November 20th, 2014
06:07 PM ET

Mistake Uncovered in Obamacare Numbers

Dan Pfeiffer, senior advisor to President Obama, explains mistakes found in Obamacare enrollment numbers.

November 12th, 2014
06:39 PM ET

New ISIS plan to include Assad's removal?

CNN's Elise Labott reports the White House is reviewing new strategies to defeat ISIS, including Bashar al-Assad's removal.

November 5th, 2014
06:46 PM ET

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama a 'distant figure' in D.C.

Fresh off of his re-election to the United States Senate, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about the Republican’s new Senate majority. The full interview aired on CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, 5-7 p.m. ET.

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 Graham on why majority doesn’t guarantee a Republican White House in 2016: “This crowd can turn on you.  In 2004, we had the White House, President Bush, and 55 Republicans.  By 2008, we were down to 40.  So we've got to deliver, and this may be our last best chance as a party to re-establish ourselves in the eyes of the American people.

 Graham on Iranian nuclear deal: I will not tolerate, as much as I want to work with the president, engaging in a deal with the Iranian ayatollahs without the Congress looking at the details and voting on it because it's too important.”

 Graham’s advice to President Obama: I would like to do a mini Simpson-Bowles still.  He really embraced that idea.  So I just told him be patient. Invite people down. You know, you're an engaging fellow. It's hard not to like the president, but he's a very distant figure in Washington. Get that behind you and finally unleash Joe Biden.  Everybody likes Joe.” 

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.


November 3rd, 2014
07:05 PM ET

Campaigns coming down to the wire

As election day nears, campaigning candidates make their final push for votes. CNN's Dana Bash reports during The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

October 29th, 2014
06:48 PM ET

Report: Official called Netanyahu 'chickens**t'

During The Situation Room with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, State Dept. deputy spokesperson, Marie Harf, responds to a report that says a U.S. official called Netanyahu 'chickens**t.'

October 17th, 2014
05:17 PM ET

Report: Florida governor's debate hits the fan

A little appliance caused a big fuss at a Florida debate with Gov. Rick Scott and former Governor Charlie Crist, but Crist's fan isn't allowed on stage under the rules of an October 21 Florida governor's race debate that CNN is hosting in conjunction with Jacksonville affiliate WJXT.

The candidates were sent a memo on October 8 outlining the format, rules and logistical information for the debate. Among those rules: No electronic devices.

After being lampooned on social media with #fangate trending, Gov. Scott told CNN affiliate WPBF, "I think he was sweating and he needed a fan. I'm surprised he didn't try to ask for dry ice." Crist's campaign later started selling hand held fans that read, "I'm a fan of Charlie Crist."

Watch CNN on Tuesday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. ET to see Jake Tapper co-host the next live, one-hour gubernatorial debate in Jacksonville, Fla. between the two candidates.

October 10th, 2014
01:32 PM ET

CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks with Sen. Rand Paul about ISIS, Ebola, 2016 politics and more

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer spoke with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), following the senator’s meeting with NAACP leaders in Ferguson, Missouri. Highlights from the interview are after the jump. Blitzer’s full intv with Sen. Paul will air today in the 5 p.m. ET hour of The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

FULL POST What Rand Paul thinks is the 'biggest mistake' for GOP
October 9th, 2014
07:00 PM ET
October 8th, 2014
07:01 PM ET

Homeland Secy talks with CNN's Wolf Blitzer about ISIS and Ebola

After meeting with Pres. Obama, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson joined CNN's Wolf Blitzer to discuss Ebola, "When somebody travels from one of the three West African countries, even through a transit point, we know where they're coming from.  So we're able to track this." A full program transcript will be posted on Top Homeland Security official: ISIS hasn't crossed border into U.S.
October 6th, 2014
12:25 PM ET


As we head into the final stretch of the election season, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper will showcase the network’s America’s Choice 2014 coverage as they moderate debates for two of the nation’s most hotly contested races.

CNN is partnering with local affiliates WJXT-TV in Florida for the gubernatorial showdown between Charlie Crist (D) and incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R). The network is also teaming up with the recently launched NH1 News / WBIN-TV in New Hampshire for the U.S. Senatorial debate between Scott Brown (R) and incumbent Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D).

During each broadcast, CNN will invite viewers to react to the candidates with an online focus group tool powered by Microsoft’s Bing Pulse. Following each debate, the online sentiment tracker will reveal independent, Democrat and Republican reaction, underlining highs and lows and which topics resonated most with viewers.

More debate details are below: FULL POST

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