CNN Rolls Out New Pioneers Series
This Robo Chimp could be the best chance for an unmanned moon mission.
October 7th, 2015
09:53 AM ET

CNN Rolls Out New Pioneers Series

Pioneers is a new Digital Studios series that rolls out today across CNN’s digital platforms.  This seven-week series will include original video reporting, articles and photo galleries about the people who are on the cutting edge of science, technology and medicine – making the unimaginable possible and coming up with solutions to impossible problems.  Today’s story focuses on Organoids, lab-grown mini organs that scientists develop from skin cells in order to fight disease without risking human life.

Other topics in the series will include carbon sequestration, making fusion a reality and mining asteroids to create rocket fuel.


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CNN Takes Top Spot in Multi-platform Views, Desktop Uniques and Page Views
October 1st, 2015
10:22 AM ET

CNN Takes Top Spot in Multi-platform Views, Desktop Uniques and Page Views

Sweeps Digital Video Streams, Viewers and Minutes for Fourth Straight Month, Wins Social in August 2015

CNN had more views across its platforms (desktop and mobile) than any other news competitor in August.  Along with CNN Digital’s success in money and politics, CNN became the leader in desktop unique visitors and page views.

The brand further cemented its position as the number one digital destination for news video, extending its winning streak to a fourth straight month in August.  Up double-digits across all video metrics, CNN beat out Yahoo News and Buzzfeed once again, proving that CNN is the leader for online video.

CNN continued to dominate across social platforms with more fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter than any other news organization. FULL POST

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CNN Now Available on Apple News
September 16th, 2015
01:00 AM ET

CNN Now Available on Apple News

Following the release of iOS 9, users will now be able to access CNN on Apple News. CNN will be providing many of its signature news and enterprises stories to the app daily, including content from CNNMoney, CNN Politics and CNN Style.  With the help of Apple’s unique publishing tools, CNN will also hand-craft feature stories blending photos, videos and animations to produce immersive, interactive experiences.  Users will be able to explore CNN content in the app or choose the CNN channel from the favorites section.  CNN stories will also be available to search and save.

"For the last 18 months in a row, CNN has had the No. 1 iPhone news app,” said CNN Chief Product Officer Alex Wellen. "Apple News enables us to dramatically increase CNN's reach further with a bespoke experience around our original, global, multimedia reporting and storytelling.”


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CNN and Samsung Electronics America Announce Strategic Partnership
September 3rd, 2015
02:00 PM ET

CNN and Samsung Electronics America Announce Strategic Partnership

1080p HD Video Resolution Creates Exclusive News Experience

CNN and Samsung Electronics America announced a broad agreement to partner on an exclusive news experience for Samsung mobile device owners.  Combining Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays, CNN’s premium news video and a commitment from both companies to develop cooperatively, the CNN experience for Samsung will be available for users of the latest Samsung smartphone, tablet and wearable devices. In addition, both companies agree to co-develop more unique experiences across Samsung’s product portfolio.

“Mobile consumption now drives the majority of CNN’s digital traffic,” said CNN Chief Product Officer Alex Wellen, “By partnering deeply with Samsung, we are bringing CNN’s original video storytelling to millions of new mobile devices through a variety of signature, breathtaking digital experiences.”


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CNN Leads All Competitors in Digital Video for Third Straight Month
August 20th, 2015
10:18 AM ET

CNN Leads All Competitors in Digital Video for Third Straight Month

Wins Video Streams, Viewers and Minutes in July 2015 extended its winning streak to a third month in July and cemented its position as the number one digital destination for news video.  With 194 million video streams, 19 million unique viewers and 1.3 billion minutes of video consumed for the month, CNN easily secured wins across the board and beat out Yahoo News, Buzzfeed and all competitors in the news and information category.  For the month of July 2015: is #1 in Video Streams
For the third month in a row, outperformed all competitors in video streams. beat Yahoo News by 9 million streams and Buzzfeed by 63 million.


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CNNMoney Proudly Presents – Picture This: New Orleans
August 17th, 2015
09:14 AM ET

CNNMoney Proudly Presents – Picture This: New Orleans

CNNMoney and CNN Photos are proud to present Picture This: New Orleans, featuring the work of renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark (1940–2015). This multimedia photo and video presentation visually tells the story of New Orleans 10 years after it was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. 

Mark's photos, commissioned exclusively for CNNMoney, bring to life the rebirth and resilience of the people at the heart of this tale. Her beautiful images capture never before told stories, like that of Sam and Ben who were once frozen embryos locked in a hospital that lost power in the hurricane. Under Louisiana law, these embryos were considered babies and substantial efforts were made to save the children. Years later, these eight-year-old boys and their parents tell their story. 

