2016
11:55 AM ET

Priebus on Trump picking Pence as a running-mate "shows maturity and a pivot to the general election"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, Chairman, Republican Party, Reince Priebus ,joined anchor, Jake Tapperto discuss Trump picking Pence as his running-mate, their differing views on the Iraq war and TPP, Trump’s previously proposed ban on Muslims and more.
For more information, see Also, text highlights and a transcript of the discussion are below.
MANDATORY CREDIT: CNN’s “State of the Union”
Contacts: Lauren Pratapas —; 202.465.6666; Brooke




Priebus on Trump's level of certainty choosing Pence as a running-mate: [TAPPER]  So, let's start with the big scoop that Dana Bash reported a couple days ago, that other newspapers and publications, media organizations have also reported, which is that, up until midnight Thursday night, Mr. Trump was asking his top aides if there was any way, theoretically, he could dig out of the Pence pick, and that he seemed to be sort of resentful of the fact that people were urging him to go with his head, instead of his gut. Was Trump's heart not in the Pence pick, do you think? [PRIEBUS]  No, not at all.  It was in the Pence pick, and it had been in the Pence pick for quite a while.  I don't think - with respect to Dana, I don't think that report was accurate.  I think it was coming from places that...[TAPPER]  It wasn't just Dana.  It was "The New York Times," "The Washington Post."  Everybody reported it. [PRIEBUS]  Right, but sources not really with knowledge can spin multiple, multiple places.  And that's not just where - where Trump was at.  I spoke to him, I mean, multiple times that day.  I know what he was thinking.  He certainly didn't want to make an announcement on the heels of the disaster in Nice.  And so he decided to announce on Saturday.  And no time in between that was he skeptical of the Pence pick. [TAPPER] But we know that, in between the time that he offered the job to Pence and Pence arrived in New York on his plane, Donald Trump went on FOX and said that he had not made his final, final decision. [PRIEBUS]  Because Donald Trump - because he wanted to make - he wanted to keep people guessing.  He wanted to make it more suspenseful. And the fact that everything was coming down and people were talking, I think that frustrated Donald Trump.  But he was with Pence.  He knew Pence was the right pick.  And that's where his head and heart was at for - for quite some time before that point.  [TAPPER]  Is that who you wanted him to pick?  [PRIEBUS]  I thought it was a great pick.  I mean, I think it's a good juxtaposition of Donald Trump.I think he's a different personality.  They don't agree with each other on everything, which is - actually, I think, shows maturity and a pivot to the general election.  I think it's a perfect pick.  


Priebus on Trump's previously proposed Muslim ban: [TAPPER] Speaking of not agreeing on everything, take a listen to Donald Trump talking about his Muslim ban, his proposed Muslim ban, back in December. ...Now, the very next day, Indiana Governor Mike Pence tweeted: "Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional." So, help me understand what's going to happen here.  Is there going to be a total and complete ban on Muslims entering the United States until we can - quote - "figure out what the hell is going on," or is there not going to be one? [PRIEBUS]  No. What Donald Trump - but if you have seen the last few weeks, his position that he's put on the table in his position papers that are on his Web site and what he's been talking about is a temporary ban of immigration from countries that harbor and train terrorists, until we get a better vetting system that is consistent with House bills and Senate bills.That's Donald Trump's position.  There is no religious test on the table.  It is simply limited to countries that are harboring and training terrorists.  And that's really where 75 percent of the American people are at...It is a good position to be in. [TAPPER]  But that proposal that you just enumerated is different than what he said in December. [PRIEBUS] Right. [TAPPER]  And he has said that he has not backed off or changed his position. [PRIEBUS] No, no, no.  He has pivoted to this position. [TAPPER] That's your interpretation.  That's not his interpretation. [PRIEBUS]It's what I have seen him say in person at events. [TAPPER]  I agree that it seems like a pivot or a change. [PRIEBUS] Right. [TAPPER]  But he says he hasn't changed. [PRIEBUS]  He - he - no, he has said he has changed.  And he has put the position on the table.  And that is his position.  It is not a religious test.  It is a ban on - from immigration from countries that harbor or train terrorists.  That's what I believe in.  And that's what 80 percent of the American people believe in.  


