October 22nd, 2013
10:05 PM ET

Piers Morgan Live Video: Warren Buffett on Obamacare "Obviously it’s a huge screw up but it will get worked out.”

Tonight on Piers Morgan Live, an exclusive interview with Warren Buffett, his sons Howard G. Buffett and Howard W. Buffett. They spoke about Obamacare, the value of the Buffett handshake, family and not doing business w/ people who makes his stomach churn.

When asked Warren Buffet what his thoughts were on the Affordable Care Act and Kathleen Sebelius, Buffet responded “I’m a friend of Kathleen, I’m a friend of her when she is in trouble…I like Kathleen, I feel sorry for the position she is in. Obviously it’s a huge screw up but it will get worked out.”

May 30th, 2013
10:32 PM ET

Piers Morgan Live: James Taylor on Boston Strong

Tonight, music legend and Boston native James Taylor spoke with CNN's Piers Morgan before he went on to perform at the "Boston Strong" Concert to benefit One Fund Boston. Taylor, along with other celebrities, united tonight at the concert to help Marathon victims and help rebuild the morale for Bostonians after last month's tragedy.

On encountering victims of the tragedy Taylor says:

"There is no real way to adequately respond, or to minister, I don't even think we can really understand entirely what's happened. The only thing you can do is just, in the moment, at the point of contact, try to offer support and friendship." Watch more here.

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May 1st, 2013
11:33 AM ET

Schwarzenegger on Tsarnaev: "If convicted, I think that yeah, he should get the death penalty...yes"

As the debate surrounding the bombings in Boston – and the subsequent investigation – grows to include everything from Miranda rights to potential death penalty, on Tuesday evening "Piers Morgan Live" invited Arnold Schwarzenegger to offer his perspective.

Joining Piers Morgan live and in studio as part of the program's recently created "In The Chair" segment, the former California governor offered a firm position:

"When it comes to the death penalty, yes, I believe in the death penalty," noted the bodybuilding champion turned actor turned politician. "We've had the death penalty here for years now, in California. People try to reverse it all the time. I was all for it. During my term, there were several people that were punished."

In Los Angeles this week speaking about immigration reform at the University of Southern California, Schwarzenegger shared his opinion on the case currently polarizing the nation. Watch more here.

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April 23rd, 2013
10:16 PM ET

Piers Morgan Live: Released ricin suspect: "I don't even eat rice"

Tonight, CNN's Piers Morgan spoke with ex-ricin suspect Kevin Curtis in a primetime exclusive interview. Freed today, he told Piers his story and explained who might be behind the set up:

"I heard the word ricin for the first time in my life by a federal agent homeland security while being interrogated for four hours in a federal building in Oxford. I thought he said rice for about an hour. I said 'I don't even eat rice usually, I'm not even a rice lover.' They told me 'oh you know what it's about, you know what you did.'"

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April 9th, 2013
12:16 PM ET

Tony Blair on Margaret Thatcher: "You've got to accept she was a huge figure, a towering figure"

As Monday marked the passing of Margaret Thatcher, CNN's Piers Morgan welcomed fellow former British Prime Minister Tony Blair last night to share his perspective on Britain's "Iron Lady."

Despite being on opposite sides of the political aisle, Blair said this of Thatcher's undeniable influence:

"You've got to accept she was a huge figure, a towering figure," said Blair, who moved into the famed 10 Downing Street address seven years after Thatcher. "There are very few leaders that get the chance and have the ability to change not only their own national landscape, but the global landscape, and she did that." Watch more here.

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April 3rd, 2013
12:23 PM ET

Bubba Watson on beating Tiger Woods at the 2013 Masters: "Hopefully he gets sick" he joked.

In advance of one of golf's premier events, "Piers Morgan Live" welcomed reigning Masters champ Bubba Watson last night for a primetime interview.

Having shocked the world with a dramatic victory at Augusta National in 2012, Watson now faces the challenge of defending his title against a field which will include a 14-time major champion:

"Tiger Woods is back, and on the prowl," noted Piers Morgan. "How you gonna beat him?"

