Television Academy Honors CNN Films for WE WILL RISE: Michelle Obama's Mission to Educate Girls Around the World
June 9th, 2017
10:10 AM ET

Television Academy Honors CNN Films for WE WILL RISE: Michelle Obama's Mission to Educate Girls Around the World

CNN Films WE WILL RISE: Michelle Obama's Mission to Educate Girls Around the World was celebrated with five other honorees last night in Los Angeles by the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences with a Television Academy Honors Award.  The Television Academy Honors are conferred for exceptional programming that changes hearts and minds about challenging social issues.

VIDEO of the acceptance remarks is available here:

WE WILL RISE featured the former First Lady Michelle Obama, actors and human rights activists Meryl Streep and Freida Pinto, and CNN's Isha Sesay as they explored the inspirational stories of girls in Liberia and Morocco overcoming incredible odds to pursue their educations.  The film first premiered on CNN/U.S. and CNN International on October 11, 2016.

Actor Dana Delany presented the award last night to CNN's Isha Sesay and to the film's director, Tony Gerber of Market Road Films and The Documentary Group, which produced the film for CNN Films.

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CNN Films Debuts UNSEEN ENEMY for World Health Day Presentation
March 17th, 2017
01:01 PM ET

CNN Films Debuts UNSEEN ENEMY for World Health Day Presentation

The world’s urgent call to action on pandemics like Zika, Ebola, flu has global premiere April 7

UNSEEN ENEMY, about the potential looming crisis of disease pandemics, will debut as a CNN Films broadcast for a World Health Day presentation Friday, April 7 at 10:00pm Eastern on CNN/U.S.  The film is exclusively presented by Johnson & Johnson.  All broadcasts will have limited commercial interruptions.

UNSEEN ENEMY is narrated by Emmy® and Golden Globe award-winning actor Jeffrey Wright and is written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Janet Tobias.  CNN’s chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, MD, is an executive producer and consultant for the film.  Philanthropist Paul G. Allen, known for his catalytic leadership during the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, is also an executive producer.


November 2nd, 2014
11:32 AM ET

Senator Rand Paul "the party has to change"


Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks to Candy Crowley from the campaign trail about his hopes for shifting the balance of power in the Senate towards a Republican majority on Tuesday, the Ebola quarantine, and the 2016 presidential election.

Text highlights and a transcript of the discussion are below.


On the Republican brand’s appeal to minorities: “Our brand is so broken that we can’t even break through that wall that’s out there.”

On President Obama guaranteeing GOP success in the midterm elections: “I think the wind's at our back. I think this election is going to be a referendum on the president. Even he acknowledged his policies will be on the ballot. And he will be indirectly on the ballot and there's a great deal of unhappiness that feels like our country, that he promised he would be beyond things, that he was going to be a uniter, not a divider.”

On campaigning for the GOP:  “I won't deny that it would help me if I do decide to run for president, to travel to 32 states and to be part of helping the Republican team on board. But I also do it because whether I run or not - and I haven't decided - but whether I run or not, I do want the Republican Party to be bigger and more successful because I think our philosophy will help the country more.”

On an Ebola quarantine: “the Libertarian in me is sort of horrified at the indefinitely detaining or retaining anyone without a trial.”

A full transcript is available after the jump. FULL POST

October 26th, 2014
12:28 PM ET

Quarantined nurse slams new policy

Kaci Hickox, a nurse placed under mandatory quarantine in New Jersey, told CNN today the "knee-jerk reaction by politicians" was not well planned out, "and to quarantine someone without a better plan in place, without more forethought, is just preposterous."

Hickox, who was working to help treat Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, has tested negative twice for Ebola and does not have symptoms, she said.

"This is an extreme that is really unacceptable and I feel like my basic human rights have been violated," Hickox told CNN's Candy Crowley on "State of the Union."

"To put me through this emotional and physical stress is completely unacceptable," she said. FULL POST

October 19th, 2014
01:39 PM ET

Cruz, a flight ban is a “basic, common-sense step"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) responds to President Obama’s appointment of veteran Washington operative Ron Klain and demands the President lead the country by banning flights and securing the border. Senator Cruz asserts that supporting the Kurdish Peshmerga is essential to defeating ISIS and expresses his confidence in Republicans achieving a majority in both chambers of Congress.


Cruz on the Obama Administration’s response to Ebola: "The biggest mistake that continues to be made is now, more than two weeks into this we continue to allow open commercial air flights from countries that have been stricken by Ebola. That doesn't make any sense, we have upwards of 150 people a day coming from countries with live, active Ebola outbreaks."