Priebus on Trump and Pence differing views on the Iraq war: [TAPPER] Another issue where they have disagreed is the Iraq War. Mike Pence stood shoulder to shoulder with George W. Bush.  He voted for the war in Iraq when he was in the House.  He stood by that vote.  Donald Trump calls the Iraq War a - quote - "big, fat mistake." For voters who care about foreign policy and want to know where the Trump-Pence ticket would take this country, is this a ticket that would have supported the Iraq War or not?  [PRIEBUS]  You would have to ask them.  I mean, look, I think that what it does show is that Donald Trump is willing to be challenged by other people.  It shows that he's not looking for someone - for yes-people around him.  And he's also willing - he also wants to show the American people that he is going to put a person on the ticket that doesn't agree with him on everything. I think that shows a lot of maturity.  I think it shows an understanding of the electorate and an understanding of what the job is to defeat Hillary Clinton.  I think it's very good.  [TAPPER]  Except that - I guess the question is, does it muddy what Donald Trump stands for?  Because I think what a lot of voters who voted for him find appealing is the fact that he opposed the war in Iraq - or he says he did, anyway, although there is very little evidence that he did before it actually happened. But that said, let's just say he is anti-Iraq War, and Pence was pro.  Trade is another big issue where Donald Trump is attracting a lot of voters.  He said about the Trans-Pacific Partnership: "The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster done and pushed by special interests who want to rape our country, just a continuing rape of our country" - very strong words, some might say offensive, rape victims.  


Priebus on Trump's stance on the TPP: [TAPPER] Take a look at what Mike Pence has said about TPP.  He tweeted: "Trade means jobs, but trade also means security.  The time has come for all of us to urge the swift adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership."Well, I mean, if I'm a Republican voter or a Democratic voter looking - who is not married to Hillary Clinton - and I look at this and I'm like, this guy thinks the TPP is rape.  This guy thinks it's the best thing in the world. [PRIEBUS]  You would be surprised.  This is a not a - this is a split issue in our party.  Not everyone is crazy about TPP.  I can tell you, these delegates aren't crazy about TPP.  I can tell you, a lot of the base in our party isn't crazy about TPP.  Some of other folks in Washington...[TAPPER]  Yes, but your vice president is. [PRIEBUS]  Listen, not - not - not as wildly crazy as you may think. [TAPPER] "Trade means jobs, but trade also means security." [PRIEBUS] Understood. [TAPPER] "The time has come for all of us to urge the swift adoption of the TPP." [PRIEBUS]  Listen, this is not... [TAPPER]  Which Donald Trump thinks is rape. [PRIEBUS]  No, listen - well, that's true. And what I'm saying to you is that some folks in our party like TPP.  Some don't.  The fact that we have two people together that have a different opinion on TPP is not - is not some sort of stunning, startling news.  Now, overlaying all of this, Donald Trump's basic position on trade is that he wants to cut better deals.  He wants to look at the deals that are in place.  [TAPPER]  That's everybody's position. [PRIEBUS]  And he wants to do a better job.  But that's his job.[TAPPER]  Everybody wants better deals.  [PRIEBUS]  Right, and Donald Trump believes and a lot of people believe that, if you are going to have someone on the other end of the negotiating table, he would be the guy to have on the other end of the negotiating table.  His strength and his negotiating ability and his desire to do better is his most important position on trade.  And that's what he's always said.  And, again, I don't think it's a bad thing that we have got two people that have different opinion on TPP.  




JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: I'm Jake Tapper, live in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention, where the state of our union today is, frankly, in turmoil.  
With the major security event about to get under way here, the global landscape is quite turbulent.  Eighteen people are hovering between life and death in France after that deadly attack in the coastal city of Nice that killed 84 other innocent people.  French officials now saying that the man who murdered them all texted an unknown recipient just before the attack, saying - quote - "Bring more weapons.  Bring to C" - unquote.  
Four of his associates were arrested over the weekend, this while Turkey is roiling after a violent and confusing weekend.  Turkish President Erdogan saying he is back in control after an attempt to overthrow his government in the middle of the night.  
He claims his rival Fethullah Gulen, who is living in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania masterminded the entire thing.  He says that without preventing any evidence of what now he's demanding, that President Obama turn him over.  
Gulen responded by suggesting that the coup may have been staged by Erdogan himself.  It is a messy situation in a country that is a vital U.S. ally in the war against ISIS.  
And joining me now is Secretary of State John Kerry, who is Luxembourg, on his way to Brussels.  
Mr. Secretary, thank you so much for joining us.  
Let's start with the attempted coup in Turkey.  More than 200 people have been killed since the uprising began.  Operations at the U.S. air base have been halted.  Power's been cut.  Our troops there are operating off of military generators.  Five military facilities in Turkey have been placed at the highest alert level.  
This seems to show a huge level of disrespect.  Who is responsible for this?  Is it Erdogan?  
JOHN KERRY, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE:  Jake, we don't have all the details of what has happened with respect to the coup.  
What we do know is this.  I talked three times yesterday with the foreign minister of Turkey.  They assure me that there will be no interruption of our counter-ISIL efforts.  It is a fact that there were difficulties at Incirlik.  
But, apparently, there may have been some refueling that took place with the Turkish air force with planes that were flying in the coup itself.  And I think that has something to do with what's taken place there.  It's not focused on us.  
They have absolutely assured us of their commitment to the fight against Da'esh.  Their foreign minister will be coming to Washington with their defense minister in three days for a major conference that we have with 45 countries, foreign ministers, defense ministers, to keep pushing forward on the strategy against Da'esh.  
So, Jake, I expect that operations will get back to normal very quickly.  But we don't know the details of the coup.  And I think the Turkish government itself is trying to figure out the full measure of who was involved and how.  
TAPPER:  Has this affected the fight against ISIS, or, as you call it, Da'esh?  
KERRY:  No, it has not.
According to our commanders, there might have been a minor delay here or there or something, but it has not affected the fundamental direction or commitment to the fight.  
TAPPER:  As you know, on Saturday, the president of Turkey, Erdogan, demanded that the U.S. arrest or hand over one of his enemies, Fethullah Gulen, the person he is holding responsible for this coup, who is living in self-imposed exile in the Poconos in Pennsylvania.
Is the U.S. going to comply with this demand for extradition?  
KERRY:  Well, first of all, we have not had a formal request for extradition.  That has to come in a formal package.
It has to come with documentation for the request and go to the Justice Department.  And we will deal with it.  I made it very, very clear to the foreign minister of Turkey yesterday, the United States is not harboring anybody.  We're not preventing anything from happening.  
We have never had a formal request for extradition, and we have always said, give us the evidence.  Show us the evidence.  We need a solid, legal foundation that meets the standard of extradition in order for our courts to approve such a request.  
So, we're waiting for that.  They tell us they are putting it together and will send it to us.  But we think it's irresponsible to have accusations of American involvement, when we're simply waiting for their request, which we're absolutely prepared to act on if it meets the legal standard.
TAPPER:  Did U.S. intelligence have any idea that this attempted coup was about to happen?  
KERRY:  I don't think anybody's intelligence had information, particularly the Turkish intelligence.  The answer is no.  
This is - the nature of a coup, you rarely have indicators that something's about to happen.  
TAPPER:  Let's turn now, if we can, sir, to the terrorist attack in Nice on Saturday.  ISIS claimed responsibility for inspiring that horrific truck attack that killed 84 people, wounding more than 200.  
