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Brian Stelter

February 7th, 2016

Larry Sabato on CNN’s Reliable Sources: “There’s no question about it. This isn’t a close call”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Chris Moody, Senior Digital Correspondent for CNN Politics, Dylan Byers, CNN Senior Reporter for Media and Politics, […]

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September 20th, 2015

On CNN’s Reliable Sources: Glenn Thrush on the love affair between the media & Donald Trump: “…I don’t know if it’s over.”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, The New York Times Magazine political columnist, Ana Marie Cox, and Politico’s chief political correspondent, […]

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On CNN’s Reliable Sources: Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik on CNN Debate Ratings: “Something else deeper is happening when you get this kind of an audience for this kind of telecast.”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, The Baltimore Sun’s TV Critic, David Zurawik, and NPR media correspondent, David Folkenflik, joined host […]

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On CNN’s Reliable Sources: Conservative Media vs. The Pope

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, author of Pope Francis: Untying the Knots: the Struggle for the Soul of Catholicism (2015), […]

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September 13th, 2015

Dick Cavett on politics and late night TV: “…it’s damn good for a politician to go on and get a laugh on late night. And people immediately think, I like him better than I ever did before, or her, we must add.”

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Dick Cavett, former host of The Dick Cavett Show, joined anchor, Brian Stelter to review […]

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