January 26th, 2015
06:48 PM ET

President Obama interviewed by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in India

Interview to Premiere on CNN’s NEW DAY on CNN/U.S.

FAREED ZAKARIA GPS Global Television Exclusive

President Barack Obama will sit down with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria for a wide-ranging interview from New Delhi as the President concludes his state visit to India.

Portions of the interview will air first on CNN’s NEW DAY on Tuesday, January 27, beginning at 6:00amET and then air throughout the day on programs across CNN, CNN International, CNN en Espanol, and on CNN.com.

The full interview will air on CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS international affairs program on Sunday, February 1st on CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

Interview topics will include U.S.-India relations, the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, recent terrorism events in the Middle East and Africa, the long conflict in Ukraine, the fall of the U.S.-allied government of Yemen, and more.

In September 2014, Fareed Zakaria was the first person to interview Prime Minister Modi since Mr. Modi’s election as Prime Minister of India.


In the United States on Tuesday, January 27 (U.S. Eastern Time):

  • CNN/U.S.: 6:00a.m.


In the United States:

Saturday, January 31

  • CNN International: 9:00p.m.

Sunday, February 01 (Eastern Time):

  • CNN International: 7:00a.m., encore at 10:00p.m.
  • CNN/U.S.: 10:00a.m., encore at 1:00p.m.


Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 5&6
This month’s ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ is dedicated to dance, with choreographer Frank Gatson
January 26th, 2015
12:54 PM ET

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 5&6

CNN Ones to Watch

This month’s ‘master’ Frank Gatson, choreographer to many global stars

This month’s ‘master’ Frank Gatson, choreographer to many global stars

Friday 13 February at 1030 GMT/ 1130 CET and 1630 GMT / 1730 CET

Saturday 14 February at 1430 GMT / 1530 CET and 2030 GMT / 2130 CET

Sunday 15 February at 0130 GMT / 0230 CET

Monday 16 February at 0430 GMT / 0530 CET

Tuesday 17 February at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET

Wednesday 18 February at 0430 GMT / 0530 CET and 0930 GMT / 1030 CET

This month’s ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ explores the evolution of dance, from graffiti-sprayed ghettos to revolving arena stages. Dance has given the world Michael Jackson’s celebrated Moonwalk in the 80s to more modern dance moves like Miley Cyrus’ controversial twerk. The programme reveals how pop stars have been stealing the secret moves of America’s inner city streets and transforming them in to worldwide sensations.

This month’s ‘master’ Frank Gatson has choreographed, directed and danced for over 300 music videos, for stars including Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, R Kelly, Mariah Carey  and Usher. Gatson believes a music video is like a mini-movie musical. ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ take viewers behind the scenes with Gatson as he rehearses with Jennifer Lopez for a show in Las Vegas and introduces CNN’s audience to two rising stars in the dance scene. FULL POST

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January 25th, 2015
12:04 PM ET

WH Chief of Staff on Iran negotiations: "Congress should let us finish this job"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough (Obama Administration) joined CNN host Michael Smerconish (Smerconish airs Saturday’s at 9:00amET on CNN/U.S.) to discuss the recent reported beheading of a Japanese hostage by ISIS, the power shifts in the Middle East and their effects on United States policy, as well as the nuclear negotiations with Iran and the upcoming Israeli elections and the Congressional invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu.


On Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu: “This is the most important relationship we have in the world.  This is something that ought to be and will continue to be, as far as we're concerned, above partisan politics.  This is a relationship, given its importance, that stretches across many different things, from values straight through intelligence cooperation to defense and security assistance.  That's the kinds of things that we will be focused on in this regard.  That's why we think also we ought not get involved in their politics.  That's why the president thinks it doesn't make any sense for us to meet with the prime minister two weeks before his election.”

On Iran: .”We have isolated the Iranians over the course of six years.  We now have robust international multilateral sanctions in place and we have very aggressive bilateral sanctions in place.  That's leading to Iran being isolated, its economy being in tatters, its ability to export and sell oil at near - near record lows.  So, we're going to continue to do that.  We can maintain that international unity by pressing through these last several months of negotiations.  Congress should just give us the time to let those negotiations play out.  It doesn't make any sense for them to prematurely act on legislation that the president will veto if it's going to risk maintaining this international unity.  So, Congress should let us finish this job. “

On recent ISIS hostage situations: “We don't either negotiate or make exchanges or pay ransoms.  We think that results in just more cash floating around with these very hateful characters who will just have more ability to ply their trade.”

Full transcript after the jump. FULL POST

CNN Films to Launch Short Films Strand with THE 414s: THE ORIGINAL TEENAGE HACKERS
CNN Original Series Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Season Three Premiere Scores Highest Rated Episode Ever In P25-54 & Total Viewers
January 23rd, 2015
05:12 PM ET

CNN Original Series Morgan Spurlock Inside Man Season Three Premiere Scores Highest Rated Episode Ever In P25-54 & Total Viewers

Inside Man Tops MSNBC Flagship Rachel Maddow; Delivers 276,000 in Key Demo

The season three premiere of the CNN Original Series’ Morgan Spurlock Inside Man posted its highest rated episode ever on Thursday, January 22 (9-10pm ET) in the key P25-54 demo (276,000), and in total viewers (590,000).

