November 30th, 2014
01:33 PM ET

1st reporter to interview Janay Rice: "she learned a lot about herself"

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, ESPN reporter Jemele Hill explains how she landed the first Janay Rice interview, why she agreed to certain conditions, and what Janay feels towards the outcome of the situation.

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“I think obviously she would not like to relive the situation.  However, I think that that's pretty obvious.  There were certain positives or a silver lining, if you will, that came out of this.  Among the many was the fact that the level and awareness of domestic violence is now, you know, maybe more than we have seen in this country in quite some time.  The other side of her, from a personal level, too, is that she felt like she learned a lot about herself, about her own strength, the strength of her family, the strength of her relationship with her husband.  So, even though it was horrible and traumatic, and there's going to be some probably long-term emotional damage from this entire episode, I think that she has enough perspective to understand that there was something larger and bigger at play than just the microcosm of her situation."

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November 2nd, 2014
01:02 PM ET

Glenn Greenwald on his 2nd source in NSA

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, Glenn Greenwald discusses his role in a new documentary about Edward Snowden, and his second source within the NSA. Video and the transcript from the interview are available below.


August 10th, 2014
12:49 PM ET

Glenn Beck tells CNN's Brian Stelter that real power is saying "I don't care. I'll lose it all. I'll start all over again. I don't care, I'm not in it for money, I'm not in it for fame. "

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter finished up his exclusive interview with radio and television host Glenn Beck.  The pair discussed what is next for Beck’s company Mercury Radio Arts and the future of news and talk radio. Beck also told Stelter that he named his company after Orson Welles and models it after Walt Disney because those are the two people who have influenced him over the years.

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July 13th, 2014
12:45 PM ET

WH Press Secy. Josh Earnest's First Sunday Interview

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest spoke to Stelter in his first Sunday television interview as a CNN EXCLUSIVE about President Obama’s decision to not visit the border.  Additionally, Earnest also discussed his experience as the new White House Press Secretary at this crucial time in the Obama presidency.

On the topic of the media’s focus on President Obama not visiting the border during his trip to Texas, Earnest explains that there are other things that the President has done to address the immigration issue, “The President has asked for additional resources from Congress to make sure we have the capacities to deal with the problem. Prior to that, the President made some unilateral decisions about moving resources from the interior of the country to the border that could be leveraged to try to address the need there…those are all policy-based solutions to a difficult problem. Those don't lend themself to sexy pictures.”

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May 11th, 2014
02:38 PM ET

CBS’ Benghazi Problem

Today on CNN's Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, Joe Hagan, writer for New York Magazine, and Jeff Greenfield, political analyst, spoke to CNN about the difficulties CBS News has had covering the Benghazi story, including conflict of interest allegations surrounding CBS News president David Rhodes and Deputy National Security Advisor brother, Ben.

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April 27th, 2014
12:58 PM ET

Barry Diller talking Aereo Supreme Court case on Reliable Sources

Today on CNN's Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, Barry Diller, chairman and senior executive at IAC, spoke to CNN in an exclusive interview about the ongoing Aereo Supreme Court case.

During the interview, Diller said to Stelter: "What we did is constructed a technological advance within the law as we understood it."

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April 20th, 2014
12:09 PM ET

Greenwald: "I look at Peter King's condemnation as an enormous badge of honor"

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, Glenn Greenwald, founding editor of ‘The Intercept’, spoke exclusively to CNN about winning the Pulitzer, receiving harsh criticism from lawmakers, and coming back to the United States.

During the interview, Greenwald said to Stelter, “That’s just a part of what I think journalism is, if you want to be adversarial to those who wield power, you have to expect that those who wield power aren't going to like what you’re doing very much.”

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April 13th, 2014
02:00 PM ET

Sen. Franken: "I don't like this revolving door between regulators and Comcast" on CNN's Reliable Sources

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, Sen. Al Franken (D-MI), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, discussed the recent hearings on the potential Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger. Franken spoke about Comcast donations to lawmakers and how the merger would negatively impact consumers.

During the interview, Franken said to Stelter, “I don’t like this revolving door between regulators and Comcast.”

A transcript of the interview is available after the jump.

April 6th, 2014
01:21 PM ET

Norville: Happy for David Letterman

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, former anchor of "The Today Show", and host of "Inside Edition", Deborah Norville, spoke to CNN about ABC's Good Morning America cast member Josh Elliott's decision to join arch rival NBC and the Late Show's David Letterman's retirement.

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March 30th, 2014
03:59 PM ET

How much is too much missing plane news?

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter,  national correspondent of the Atlantic, James Fallows, and media reporter at Poynter, Andrew Beaujon, discussed with Stelter what lessons are learned about the media and for the media from three weeks of missing plane coverage.

Alan Murray, president of the Pew Research Center, also spoke to Stelter about the demand for plane news, and how a new study by Pew Research Center shows 60 percent of people think news organizations are giving the proper amount of coverage of the missing plane, or should even be providing more coverage.

Additionally, Carreen Winters, executive vice president of MWW group, discussed the reaction of families who received a text message alerting them about the likely demise of their loved ones aboard flight 370. It is considered a case of crisis mis-management by Malaysia airlines. Winters comments on what has been done right, and what has been done wrong.

Transcript and videos from these discussions are available after the jump.


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