Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 3&4
‘Leading Women’ meets with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde
January 9th, 2015
09:50 AM ET

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 3&4

Leading Women

CNN anchor Gabriela Frias interview with Christine Lagarde

Wednesday 28 January at 1030 GMT/ 1130 CET and 1730 GMT/ 1830 CET

Saturday 31 January at 0630 GMT/ 0730 CET and 1930 GMT/ 2030 CET

Sun 1 February at 1330 GMT/ 1430 CET

Duration: 15 minutes
In a special interview, ‘Leading Women’ CNN has unique access to IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde in Washington DC, Peru and Chile. Lagarde talks to CNN anchor Gabriela Frias about why women can lead an organisation through a crisis; using her role on the world stage to change the global workforce; why she ­doesn’t want to be President of France and how she is coping with the ongoing political fraud case.

Lagarde is considered one of the world’s most powerful women. Forbes placed her in 5th position in their 2014 list for the most powerful women in the world. A woman of many firsts, Lagarde was the first woman to chair the global law firm Baker and McKenzie, the first female finance minister of France and the first woman to lead the IMF. FULL POST

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Season Three Premiere of Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Takes Inside Look At The Power Of Robots On Thursday, Jan. 22
Don't miss the season 3 premiere of Morgan Spurlock Inside Man on Thursday, January 22 at 9pm ET
January 8th, 2015
12:38 PM ET

Season Three Premiere of Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Takes Inside Look At The Power Of Robots On Thursday, Jan. 22

Eight-Episode Season Includes Spurlocks Take on Trash, Bitcoins, Modern Dating and Medical Tourism

Popular CNN Original Series Morgan Spurlock Inside Man, hosted and produced by the Oscar®-nominated documentary filmmaker, moves to Thursday nights in its third season on CNN, beginning January 22 at 9pm ET with an inside look at the mystery of robots and artificial intelligence.

In his inimitable, inquisitive style, and with a sense of humor intact, Spurlock tells compelling stories from an insider’s perspective as he tackles topics that include America’s trash epidemic, the future of zoos, living on bitcoin, dating in America, and medical tourism or traveling internationally to get the best medical care. FULL POST

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Former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers joins CNN as National Security Commentator
January 7th, 2015
02:04 PM ET

Former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers joins CNN as National Security Commentator

Former U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-MI) joins CNN as a national security commentator offering expert analysis on a wide range of political, counterterrorism, and national security topics. Rogers was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000 and served seven terms representing Michigan’s 8th District.  During his last two terms in office he was Chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence.  Rogers’ career began with service as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army; later he was a Special Agent with the FBI.  In addition to his new role at CNN, Rogers is also a host of the daily Westwood One radio talk segments, Something to Think About with Mike Rogers.

Rogers begins his new role at CNN beginning today on The Lead with Jake Tapper.

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‘CNN Ones to Watch’ with British architect David Adjaye
David Adjaye
January 6th, 2015
08:05 AM ET

‘CNN Ones to Watch’ with British architect David Adjaye

“There's no such thing as a perfect building”


  • Adjaye names Nigerian Kunlé Adeyemi and Vietnamese Vo Trong Nghia as his ‘Ones to Watch’
  • CNN programme also features world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind

CNN International’s monthly programme ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ shines a light on up-and-coming creative talent set to be the next big names in culture and the arts. FULL POST

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CNN Rings in the New Year as #1
January 5th, 2015
06:09 PM ET

CNN Rings in the New Year as #1

Also ranks #1 in both Total Day and Prime for 2 Consecutive Weeks

News Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin (9:00pm-12:30am) was #1 in cable news on December 31 with 1.597 in total viewers and 729k in the key demo rating 25-54.  During that same time period, Fox News’ All-American New Year placed second with 1.170 million total viewers and 209k in the demo 25-54 rating.

From midnight-12:30am on New Year’s Eve, CNN was also top-rated with an impressive 2.622 million total viewers and 1.2 million in the demo 25-54.  Fox News trailed with 1.677 million total viewers and 356k among 25-54.  MSNBC aired MSNBC Investigates programming on New Year’s Eve.

CNN also won the last week of 2014 and the first week of 2015 in both Total Day and Primetime (M-Su) in the key demo – this represents the first time CNN has won both dayparts for two straight weeks in more than 13 years (last time was November 26, 2001).

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January 5th, 2015
05:38 PM ET



CNN Films: LIFE ITSELF rung in at 506k, landing in first place among total viewers aged P2+ following its global television premiere on Sunday, Jan. 4 from 9:00pm to 11:00pm Eastern.  This total topped MSNBC at 265k and Fox News at 497k viewers.

Among viewers aged 25 to 54, the cable news demo for marketing, LIFE ITSELF landed in second place with 166k viewers.  CNN averaged ahead of MSNBC which had 152k viewers aged 25 to 54.  Fox News came in last place with 82k viewers in the cable news demo.

Of the 16 CNN Films and three CNN Films Presents premieres to date, LIFE ITSELF is the first to place #1 in total viewers (P2+) among cable news networks in its time period.

This performance lifted CNN above MSNBC by +9% and more than doubled the delivery of Fox News by +102% among viewers aged 25 to 54.

LIFE ITSELF will encore on CNN on Friday, Jan. 9, at 9:00pm and on Sunday, Jan. 25 at 8:00pm.  All times Eastern.

