CNN Politics Continues Streak as #1 Political News Destination Online
May 18th, 2015
01:09 PM ET

CNN Politics Continues Streak as #1 Political News Destination Online

April 2015 marked the second month in a row that CNN Politics ranked as the number one political news destination online, growing in unique visitors from the month prior. 

As the 2016 field of candidates grew and the United Kingdom elected a new Prime Minister, users continued to turn to CNN for breaking news, enterprise analysis and unbiased coverage of politics around the globe. Once again outranking all digital political competitors, CNN Politics maintained its number one ranking in multiplatform unique visitors, views and video starts.


May 15th, 2015
01:14 PM ET

CNNMoney Reports Best Month on Record in Multiplatform Traffic


April 2015 marked CNNMoney’s best month on record, with more than 22 million unique visitors and 26.1 million video views.

CNNMoney outperformed the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, cementing its position as a Top Five financial news destination

After launching a refreshed website earlier this year, Ed O’Keefe, Vice President of CNNMoney and CNN Politics and Lex Haris, Executive Editor of CNNMoney, proclaimed a renewed commitment to deliver simple, smart and relevant news through ambitious journalism. The result is evident through huge gains in digital traffic.

In the month of April 2015**:

  • CNNMoney delivered 22.3 million digital multi-platform unique visitors, the highest total on record for the property.
  • Visitors spent 356 million minutes on CNNMoney properties, the highest multi-platform total on record.
  • CNNMoney mobile (app + mobile web) delivered 12 million unique visitors in April, the highest total on record.
  • Visitors to watched 32 million videos in April, up +248% vs. prior year.


CNNI Show 'Amanpour.' Now Available through CNNgo on Apple TV
Amanpour. is added to the 'shows' section of CNNgo on Apple TV
May 11th, 2015
10:26 AM ET

CNNI Show 'Amanpour.' Now Available through CNNgo on Apple TV

Amanpour., CNN International’s flagship program, is now available on Apple TV in the ‘shows’ section of CNNgo. Hosted by chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour, the 30-minute, daily news and talk show is the first CNNI program available on CNNgo.

CNN recently announced the availability of CNNgo on Apple TV.  As part of the industry-wide TV Everywhere initiative, CNNgo is now available in more than 86 million homes and to participating TV providers on Apple TV devices.



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CNN Films and CNN Digital Studios Pick Up 'THE GNOMIST' at Tribeca Film Festival
April 28th, 2015
01:23 PM ET

CNN Films and CNN Digital Studios Pick Up 'THE GNOMIST' at Tribeca Film Festival

Director/Producer Sharon Liese’s Film to Stream Across CNN Digital Platforms During Fall Short Film Series

Fresh from its world premiere at New York’s Tribeca Film Festival, award-winning filmmaker Sharon Liese’s short film, THE GNOMIST, produced by Herizon Productions and Cynthia Wade, has been acquired by CNN Films and CNN Digital Studios, it was announced today.

“It is a huge honor to have my work selected by such a distinguished network,” says Liese. “I am thrilled that THE GNOMIST and its message will have this expansive reach.”

“We are delighted to be able to bring Sharon’s beautifully-crafted, novel true story to a wide audience via CNN’s robust digital platforms. On the heels of the success of our first series of digital shorts, we are extremely pleased that THE GNOMIST will become part of our fall series of extraordinary short-form films for CNN,” said Courtney Sexton, senior director for program development for CNN Worldwide.

THE GNOMIST is the true story of the mysterious appearance of fairy dwellings in a suburban Kansas forest and the psychic healing power of the magical experience shared by three former strangers.

“THE GNOMIST is an incredible story, beautifully told. It’s the perfect addition to CNN Digital’s continued push into long-form narrative storytelling,” said Chris Berend, vice president of video content development for CNN/U.S.

The acquisition of THE GNOMIST was negotiated by Stacey Wolf, vice president of business affairs, and Sexton, on behalf of CNN. THE GNOMIST will premiere internationally at Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto (April 29) and continue to screen at other U.S. film festivals this spring. For more information on screenings, please visit The film is expected to premiere on CNN’s digital platforms sometime in the fall.

Additional films for the fall series will include short films from Andrew Jenks (MTV’s World of Jenks) and Roger Ross Williams (GOD LOVES UGANDA).