Cruz on the appointment of Ron Klain: “we should be less concerned about giving the public the feeling that the government is on top of this and more concerned about the government actually being on top of it. And this is a manifestation. We don't need another White House political operative, which is what Mr. Klain has been.”

Cruz on his support of the Kurdish Peshmerga: “the Obama administration keeps focusing on Syrian rebels, many of whom have far too close ties to radical Islamic terrorists for it to make any sense for us to be supporting them. The Kurds are allies and they are boots on the ground. And when we work with them in concert, they're ready to fight on the front line, along with serious airpower.”

Cruz on Republican success in the 2014 midterm elections: “I think it is far more likely than not that we will retake the Senate and retire Harry Reid.”

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.


October 19th, 2014
01:27 PM ET

NIH Director "No further cases" of Ebola in US

Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, joins Candy Crowley to discuss the fight against Ebola in the US.

Text highlights, video, and a transcript of the discussion are below


Fauci on a travel ban: “It would be very, very difficult if you lost control of easily tracking people.  You have got to look at the numbers to look about how many people are really trying to get into the country. We have 36,000 people in two months went to airports to get out of those three countries; 77 were blocked because of a health issue. When they investigated them, none of them had Ebola. A lot of them had malaria.  So, there's not a lot of people trying to get into the country.”

Fauci on known Ebola cases in the US: “No further cases. Just the two infections. So, we have two infections that have occurred here in the United States.”

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.


October 19th, 2014
01:20 PM ET

Ebola "was an avoidable catastrophe"

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS features an interview with Peter Piot, who co-discovered Ebola, about why this outbreak is so serious and how the world should respond.


Piot on the severity of the threat:  ”This is the first Ebola epidemic where entire nations are involved, where big cities are affected. And I continue to be worried that the response to the epidemic is really running behind the virus. The virus is still running much faster.”

Piot on containing Ebola:  The good news is that both Nigeria and Senegal have been able to contain a number important cases. In Senegal, there was not even any secondary case. In Nigeria, there were a number of people who were infected and died, but it has not given rise to an outbreak in Lagos, after all, a city of more than 20 million people, or in Port Harcourt. So that's a - that shows that if you act decisively and early enough, that this is, you know, it can be controlled. This was an avoidable catastrophe.”

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.


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October 12th, 2014
12:34 PM ET

McCain ISIS "is winning, and we're not"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) join Candy Crowley to discuss the advancement of ISIS in the Anbar Province and Ebola in the US.


Senator McCain on Ebola: “my constituents are not comforted. There has to be more reassurance given to them. I would say that we don't know exactly who's in charge. There has to be some kind of czar.”

Senator McCain on the battle against ISIS: “First of all, they're winning and we're not. And the Iraqis are not winning, the Peshmerga, the Kurds are not winning, and there's a lot of aspects of this. But there has to be a fundamental re-evaluation of what we're doing because we are not - we are not degrading and ultimately destroying ISIS.”

Senator Sanders on US involvement in Iraq and Syria: “What I do not want, and I fear very much, is the United States getting sucked into a quagmire and being involved in perpetual warfare year after year after year.”

A full transcript of the interviews are available after the jump.

October 6th, 2014
10:45 AM ET

CNN's Nima Elbagir traces Ebola victim's contacts in Liberia

CNN correspondent Nima Elbagir (@nimacnn) visits Thomas Eric Duncan's neighborhood in Monrovia, Liberia where he contracted the Ebola virus.

While there, she speaks to the leader of a local Ebola task force, who says they suspect Duncan came in contact with almost 100 people before departing for the U.S.

Duncan is currently in critical condition in a Texas hospital.

10a CNNi Europe Aircheck

10a CNNi Europe Aircheck

10a CNNi Europe Aircheck

Topics: Ebola • Nima Elbagir
October 5th, 2014
02:26 PM ET

Frieden: Ebola has caused "the largest CDC response in our history"

Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, spoke to Crowley about preventing the spread of Ebola in the United States and finding a solution to the epidemic.

Frieden on containing Ebola: “As of now the man in Dallas, who is fighting for his life, is the only patient to develop Ebola in the US. We know there are going to be concerns and rumors and we will track them down. We want people to be concerned, but appropriately concerned.”

Frieden on Thomas Eric Duncan and Ebola in the United States: “We’re confident we won’t see a large number of cases from this. We are concerned about a couple of family members who had very close contact with him when he was sick, but that’s something we’ll have to check each day, 21 days after the last day of contact.”

A full transcript of the interview is available after the jump.

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