Other survivors explain their journey back to the Lower Ninth Ward, the heartbreaking tales of abandoned pets and homes in the chaos, and efforts to revive the community from locals like New Orleans Saints' Quarterback Drew Brees in this innovative display of visual storytelling.

A month after Mark returned from New Orleans to shoot the project, she passed away. This is her final assignment.

Concurrently, CNN and the International Center of Photography are presenting Picture This: New Orleans at Governors Island in New York City. The exhibit featuring Mark’s photos is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00AM-5:30PM through September 27, 2015.

Explore Picture This: New Orleans exclusively on CNNMoney and tune in to CNN as we reflect on the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

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CNN Politics #1 for Four Straight Months
July 22nd, 2015
11:29 AM ET

CNN Politics #1 for Four Straight Months

Top Political News Site Sees Double Digit Growth in June

CNN Politics solidified its position as the Web’s top destination for political news and information in June by outperforming all competitors for the fourth month running. Since March of 2015, CNN Politics has dominated its category in multiplatform unique visitors, views and video starts. Strengthening its lead over, HuffPost Politics, Fox News Politics and, CNN Politics became the top site for mobile unique visitors in May and maintained its position in June.  

In a historic month that saw landmark cases from the Supreme Court, a nationwide debate over the Confederate Flag and the lead up to a nuclear deal in Iran, CNN Politics posted double-digit growth across the board:


CNN Video Tops All Competitors, Posts Highest Month on Record
July 21st, 2015
12:02 PM ET

CNN Video Tops All Competitors, Posts Highest Month on Record Holds Number One Spot in Digital Video for Two Straight Months

With 212 million video streams in June, posted its highest month ever and topped every competitor in the news category.  The two-month winning streak places CNN ahead of Buzzfeed and Yahoo News, making the undisputed news leader in digital video.  The wins reflect the network’s heavy investment and prioritization of premium, digital-first video – from CNN Digital Studios’ original series and short films to its global newsgathering efforts.

For the month on June 2015: is #1 in Video Streams

For the second month in a row outperformed all competitors in video streams, earning 60mm more than Buzzfeed and 77mm more than Yahoo News. FULL POST

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CNN Launches 'Great American Stories'
July 15th, 2015
09:40 AM ET

CNN Launches 'Great American Stories'

Today CNN Digital rolled out the first of its “Great American Stories,” a cross- platform multimedia series focused on the unexpected places and unforgettable characters who’ve helped define our nation.  The series includes original video vignettes combined with powerful text stories of the people and places who are doing things a little differently than the norm.

·      Like the 200 people who live and work in Whittier, Alaska – all together in one 14-story building called Begich Towers Incorporated, a structure leftover from the Cold War.

·      Or the folks in Green Bank, West Virigina, who aren’t allowed to use cell phones or wifi because it will interfere with the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, one of the world's most sensitive and the largest steerable telescope.

·      And the students at Robert Morris University who are considered college athletes – on scholarships – for playing video games.

Rolling out on, on mobile and on social every Wednesday through September, these unique narratives will help tell the stories of America.


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CNNgo Adds CNNi Live Stream
CNN International's live stream is now available on CNNgo.
June 29th, 2015
03:31 PM ET

CNNgo Adds CNNi Live Stream

CNN announced today an update to CNNgo, which will allow users to watch CNN International’s live stream on and through CNN’s iPad app.  This will bring CNNi’s streaming footprint in the U.S. to more than 86 million households via TV Everywhere.

"This is a significant milestone for CNN,” said Alex Wellen, CNN’s Chief Product Officer.  “With the availability of CNNi TV on CNNgo, tens of millions of new viewers will gain access to our compelling international news coverage, overnight. Never before has the network had such a massive reach in the US.”

By bringing shows like Amanpour., Quest Means BusinessConnect the World and International Desk to CNNgo, U.S. viewers will have the full range of CNN’s worldwide programming right at their fingertips.

"With our global presence, we are pleased we can deliver CNN International live breaking news, programs and analysis on CNNgo," said Tony Maddox, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of CNN International.

CNNgo is a next-generation product that gives viewers unprecedented control over their TV news experience through TV Everywhere.  It is available in the U.S. on, the CNN App for iPad and on Apple TV.

CNN International’s presence on the U.S. CNNgo platform is ahead of an international roll-out of the platform, which will begin in the next 12 months.

About TV Everywhere

CNN Worldwide was the first U.S. news organization to stream its full CNN and HLN networks online and on Apple devices in real-time, including commercials. CNN’s TV Everywhere option is available in more than 86 million homes and with more than 320 distribution partners.  In 2014, 13.2 million hours of CNN TV content were consumed via the TVE platform.  (Source: Adobe, Bango 2014)


Additional image of CNNgo.

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