CNN’s inaugural series of short films launched in March and includes the films UBAH!, about the uncommon life of Somalian supermodel and philanthropist Ubah Hassan, directed by Joe Berlinger; RAISING RYLAND, a journey inside the transgender experience as lived by a six-year-old boy, directed by Sarah Feeley; and THE 414S: THE ORIGINAL TEENAGE HACKERS, about a small, talented group of Milwaukee teens who hacked into dozens of prominent computer systems – including the Los Alamos National Laboratory – during the early days of the Internet, directed by Michael T. Vollmann. All three of these exceptional short films are now available via

About CNN Films

CNN Films produces and acquires documentary feature and short films for theatrical and festival exhibition and distribution across CNN’s multiple platforms.  Amy Entelis, svp of talent and content development, Vinnie Malhotra, svp of development and acquisitions, and Courtney Sexton, senior director for program development, oversee the strategy for CNN Films. For more information about CNN Films, please visit,, and follow @CNNFilms via Twitter.

About CNN

CNN Worldwide is a portfolio of two dozen news and information services across cable, satellite, radio, wireless devices and the Internet in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Domestically, CNN reaches more individuals on television, the web and mobile devices than any other cable TV news organization in the United States; internationally, CNN is the most widely distributed news channel reaching more than 271 million households abroad; and CNN Digital is a top network for online news, mobile news and social media. Additionally, CNN Newsource is the world’s most extensively utilized news service partnering with hundreds of local and international news organizations around the world. CNN is division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner Company.


CNNMoney Presents: Revenge Porn – The Cyberwar Against Women
April 27th, 2015
09:16 AM ET

CNNMoney Presents: Revenge Porn – The Cyberwar Against Women

In a five-part digital series, CNNMoney's Tech Reporter Laurie Segall uncovers a disturbing internet trend: the rise of revenge porn.

Revenge Porn is non-consensual pornography: everything from photos hacked from an unknowing victim's computer, to an intimate video taken by a couple and then made public after the breakup. The private material is uploaded onto the dark web, bartered or traded for Bitcoin, and then sometimes used to blackmail victims for more explicit photos. Even more disturbing: the law, and technology itself, are way behind the curve. Once the photos are posted, it's nearly impossible to stop their spread.

Segall's in-depth study includes interviews with a victim who had to copyright her own body to get images taken down, a crusading mother who's become the 'Erin Brockovitch' of revenge porn, and a hacker who explains why he ruined so many women's lives.

Explore the full series at

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CNN App for Apple Watch Now Available
April 24th, 2015
09:28 AM ET

CNN App for Apple Watch Now Available

Today CNN launched an app for the Apple Watch.  Available on the app store globally, the CNN app provides breaking news notifications and headlines for 12 categories right on your wrist.

One of CNN’s most personal products to date, the app allows wearers to customize their news experience through the following features:

  •  Main screen –  by force touching the screen, a user can call up a menu to choose which sections and how many stories in each section are displayed on the Watch.  Categories range from top stories and health to entertainment and politics.
  • Story pages – include a thumbnail image, brief summary of the story and a prompt to view more content on their iPhone.  A user can save the story by force touching the screen or they can read more by using Apple’s hand-off feature to their iPhone.
  • Notifications – breaking news alerts that come directly to the Watch.  When a new alert comes in, the wearer’s wrist will get a tap (if settings are turned on).  The user can then open the alert within their Watch or be directed to more content – even live CNN TV – on their iPhone.
  • Glances – Watch users can access CNN’s top story in the glance view.

Users must have iOS 8.2 and iPhone 5 and above to access the CNN app for Apple Watch.


Additional Images:

View of CNN app breaking news alert

View of CNN app main screen

View of CNN app story page

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April 23rd, 2015
03:27 PM ET

Introducing the New

CNN Politics’ premiere online destination 

CNN Digital launched a refreshed today, featuring a distinctive look and experience that serves as the destination for CNN’s political coverage leading up to the 2016 election. The new site showcases the primary elements of CNN Politics: breaking news, enterprise analysis and original video, and cements CNN as the first truly cross-platform political operation in American journalism.

