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New Edition of “Prime Cuts” Offers Favorite Highlights From Season Four and a Taste of Season Five   Season five of the top-rated Emmy and Peabody award-winning CNN Original  Series Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown begins on Sunday, April 26 at 9pm  ET/PT with twist – a tour of the forward-looking culture of South Korea with  each scene […] Full Post

April 13th, 2015
10:29 AM ET

New Gloria Borger Reports: Who is Hillary Clinton?

She's been in the public spotlight for 30 years, but who is Hillary Clinton?

CNN's Gloria Borger interviewed close friends and colleagues of the former Secretary of State and First Lady to learn more about how her campaign plans to reintroduce her to voters.

This special piece is a new Gloria Borger Reports for the 2016 presidential cycle.




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April 13th, 2015
06:27 AM ET



CNN International and MultiChoice this week officially launched the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2015 Awards.

The competition for African nationals based on the continent welcomes entries from journalists creating content targeting an African audience.

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the African Journalist Awards.

Tony Maddox, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of CNN International, said: “It’s with immense pride that we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards. Twenty years of encouraging excellence in journalism across the continent has made these the very best awards honouring the journalistic profession in Africa. I’ve witnessed first-hand the tremendous growth in stature and prestige of the competition, and 2015 promises to deliver another year of outstanding work.” FULL POST

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April 12th, 2015
01:25 PM ET

Fmr. Gov. Chafee on if he will run for president: ". . .I want to be there November, December, and January on the stage debating these issues.”

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee (D-RI) spoke to CNN’s Dana Bash about the expected announcement from Hillary Clinton on her candidacy for president and his own plans to run in 2016.

Text highlights and a transcript of the discussion are below.

MANDATORY CREDIT: CNN’s “State of the Union”


Chafee on if he will definitely run for president in 2016: “Well, the process is to form the exploratory committee but, yes, I want to be there November, December, and January on the stage debating these issues.”

Chafee on why Hillary Clinton is not a good choice for president: “. . .But that vote for the Iraq war, that was a moment in time, Dana, where the Vietnam era had ended, the Berlin wall come down. There was lasting peace ahead of us if we made good decisions particularly after September 11th when people were angry and they were scared. And that was just a moment in time where the premise for going into Iraq was so false that there were weapons of mass destruction - she didn't do her homework and we live with the ramifications today. And so you may say that's 12 years ago, but we live with it today and it's a big motivator for why I'm running.”

Chafee on the evolution of his party affiliation: “As far as my evolution, certainly the Republican Party changed and I never changed. And as I became an independent and one governorship as an independent, my values never changed whether it's on fiscal responsibility or on environment issues or on using the tools of government to help the less fortunate, keeping us out of the quagmires we see overseas. I've never changed. Protecting civil liberties and now I'm a Democrat. I'm very comfortable as a Democrat and look forward to the primaries and the debate ahead.”

Chafee on Elizabeth Warren: “Yes, absolutely. There's no doubt that Senator Warren's absolutely right about what's happening to the middle class and she's just been a prophet about this for a number of years. And that's what makes any community, whether it's a state or a city or a country or anywhere around the world strong is having a robust middle class. And so she's right. I have a great record of voting against the Bush tax cuts which widened that disparity of wealth, that hurt the middle class, led to the great recession. And so I'm proud of my record and would like to have Senator Warren's support and her legion of followers.”

April 12th, 2015
09:41 AM ET

Sen. Rand Paul on Hillary Clinton: "‎I think Benghazi was a 3:00 a.m. phone call that she never picked up."

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY.) spoke to CNN’s Dana Bash about the expected announcement from Hillary Clinton on her candidacy for president, and his views on foreign policy, defense spending and gay marriage.

Text highlights, video and a transcript of the discussion are below.


Does Rand Paul have a problem with women?

Rand Paul: Sexist to treat Hillary Clinton differently



Paul on the Clintons: “. . . but I do think that there is sort of a history of the Clintons sort of feeling like they're above the law.  They said they weren't going to take donations, you know, for the Clinton Foundation during the period of time she was secretary of State and there are questions whether they did.”

Paul on how he would act if on stage with Hillary Clinton: “. . . I would treat her with the same respect that I would treat a man, but I wouldn't lay down and say, oh, I'm not going to respond out of some sort of - and I think that's a - that would be a sexist sort of response to say, oh, my goodness, she deserves not to be treated as aggressively, because she's only a woman.

I would never say that about anybody.  And I don't come into our interview thinking, OK, it's a woman versus a man kind of interview.  I just think she's going to ask tough questions, he will ask tough questions, I've got to be prepared.”

Paul on Republican critics of his foreign policy views:Yes.  Here's the interesting thing about this, you know, who's aligned with President Obama, whose foreign policy is closest to President Obama?
Interestingly, many of the hawks in my party line right up with President Obama.  Think about the big issues we've had in the couple - the last couple of years.  The war that Hillary prominently promoted in Libya, many of the hawks in my party were right there with her.  Their only difference was in degrees.  They wanted to go into Libya, as well, they just always want boots on the ground.  Some of the hawks in my party, you can't find a place on the globe they don't want boots on the ground...”