Does the U.S. have any intelligence to back up this claim by ISIS that it, at the very least, inspired the attack?
KERRY:  Well, there is public information that has been leaking out from France from the investigation itself regarding a - quote - "very rapid period of radicalization."
We know, obviously, what everybody now knows publicly, that he was a Tunisian who was given permission to live in France.  But we have - we had no knowledge of him as a radicalized individual.  And, at this point in time, we're waiting for the investigators, and we're helping the investigation in any way that is possible.  
Our hearts go out to everybody in France.  This is the third major terrorist attack in France.  It's very, very difficult for the French people.  We understand that.  There are 85 people in the hospital now, 20-plus in the intensive care unit.  
So, we are working with the French to try to put the pieces together, but, you know, this is one of those things, Jake, it's worse than the needle in a haystack.  If you have no indications of somebody, and you don't have any track record of radicalization, and, all of a sudden, over a week or in some period, somebody with apparent mental problems anyway decides to go do great harm to people, it is not hard to do that.
And governments and law enforcement have to be able to get this right every hour, every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  If you're a terrorist, and particularly of - of, you know, one or two days' vintage, you can just go out and do something very easily.  
What we believe this indicates, however, is that Da'esh, ISIL, in Syria and Iraq is under great, great pressure.  And people are acting out in various places.  But they are not growing in their ability to do things.  They are shrinking.  
We have taken back 40 percent, 45 percent of the territory they held in Iraq.  We're squeezing town after town.  We have liberated communities.  We're making progress now advancing on Mosul.  In Syria, likewise, they're not able to attack and hold towns.  They are on the run.
And I believe what we're seeing are the desperate actions of an entity that sees the noose closing around it.  
TAPPER:  Well, with all due respect, sir, I'm not sure that it looks that way to the public, that ISIS is on the run.  In just the last few weeks, we have seen...  
KERRY:  Well, obviously.  
TAPPER:  ... a series of ISIS-inspired attacks, 49 killed in Orlando, 45 killed in Istanbul at the airport, more than 200 killed in Baghdad, 84 in Nice.  
This is just the last five weeks.  I don't think ISIS is on the run.  They might be expanding.  
KERRY:  Well, Jake, it depends on where you mean ISIS.  
I don't know if this guy was actually ISIS, and nor do you.  And we don't know that the guy in Orlando was fundamentally ISIS, nor even told what to do by ISIS.
If people are inspired, they're inspired.  But ISIL, which is based in Iraq and Syria, is under huge pressure.  And that is just a fact.  Now, there are thousands of fighters, some of whom left the area of the fighting years ago.  And they are sitting in some community somewhere in the world.
And if you're saying that one person standing up one day and killing people is a reflection of ISIS moving in Iraq and Syria, I think you're dead wrong.  
Now, are - is it capable for people to be inspired by them and go out and do great harm to people?  I said that.  I acknowledge that.  Yes, there is that danger.
But the core of ISIS is in Al-Raqqa, and it's in Manbij.  It's in Syria.  It's in Iraq.  And we are doing everything in our power to put additional pressure them.  And I believe their days are numbered.  
TAPPER:  You are doing everything you can do?  
I mean, I think there are a lot of people in the United States, in the Pentagon, in the national security apparatus who have a number of suggestions as to what more could be done to put pressure and to eliminate the threat of ISIS.  
KERRY:  Correct.  And we - a lot of people have talked about American troops going in, et cetera.  
Congress displayed absolutely zero willingness to vote to do that.  And if people have a willingness to show that now that has changed, the administration will listen to any legitimate plan, any legitimate way to do more.
But I believe that the pressure is mounting on a steady basis, with more and more being done on a consistent basis.  And we welcome additional thoughts from members of Congress, from anybody in the intel community, in the defense community who knows or suggests.  President Obama is open to any legitimate ways of moving faster that meets the test of our security needs and of what the Congress is willing to support.
TAPPER:  Mr. Secretary, I'm being told that you have to go, that you have a meeting with the prime minister.
We always appreciate your time.  Thank you so much.  And good luck out there, sir.  
KERRY:  Thank you.  Thank you, Jake.  Appreciate it.  


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