Exhibiting more stories in a clean and crisp format, the site prominently features everything from CNN’s unmatched coverage of the road to the 2016 election, to reporting the latest news out of Washington, the country, and from around the world. Users can also catch up on their favorite original video franchises, watch the latest political segments from CNN and read political perspectives from CNN contributors all on the new homepage.

More to come.

Explore the site for yourself at

CNN asks readers to get involved in climate change project
April 22nd, 2015
10:02 AM ET

CNN asks readers to get involved in climate change project

CNN Digital’s John Sutter, recently awarded by the American Society of News Editors for his public service journalism, will embark on another project in democratic journalism, asking the audience to choose topics around the theme of climate change.

For the rest of the year and fittingly launching this Earth Day, Sutter will report on 2 degrees Celsius, which may be the most important number you’ve never heard of.  Scientists and economists say that if the climate warms more than 2 degrees Celsius, we greatly up the odds of climate catastrophe; and world leaders agree, we don’t want to cross that mark.


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CNN Politics Surges to Number 1 in March 2015
April 15th, 2015
02:57 PM ET

CNN Politics Surges to Number 1 in March 2015

CNN Politics Outranks all Digital Politics Competitors in Multiplatform Traffic and Video Starts

March 2015 marked the official start of the 2016 presidential election cycle, and cemented CNN Politics as the No. 1 digital destination for breaking news, enterprise analysis and unbiased reporting in the Politics category.  CNN Politics outperformed all competitors in multiplatform unique visitors and views.  With 22 million starts in March, CNN Politics also climbed to No. 1  in video rank for the first time ever.

Over the past 6 months CNN Politics has built up an unrivaled team, drawing top political talent away from more than 15 competing news organizations with a goal of creating the first truly cross-platform political operation in American journalism.  The result is evident through huge gains in digital traffic.  In the month of March 2015:

CNN Politics: #1 Multiplatform Uniques (Desktop + Mobile)

CNN Politics scored more multiplatform unique visitors than any competitor in the Politics category, earning 14% more uniques than second place and a whopping 69% more than sixth place MSNBC.

CNN Politics: 14mm unique visitors 

  • – 12mm unique visitors (14%)
  • Fox News Politics – 11mm unique visitors (21%)
  • HuffPost Politics – 11mm unique visitors   (26%)
  • POLITICO – 9mm unique visitors (50%)
  • MSNBC – 8mm unique visitors  (69%)

Source: comscore Media Metrix Multiplatform, March 2015

CNN Politics: #1 in Multiplatform Views

CNN Politics was No. 1 in multiplatform views with 90 million for the month, 39% higher than HuffPost Politics and nearly double MSNBC.

CNN Politics: 90mm page views

  • HuffPost Politics – 65mm page views (39%)
  • sites – 55mm page views (64%)
  • Fox News Politics – 55mm page views (65%)
  • POLITICO – 49mm page views (83%)
  • MSNBC – 47mm page views (94%)

Source: comscore Media Metrix Multiplatform, March 2015

CNN Politics: #1 in Video Starts

For the first time on record, CNN Politics recorded more video starts than any other competitor, surpassing second place Young Turks Network by 29%.

CNN Politics: 22mm video starts

  • Young Turks Network – 17mm video starts (29%)
  • HuffPost Politics – 3mm video starts (708%)
  • Voice of America – 3mm video starts (719%)
  • – 2mm video starts (925%)
  • – 2mm video starts (1167%)

 Source: comscore Video Metrix, March 2015



March 11th, 2015
12:23 PM ET

CNN Films and CNN Digital Studios team to launch short docs series beginning today with 'The 414s'

At the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, CNN announced a new series of short films representing a collaboration between CNN Films and CNN Digital Studios.  These original short films directed by established and rising filmmakers will premiere exclusively across CNN’s digital platforms.  The first series of films begins today, March 11, with the 12-minute film, THE 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers, which may be viewed now via, CNN’s mobile properties (including CNNgo) and CNN’s social footprint.  No authentication is required to view the film.

Whether called “snooping,” “raiding,” or “hacking” – what began as surreptitious activity for fun, eventually grew more deliberate when, in 1983, Milwaukee teenagers Neal Patrick, Gerald Wondra, and Timothy Winslow began experimenting with computer networking using a relatively new technology: personal computers.  The boys called themselves “the 414s,” an homage to the telephone area code associated with their hometown. FULL POST

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