Paul on defense spending: My belief has always been that national defense is the most important thing we do, but we shouldn't borrow to pay for it.  So there really is a division in our party.”

 Paul on gay marriage: I do believe people ought to be left alone.  I don't care who you are or what you do at home or who your friends are or what, you know, where you hang out, what kind of music you listen to, what you do in your home is your own business.  That's always been who I am. I am a leave me alone kind of guy.”

“Well, no.  I mean states - states will end up making the decisions on these things.  I think that there's a religious connotation to marriage.  I believe in the traditional religious connotation to this. But I also believe people ought to be treated fairly under the law.  I see no reason why if the marriage contract conveys certain things that if - if you - if you want to marry another woman that you can do that and have a contract.  But the thing is is the religious connotation of marriage that has been going on for thousands of years, I still want to preserve that. And you probably could have both.  You could have both traditional marriage, which I believe in.  And then you could also have the neutrality of the law that allows people to have contracts with another.”

April 10th, 2015
03:08 PM ET


SGDI is Up by Triple-Digits vs. Prior Four Thursdays and is the Only Cable News Program to Grow vs. Last Year at 9pm

According to Nielsen Fast National Data, CNN Original Series Mike Rowe’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It season 2 premiere had a strong ratings performance last night at 9pm, delivering 316k among adult 25-54 viewers.  CNN nearly tied Fox news for the top spot in the demo 25-54 rating, registering only 1k behind (316k vs. 317k).  MSNBC trailed CNN by 93% with 164k.

Compared to the prior four Thursdays, CNN was up the most across cable news, increasing by triple digits (+109%) in the key demo (316k vs. 151k),  Fox News was down -28% (317k vs. 442k) and MSNBC was up +30% (164k vs. 126k). And versus a year ago, CNN is the only cable news network to grow at 9pm (excluding HLN) – increasing+84% (316k vs. 172k), Fox News declined -11% (317k vs. 358k) and MSNBC was down -25% (164k vs. 219k).

In overall primetime last night (8-11pm), CNN averaged 253k viewers among 25-54, ahead of MSNBC’s 125k by 102%.  Fox News had 329k.


CNN’s Rachel Nichols Hosts Masters Tournament Special
April 10th, 2015
02:10 PM ET

CNN’s Rachel Nichols Hosts Masters Tournament Special

All Access at Augusta: A CNN-Bleacher Report Special airs Saturday, April 11th at 2:30pmET

Includes Interviews with Bubba Watson, Arnold Palmer, Ben Crenshaw and Carl Jackson

From Augusta National, home of the Masters, CNN Sports Anchor Rachel Nichols brings viewers inside this cathedral of golf from one of the sport’s most exclusive courses.

At the site of the 79th Masters Tournament, Nichols sits down with golf legend Arnold Palmer and 2014 Masters champion Bubba Watson, and we hear from Masters champion Ben Crenshaw and his caddie Carl Jackson - who holds the record for the most appearances of a caddy at this tournament.

Shane O’Donoghue, host of Living Golf on CNN, will join Nichols, providing commentary and analysis. 

All Access at Augusta: A CNN-Bleacher Report Special airs Saturday, April 11th at 2:30pmET on CNN.

Click on the links below for a s sneak peek of Rachel's sit-downs with Bubba Watson and Arnold Palmer:



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April 9th, 2015
07:57 AM ET


Petronia City Development, a self-sustaining, master-planned, integrated city being created in Western Ghana, has selected CNN International for its first ever international advertising campaign.


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‘CNN Ones to Watch’ – Photography
Yann Arthus Bertrand
April 9th, 2015
05:48 AM ET

‘CNN Ones to Watch’ – Photography

 'CNN Ones to Watch' focuses on the rising stars of photography

 Friday April 10 at 1030 BST / 1130 CET and 1630 BST / 1730 CET


  •  Yann Arthus-Bertrand chooses his “ones to watch” – Ireland’s Richard Mosse and France’s Nicolas Henry
  • Dutch photographer and director Anton Corbijn gives his thoughts on the art of photography

This month’s ‘CNN Ones to Watch’, airing on Friday April 10, explores a world of silent drama – the art of photography.


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April 8th, 2015
06:53 PM ET

Sen. Rand Paul to CNN's Wolf Blitzer: I'm universally short tempered with all reporters

CNN's Wolf Blitzer asks presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul about reports he is short tempered with female reporters.

April 8th, 2015
06:50 PM ET

Sen. Rand Paul: Justice system not treating people equally

CNN's Wolf Blitzer speaks with Republican presidential candidate Senator Rand Paul about the U.S. justice system and the war on drugs.

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