"Hopefully he gets sick," joked the 34-year-old Florida native. "I don't think anybody knows how to beat him. It's one of those things where we want to go out there and play our best. I'm going to go out and play my best, and hopefully it's good enough to beat him. And hopefully he's not on his best."

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March 26th, 2013
11:04 PM ET

Piers Morgan Live: Suze Orman and author Ryan Anderson debate same-sex marriage

Tonight with a live studio audience "Piers Morgan Live" welcomed financial guru Suze Orman to share her insights on everything from to same-sex marriage to taxes and Tiger Woods.

Engaging in a passionate debate with conservative author Ryan Anderson about same-sex marriage, Anderson explains why he doesn’t support same sex marriage, and more importantly, feels the government shouldn’t have a role in defining marriage:

"I want the right to marry to be for everyone. The question is 'what is marriage?' I think that marriage is intrinsically, what it is, is a union of a man and woman, a husband and a wife, a mother and a father." "But I think all adults should be free to live and to love as they choose.... You don't necessarily need the government calling your adult relationship a marriage."

Orman, meanwhile, who’s married to her partner, and openly supports same-sex marriage, offers her response:

"I feel compassion for you, and I'll tell you why." "I know that you believe very strongly what you believe, but I also know that you're very, very uneducated in how it really, really works. And I believe from the bottom of my heart that if you really, really understood why the government does need to get involved, why it does need to be legal on a federal level, if you really understood that, there is no way that you would sit there and say what you are saying right now."

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March 19th, 2013
11:38 AM ET

Steubenville Victim's Attorney Speaks to CNN's Piers Morgan

Last night Bob Fitzsimmons, the attorney of the 16 year old girl that was raped by two Steubenville, Ohio football players spoke tonight with CNN’s Piers Morgan. Speaking about Ma’lik Richmond’s apology in a courtroom yesterday he said this:

“It was a very emotionally-packed moment that occurred in that courtroom, where watching this young boy suffer once he realized what the punishment, and what had happened at that point.. It was hard to watch anybody suffer, a human being like that. And I think everybody in that courtroom was significantly moved. It was those emotions that moved everybody there. Not that that was right or acceptable or forgiving at that point, but to see the pain that he had caused himself and others.”

Fitzsimmons was asked about his client’s current state of mind after the verdict:

“She has not at this point forgiven anybody for what she’s been through, the terrible ordeal…People need to wake up and do the right thing at this point and accept what’s been decided by the judge.”

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March 14th, 2013
02:44 PM ET

Rick Santorum: "The biggest problem with the Catholic Church is it's run by human beings"

As Catholics around the world celebrate a newly elected pope, last night "Piers Morgan Live" invited Rick Santorum to share his reactions and insights to an event watched worldwide.

"I was teary-eyed when I saw," said the former Republic presidential candidate, in describing the first appearance of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio now known as Pope Francis. "It's an incredibly moving moment, and to see the humility of this man – obviously, a man who is very much of the people, exactly as some of your commentators were saying – exactly what the Church needs right now, is someone who focuses on holiness, focuses on the mission of the Church which is to serve God, and serve His people here on Earth, and it seems like [that's] what Pope Francis has in mind."

"What do you imagine his idea of reformation may be?" Piers asked the former senator.

"What we're talking about here is the operation of the Church. The biggest problem with the Catholic Church is it's run by human beings," noted Santorum. "It's fallible in the sense that people in those organizations make mistakes and they do things the wrong way."

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March 11th, 2013
10:09 PM ET

Piers Morgan Live: Christine Quinn on the NYC Soda Ban Fizzle

Tonight, Piers Morgan Live welcomed Christine Quinn on the heels of the announcement she's running for mayor. She offered up her insight on today’s news that Mayor Bloomberg’s limit on big sugary drinks was blocked by a New York judge.

“The soda ban isn’t one of his proposals in this area that I support. Because my fear is with issues around food and obesity, if you say no, people have almost a reflex reaction to do it, to go get it.”

“My fear is, my belief is, that with food related issues, which are different, which are more complicated. Because unlike smoking, which you can stop, and continue existing, you have to interact with food at least three times a day.”

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