March 12th, 2015
12:43 PM ET

Filmmaker discusses campus rape and allegations against fraternity in the headlines with CNN's Ashleigh Banfield

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield discusses sexual assault on college campuses and allegations against troubled SAE, a college fraternity recently also in the spotlight following recent revelations of a racist chant by members in a now-viral video of Oklahoma University chapter members.

Filmmaker Amy Ziering discusses THE HUNTING GROUND, a documentary she co-produced with fellow award-winning filmmaker Kirby Dick, with Banfield.  The film, now playing in New York and Los Angeles, opens more in several cities tomorrow, Friday, March 13, and includes allegations that involve the SAE fraternity and its culture.

THE HUNTING GROUND is executive produced by RADiUS and CNN Films.


March 12th, 2014
11:13 AM ET

CNN Coverage: NY Building 5-Alarm Fire

Chris Cuomo, Michaela Periera and Brooke Baldwin anchor CNN’s live simulcast coverage of the 5-Alarm building fire in New York City. continues with live updates and video.

Reporting on scene:

Poppy Harlow @poppyharlowCNN

John Berman @johnberman

Don Lemon @donlemon

Ashleigh Banfield @CNNAshleigh

Maria Santana @MariaSantanaCNN (CNN en Espanol)

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem
John Berman and Michaela Pereira To Co-Anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. Hour
January 17th, 2014
12:01 PM ET

John Berman and Michaela Pereira To Co-Anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. Hour

CNN today announced changes to its weekday programming lineup. Starting Monday, February 10, 2014, John Berman and Michaela Pereira will co-anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. (ET) hour of dayside programming.  Berman and Pereira will continue to anchor “Early Start” and “New Day,” respectively.  Pereira joined the network last year with the launch of “New Day,” while Berman joined in 2012, and has covered several national news stories including the Boston Marathon Bombing and the deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma. FULL POST

October 25th, 2013
01:16 PM ET

Matzzie: He had no expectation of privacy

Tom Matzzie, political and media strategist talked to CNN's Ashleigh Banfield about his eavesdropping and live tweeting of Ex-NSA Director's telephone call.  FULL POST

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August 23rd, 2013
01:29 PM ET

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield asks Casey Anthony Judge if a TV show is in his future?


On today's Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield, CNN’s Banfield is reunited with Judge Belvin Perry Jr.   Judge Perry known for his no-nonsense approach in the courtroom, gained national fame during the intensely watched murder trial of Casey Anthony.

Banfield, who covered the murder trial for CNN, discusses with Judge Perry what it was like presiding over the trial, the verdict that stunned America and what might be next for the Judge.

On the news of a possible show:

Judge Perry said that he would love to do a show and shared what a show with him might look like.

"A show with me on it would provide two things.  It would provide entertainment, but it would also provide education on the law."

"I think there is always a need for folks to know about the law and to be entertained - make it fun!" FULL POST

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June 26th, 2013
02:47 PM ET

Melissa Etheridge: "I am looking forward to marrying my partner of three years"

Singer Melissa Etheridge shares her excitement to “get married in California” with CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield after the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the Proposition 8 case and to strike down a part of DOMA.

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February 14th, 2013
02:10 PM ET

12 year-old passenger:It's been really, really difficult

Rebekah Poret, 12 year-old passenger stranded on Carnival with her father describes the difficult conditions on board.

Topics: Ashleigh Banfield • Breaking News • CNN • CNN Newsroom
February 14th, 2013
01:44 PM ET

12 year-old passenger tells Mom she loves her and can't wait to see her.

Live on CNN today, Carnival Triumph passenger, 12 year-old Rebekah Poret talked to her mother and told her she loved her and could not wait to see her.

Image of Rebekah waving for cameras from the ship

Image of Rebekah waving for cameras from the ship

Topics: Ashleigh Banfield • Breaking News • CNN • CNN Newsroom
February 14th, 2013
12:59 PM ET

Carnival Triumph Passenger: Why can't we have more help

Carnival Triumph passenger Larry Poret talks about the harrowing experience he and the other passenger have gone through on the stranded vessel.

Link to full story:

Cruise ship nightmare nearing end for passengers after hellish trip

February 8th, 2013
01:33 PM ET

CNN’s Severe Weather Coverage

A “potentially historic winter storm” is moving along the same path Hurricane Sandy took, and could deliver its harshest blows to still-recovering regions.

CNN will broadcast live Friday night into Saturday. Chad Myers (@ChadMyersCNN) and Jen Delgado (@JenDelgadoCNN) will monitor the storm’s movement from the CNN Weather Center (@CNNWeather). CNN has a team of anchors and reporters dispatched throughout the region: Jason Carroll (@JasonCarrollCNN), Susan Candiotti (@SusanCandiotti), Poppy Harlow (@PoppyHarlowCNN), Ali Velshi (@AliVelshi), Ashleigh Banfield (@CNNAshleigh), Zain Asher, Alison Kosik (@AlisonKosik), Mary Snow (@MarySnowCNN), Gary Tuchman (@GaryTuchmanCNN) and Brian Todd (@BrianToddCNN). Erin Burnett (@ErinBurnett) and Anderson Cooper (@AndersonCooper) will anchor primetime coverage, while Chris Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) guest anchors Piers Morgan Tonight. Brooke Baldwin (@BrookeBCNN) anchors overnight coverage. will also have the latest news on the at This Just In, CNN’s breaking news blog.

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