October 17th, 2014
05:17 PM ET

Report: Florida governor's debate hits the fan

A little appliance caused a big fuss at a Florida debate with Gov. Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist, but Crist's fan isn't allowed on stage under the rules of an October 21 Florida governor's race debate that CNN is hosting in conjunction with Jacksonville affiliate WJXT.

The candidates were sent a memo on October 8 outlining the format, rules and logistical information for the debate. Among those rules: No electronic devices.

After being lampooned on social media with #fangate trending, Gov. Scott told CNN affiliate WPBF, "I think he was sweating and he needed a fan. I'm surprised he didn't try to ask for dry ice." Crist's campaign later started selling hand held fans that read, "I'm a fan of Charlie Crist."

Watch CNN on Tuesday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. ET to see Jake Tapper co-host the next live, one-hour gubernatorial debate in Jacksonville, Fla. between the two candidates.

New Global Survey Ranks CNN As Top International News Brand
October 16th, 2014
10:55 AM ET

New Global Survey Ranks CNN As Top International News Brand

Global independent study reaffirms CNN’s #1 position in TV and digital across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America

The latest IPSOS Affluent Global survey reaffirms CNN as the leading international news brand, reaching an unrivaled four out of 10 upscale consumers and decision-makers in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This huge scale of an affluent international audience is larger than all news competitors in every metric across TV and digital platforms.

“In what has been an incredible period for global news, CNN's journalists have been ahead of the competition in reporting a long run of remarkable stories,” said Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide. “These figures show that in all corners of the globe people are coming to CNN more than any other news organization to understand important stories that are defining and shaping our world. This is a huge endorsement from our worldwide audience that when CNN goes there, the eyes of the world follow.” FULL POST

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October 14th, 2014
11:14 AM ET

Before he was ‘King James’ … MORE THAN A GAME to air on CNN/U.S.


LeBron James documentary airs on CNN/U.S.

Friday, Oct. 24 at 10:00pm ET

Before Cleveland Cavalier fans knew him as ‘King James,’ LeBron James was a member of an elite band of young basketball phenoms known collectively as the ‘Fab Four.’  Together, Sian Cotton, Dru Joyce III, Willie McGhee, and LeBron James were the Shooting Stars – a traveling youth basketball team that began in an Akron, Ohio, Salvation Army gymnasium.

CNN Films Presents: MORE THAN A GAME will air Friday, Oct. 24 at 10:00pm ET and PT on CNN/U.S., just prior to the start of the 2014 – 2015 regular season for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  LeBron James returns to the Cavaliers for his very first regular season home game for his former team on Thursday, Oct. 30 against the New York Knicks.

It all began less than an hour’s drive from Cleveland, ‘in a little gym with a linoleum floor on Maple Street…,’ reminds Dru Joyce II, the father of one of the young men.  Joyce became coach, mentor, and father figure to the four – and later five – legendary team mates, testing their mettle on the court and, off the court, molding them into men. FULL POST

October 14th, 2014
10:43 AM ET

Anderson Cooper Traces His Family's Roots through the Deep South

As part of the CNN special ROOTS: OUR JOURNEYS HOME, Anderson Cooper on last night’s AC360 took viewers to trace his family tree in Mississippi, Louisiana and New York.

Many people know Anderson Cooper as having come from one of America’s most famous families – the Vanderbilt’s.  But growing up, Anderson was always drawn to the southern roots of his father, Wyatt Cooper.  For the special, he travels south and discovers surprising ties between his dad’s poor farming family and the rich Vanderbilt’s that existed before his parents ever met.

Among the treasures that Anderson finds is audio of his father discussing his hopes and dreams for his sons. This is the first time Anderson has heard his father’s voice since he was 10 years old.

“The thing about the past is, one can't help what zip code one was born in, what country or family you're descended from. All you can do is learn the lessons of those who came before you: their stories, their mistakes and their successes,” Anderson reflects. “You can't choose what family you're born into. All you can really do is choose how you want to live your own life.”

ROOTS: OUR JOURNEYS HOME kicked-off on October 12th with Anthony Bourdain and will continue to air across the network throughout the week, culminating in a two-hour special on Monday, October 20th at 9 pm ET. The stories of 13 CNN anchors and hosts will be told in all. For more information, visit: cnn.com/roots

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October 13th, 2014
04:44 PM ET

San Francisco Shaken: 25 Years Since the Quake

CNN Special Report airs Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 9pm ET

On the evening of October 17, 1989 — as the first pitch was about to be thrown in the third game of the World Series — disaster struck as the world watched live.  It was the most powerful earthquake the Bay Area had seen since the one that devastated San Francisco in 1906.

In a CNN Special Report titled San Francisco Shaken: 25 Years Since the QuakeCNN’s Randi Kaye reports on the aftershocks – of the emotional kind – that can still be felt decades later.

Bill Ray still hears the words his wife whispered to him the last time he saw her, trapped beneath the wreckage of their home. Dorothy Otto remembers the screams of people being burned alive all around her.  And, Desiree Garcia finds stability and sobriety through her Christian faith, after years of battling addiction. She says her problems began the day her father died from injuries he got while trapped in rubble for four days.