Inside Man ranked second in its time period easily topping MSNBC’s flagship program The Rachel Maddow Show in the demo (276k vs. 187k).

The series premiered its third season on Thursday with the episode “MorganBot,” in which the host attempts to harness the power of robots and artificial intelligence to better control his busy life. 

Source: The Nielsen Company, Live+SD data.  Fast National data for 1/22/15.   Note: Fast National data is time period based, while historical data is program based.

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CNN International promotes Petra Malenicka to Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, Europe and the Americas
January 21st, 2015
10:21 AM ET

CNN International promotes Petra Malenicka to Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, Europe and the Americas

Petra Malenicka is taking a new role at CNN International, expanding on her previous responsibility for Western Europe advertising sales.

Effective immediately, Malenicka is now promoted to Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales, Europe and the Americas. In this expanded position, Malenicka combines leadership of CNN’s Western Europe advertising sales operations with additional responsibility for CNN International sales for North America and oversight of global advertising opportunities generated from Latin America. This position will enable Malenicka to deliver an even greater range of client solutions across multiple CNN platforms such as CNN International, CNN en Espanol and CNN US.

This appointment follows Malenicka’s leadership of CNN’s Western Europe advertising sales since 2013. In that time, her teams across Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Austria, Benelux and Nordics have identified client needs to nurture existing relationships and work closely with advertisers and sponsors new to CNN International.


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January 20th, 2015
05:02 AM ET

CNN International and McLaren Technology Group enter multi-year partnership ahead of 2015 Formula 1 season

CNN International, the world’s leader in international news, and McLaren Technology Group announced today that CNN is confirmed as a new McLaren-Honda partner for the 2015 Formula 1 season and beyond.


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Hambycast Goes Live for the State of the Union
January 19th, 2015
11:10 AM ET

Hambycast Goes Live for the State of the Union

President Obama's sixth State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 20 will launch Season Two of Peter Hamby’s Hambycast. Streaming live on CNN.com beginning at 8:30 p.m. Hamby and special guests, Emily’s List Communications Director Jess McIntosh, America Rising's Executive Director Tim Miller, and American Bridge 21st Century's President Rodell Mollineau, will offer commentary throughout the speech, their own brand of off-the-cuff analysis, and decipher the stand-up/sit-down politics of the evening.

Keep an eye out for additional guests and CNN correspondents who will join the conversation by calling in to the Hambycast Hotline, and join in on Twitter by using the #Hambycast hashtag.

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CNN Announces Partnership with Reagan Foundation for GOP Presidential Debate
January 16th, 2015
02:09 PM ET

CNN Announces Partnership with Reagan Foundation for GOP Presidential Debate

Debate will be held on September 16, 2015 at the Reagan Library

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation announced today that it has joined forces with CNN to host its GOP presidential candidates debate in 2015.  The debate will be held on September 16, 2015 at the Reagan Library.   Further details regarding the debate will be released in the coming months.

“Over thirty five years ago, Ronnie announced his candidacy for higher office because he believed that the citizens of this country wanted a president who could inspire,” said former First Lady Nancy Reagan. “I believe with all my heart that the country, and the world, prospered under his leadership.  It is time to find a new leader, and I’m so pleased that the Reagan Foundation, just as it has in the last two presidential elections, will be hosting a candidates’ debate to do just that.”

This is the second time that the Reagan Foundation has partnered with CNN for a presidential debate.  The first was held at the Reagan Library on January 30, 2008 and was the final GOP presidential debate before the 2008 “Super-Tuesday” primary in California and several other key states. FULL POST

CNN en Español's Fernando del Rincón moves to Miami
January 16th, 2015
11:19 AM ET

CNN en Español's Fernando del Rincón moves to Miami

CNN en Español announces that primetime anchor Fernando del Rincón will move to Miami to host his show Conclusiones, which will now extend to one hour from Monday to Friday from 10-11 PM ET starting on Monday, January 26th.

Conclusiones, will debut in Miami with a state of the art set and will continue to monitor daily world events combining in depth analysis with experts and the key newsmakers and analysts of the day.

“Fernando del Rincon will have more opportunities to interact with key players and decision makers since Miami is a key geographic crossroad for Latinos and Latin Americans,” said Cynthia Hudson senior vice president and general manager of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S.

“By extending our show to 60 minutes we are looking to spend more time with the newsmakers. We will continue with investigative journalism and the search of the truth. Our interviews are face to face with no secrets and I’m happy to be able to introduce more segments during the show that will allow me to get an in depth analysis of the news,” said Fernando del Rincón. FULL POST

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