Source: The Nielsen Company, 01/04/15, Fast National time period based Live+SD feed data.  All times reported are Eastern Standard Time.


January 4th, 2015
07:32 PM ET

Sen. McConnell: "I'm not opposed to negotiating with the Administration"

Today CNN’s State of the Union ​featured Dana Bash's exclusive interview with U.S.Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). As McConnell assumes his new role as Senate Majority Leader, he tells Dana Bash that he is not opposed to negotiating with the president but still intends to pursue the Republican agenda in 2015.


On bipartisan cooperation: "when the American people elect a divided government, they're not saying they don't want anything done. What they are saying is,they want things done in the political center, things that both sides can agree on. We talk about the things where there may be some agreement."

On trusting Obama as a negotiator: "You know, the only agreements that have been made during these years on a bipartisan basis, I negotiated, the December 2010 two-year extension of the Bush tax cuts, the August 2011 Budget Control Act, and the December 31, 2012, fiscal cliff deal. So I'm not opposed to negotiating with the Administration. In those particular instances, the President sort of picked the Vice President to do it. So, I don't object to negotiating with him. I have done it in the past. "

On Obamacare and the Republican agenda: "If we can put either repeal or take out pieces of it, like destroying the 40-hour workweek, the medical device tax, the individual mandate. All of these are highly unpopular with the American people. And we will be voting on things I know he's not going to like. And I hope we can put them on his desk."

Full transcript after the jump.

January 4th, 2015
11:09 AM ET

Sen. Menendez: "very difficult to get an ambassador confirmed" for Cuba

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Robert Menendez, joined Dana Bash to discuss US negotiations with Cuba and additional sanctions on North Korea.


On establishing formal diplomatic relations with Cuba: "We already have an operating interests section, which the administration could easily convert to an embassy. An ambassador, I would think it would be very difficult to get an ambassador confirmed."

​On the Obama Administration's 'secret diplomacy': "And this is a problem not only as it relates to Cuba, but Iran, this secret diplomacy in which witnesses come before the committee and you ask them questions about what's happening, whether it be about Iran or Cuba, and you don't get a straight answer. And now you find out that there was in one case a year-and-a-half, in another case over a year of engagement. That's going to be problematic for the administration as it appears before the committee again and again."

​On North Korea's sponsorship of state terror: "I really do believe that we need to look at putting North Korea back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism, which would have far more pervasive consequences.  You know, the one thing I disagree with - with the president on is when he characterized the action here against Sony by North Korea as an act of vandalism."

On the Obama Administration's deal with Cuba: "So we subverted, in my view, the standards that are important for us to uphold globally in a way that we could have - if you're going to make a deal with the regime, then get something for it. But at the end of the day, they got absolutely nothing for giving up everything that the Castro regime wants to see and has lobbied for."

 Full transcript.


January 3rd, 2015
01:49 PM ET

CNN Exclusive: fmr. Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke talks about Rep. Steve Scalise Controversy with host Michael Smerconish

In his first TV interview on the topic, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke told CNN’s Michael Smerconish that Rep. Steve Scalise may have attended a gathering of a white supremacist group that he founded. The controversy surrounding Scalise's appearance has sparked calls for the No. 3-ranking House Republican to resign from his role as Majority Whip.

"I've got conflicting reports," Duke said on today’s Smerconish. "One person said that he was a no-show, that he was scheduled to come — one person said that he did come. I just don't know what the truth is.” Duke added that "it seems that Mr. Scalise thinks he may have. That's why he's — he's covering himself.”

In the sit-down interview, Duke also threatened to "name names" of lawmakers with whom he's "had relationships" if they continue to attack the Louisiana Republican."I would name names of any Democrat — and I know some Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives — who tried, in fact urged me, to support them, legally, in fact I did,” he said.

"I was not his supporter, he was not my supporter. I did not contribute to him, he did not contribute to me, okay?” Duke continued when pressed by Smerconish. "He was not a member of my organization — he was an early young representative who just got elected in Louisiana, and he was pushing a tax program, and he was coming to constituents. And again, I believe that every elected official has a responsibility to hear out people who are right wing, left wing."

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December 30th, 2014
02:05 PM ET


Network Posts Best Competitive Primetime Performance since 2008 and Best Competitive Total Day since 2011 

New Day Beats Morning Joe; CNN at 9pm Grows by Double Digits while Maddow Posts Lowest Performance on Record 

CNN Ranks #2 at 7p for the first time since 2009 with Erin Burnett Outfront 

CNN’s Original Series Dominate Respective Timeslots 

CNN ends 2014 firmly ahead of MSNBC for the year while posting its best competitive position in Primetime since 2008.  This year is the first time since 2011 that CNN ranks #2 in Total Day among both total viewers and the demo 25-54.  CNN has outperformed MSNBC in primetime and total day for five straight months, the longest winning streak over MSNBC in six years.  CNN’s signature news programming including New Day, Outfront with Erin Burnett, AC 360, D.C.-based and Sunday morning programming all easily topped MNSBC this year in the key demo 25-54 rating.  For the year, CNN dayside beat MSNBC during that day part by an impressive +73% in total viewers and +83% in the demo 25-54 rating.   CNN Original Series programming delivered a winning ratings performance as well, dominating their respective time slots this year. FULL POST

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