In all, the '89 quake, named Loma Prieta, killed 67 people and caused as much as 10-billion dollars in damage, yet it was only one-thirtieth the size of the 1906 quake. While it wasn’t “the big one” that scientists are certain will come,  the ’89 temblor did teach the region what it needs to do to better stabilize its infrastructure; and to prevent another generation of Bills, Dorothys and Desirees.

Is it happening fast enough? Will the Bay Area be ready? On Tuesday, October 14th at 9pm ET/PT, Randi Kaye will share stories of the past San Francisco can never forget and the future damage they’re working desperately to prevent.

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October 12th, 2014
12:35 PM ET

Former PM of Kurdistan "Every Kurd wants independence"

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS  features an interview with Barham Salih, former prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan and former deputy prime minister of Iraq, about the strength of ISIS,  the role the Peshmerga could play in fighting ISIS, and the prospects for Kurdish independence.


Salih on the Iraqi army: “At the end of the day, the military needs to be a professional institution, the type of leadership that we have had in Iraq over the past few years has politicized the army, has divided the army on sectarian lines and simply was not able to stand up to the challenge.”

Salih on the Peshmerga’s fight against ISIS: “Kurdistan has emerged as the most reliable partner of the international coalition in the fight against ISIS.”

Salih on Kurdish Independence: “Every Kurd wants independence. That's a - that's a reality of it.  But I genuinely do believe that the Kurds will be the ones who will have least problem with a united Iraq, a decent Iraq. To date, the Kurds want Iraq to succeed, a democratic federal Iraq will be good for the Kurds and we want to be partners in making Iraq a success.”

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.

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October 12th, 2014
12:34 PM ET

McCain ISIS "is winning, and we're not"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) join Candy Crowley to discuss the advancement of ISIS in the Anbar Province and Ebola in the US.


Senator McCain on Ebola: “my constituents are not comforted. There has to be more reassurance given to them. I would say that we don't know exactly who's in charge. There has to be some kind of czar.”

Senator McCain on the battle against ISIS: “First of all, they're winning and we're not. And the Iraqis are not winning, the Peshmerga, the Kurds are not winning, and there's a lot of aspects of this. But there has to be a fundamental re-evaluation of what we're doing because we are not - we are not degrading and ultimately destroying ISIS.”

Senator Sanders on US involvement in Iraq and Syria: “What I do not want, and I fear very much, is the United States getting sucked into a quagmire and being involved in perpetual warfare year after year after year.”

A full transcript of the interviews are available after the jump.

October 10th, 2014
05:49 PM ET

Gay Republican congressional candidate accused of sexual harassment

By Chris Frates and Scott Zamost, CNN

San Diego (CNN) – Charges of sexual misconduct, plagiarism and burglary have pitted a former staffer against a high-profile congressional candidate just weeks before the midterm elections.

The drama is unfolding in a city that just weathered a sexual harassment scandal ending the career of its Democratic mayor. The latest accusations by a former campaign aide could derail the career of up-and-coming Republican Carl DeMaio.

In a story of charges and counter charges, the one constant is this: they both insist the other is lying.

DeMaio has won national name recognition as a "new generation Republican," calling on his party to ditch social issues and winning plaudits for helping the Grand Old Party shed what many see as its intolerant image.

The openly gay, former San Diego city councilman has won support from GOP heavyweights like Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner and even former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

But behind the scenes, things are much messier. DeMaio's former campaign policy director is accusing the candidate of sexual harassment, even saying DeMaio masturbated in front of him. DeMaio vehemently denies the allegations, saying they're the cover story of a plagiarist and suspected criminal.

This is not the first time DeMaio has been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior. Last year, a fellow city councilman said he twice caught DeMaio masturbating in a city hall restroom - an allegation DeMaio denied.


October 10th, 2014
01:32 PM ET

CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks with Sen. Rand Paul about ISIS, Ebola, 2016 politics and more

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), following the senator’s meeting with NAACP leaders in Ferguson, Missouri. Highlights from the interview are after the jump. Blitzer’s full intv with Sen. Paul will air today in the 5 p.m. ET hour of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.


CNN.com: What Rand Paul thinks is the 'biggest mistake' for GOP
Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 44 & 45
'Alpine Edge' returns for a new series in October
October 10th, 2014
11:34 AM ET

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 44 & 45

Alpine Edge

Christina Macfarlane hosts ‘Alpine Edge’ from Sölden, Austria
Christina Macfarlane hosts ‘Alpine Edge’ from Sölden, Austria
Friday 24 October at 0500 BST/ 0600 CET, 1230 BST/ 1330 CET and 2230 BST/ 2330 CET
Saturday 25 October at 0030 BST/0130 CET, 0600 BST/ 0700 CET, 1700 BST/1800 CET and 2200 BST/2300 CET
Sunday 26 October at 0030 GMT/ 0400 CET, 0700 GMT/ 0800 CET, 1600 GMT/ 1700 CET, 2030 GMT/ 2130 CET
‘Alpine Edge’ airs during ‘World Sport’

‘Alpine Edge’ returns with a new series in October, capturing the thrills and spills of the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup, taking viewers inside some of winter sport’s most prestigious venues.

The first show features the World Cup season opener in Sölden, Austria. From ski, to singing, the programme goes behind the scenes with members of the American ski team for a jam session with their very own girl group.


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