April 16th, 2014
12:15 PM ET

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh: Non-violent exchange of armor in Slaviansk a "nightmare" for Kiev's central government

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh (@npwcnn) reports from Slaviansk, a town in eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian militants took control of Ukrainian armored personnel carriers Wednesday.

"It feels very calm here. We wouldn't have been able to do this broadcast like this to you a couple days ago. People, I think, really feel now that tension has passed, perhaps the moment is over," Walsh reports.

"What happens now? Does this stay part of Ukraine or  does it become a separate republic or does it become part of Russia? Those are the big questions. But this armor changing hands without violence quite a nightmare for the Kiev central government."

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April 8th, 2014
03:13 PM ET

CNN's Anna Coren meets young Afghan girl married off at age six

CNN's Anna Coren (@amcoren) meets Naghma, a young Afghan girl married off last year by her father in order to cover a debt.

Naghma, whose story was picked up by the international community, was eventually released from her marriage to the moneylender's 19-year-old son after an anonymous donor paid off her father's $2,500 debt.

The now seven year old is trying to get into the Afghanistan National Institute of Music to pursue an education, the only chance she might get at changing the course of her life.

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March 20th, 2014
11:54 AM ET

CNN aboard plane searching for possible debris from Flight 370

CNN's Andrew Stevens (@andrewcnn) reports from Perth, Australia on the Royal Australian Air Force search for possible debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Earlier today, a CNN photographer was onboard the RAAF C-130J Hercules aircraft, which was tasked with dropping data buoys into the search zone.

March 17th, 2014
04:36 PM ET

Ukrainian prime minister to CNN's Ivan Watson: "We offer peace, and Russia offers war."

CNN's senior international correspondent Ivan Watson (@ivancnn) speaks to Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk about the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

"I still believe that there is only one solution of this crisis, a peaceful one," Yatsenyuk said. "But we offer peace, and Russia offers war."

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March 17th, 2014
12:41 PM ET

“CNN Special Report: The Survivor Diaries” An Exclusive look at Boston Bombing Amputee’s Journey to Dance Again – Airing April 8th

 “CNN Special Report: The Survivor Diaries” premiering Tuesday, April 8th at 10pm ET on CNN, follows the journey of  professional dancer Adrianne Haslet-Davis, a Boston Marathon bombing survivor who had her lower left leg amputated after shrapnel tore through it. Haslet-Davis agreed not only to allow CNN to follow her journey to recovery, but also agreed to film her everyday life in video diaries. The exclusive videos she shared with CNN paint a raw, honest and at times heart-breaking picture of a woman battling extreme physical and emotional challenges.

The riveting one-hour documentary, hosted by Anderson Cooper, will take viewers through Adrianne’s journey from her tentative first steps in a prosthetic leg to her making good on her promise of a dance lesson for Anderson Cooper. Cooper first met Adrianne in her hospital room just one week after the tragedy and during their interview she vowed that she would dance again. Cooper was inspired by her resilience in the face of such adversity. “From the first time I met her, I knew that if anyone could overcome such huge odds and dance again after such a traumatic injury, it was her,” said Cooper. He was also heartened, but a bit intimidated, by another promise Adrianne made. “She told me once she was dancing again, that she’d give me a dance lesson. I’m a horrible dancer so I need the help,” said Cooper. FULL POST

March 10th, 2014
10:09 AM ET

Anna Coren reports on new borders, fears in Crimean peninsula

In a CNN exclusive, Anna Coren (@amcoren) has a tense encounter with armed Russian forces at a checkpoint on a highway that links Ukraine with Crimea. After CNN's camera is taken and shut off, one local soldier in charge agrees to speak on camera about their operation.

"We're defending our people. This is not about Russia, but protecting our homeland."

Coren also spoke to local residents about the military buildup on their doorstep.

"I'm frightened about the future. We don't want a war – we just want to work, live peacefully and feed our families."

For more on the crisis in Ukraine, visit http://www.cnn.com/ukraine.

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February 17th, 2014
03:02 PM ET

CNN Inside Syria: Arwa Damon visits town formerly controlled by ISIS

CNN's senior international correspondent Arwa Damon (@arwacnn) visits Addana, a town in northern Syria left scarred by the radical opposition group, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). ISIS ruled Addana with "terrorism and punishment" for more than a year until January when rebel groups banded together and launched an offensive against ISIS across northern Syria.

In addition, CNN obtained video from Syrian opposition activists that shows the brutality of ISIS' tactics. You can watch Ben Wedeman's (@bencnn) report on this exclusive video here.

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January 29th, 2014
10:50 AM ET

Atlanta Mayor Reed: " I don't feel the people are angry at me"

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed spoke with CNN’s Carol Costello about the city’s response to the storm that paralyzed the city of Atlanta. Mayor Reed highlighted the city's response to the storm with preventative measure up to what is being done to make city roads passable. Mayor Reed believes the mistake made was not staggering release times for businesses and schools. He said doing so contributed to the massive gridlock that stranded motorists.


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January 14th, 2014
02:44 PM ET

Inside Baghdad: Iraq's former interim Prime Minister talks to CNN's Michael Holmes

CNN's Michael Holmes (@holmescnn) sits down with Iraq's former interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi to discuss his successor, Nouri al-Maliki, and what role he thinks the U.S. should play in Iraq.

"I warned all the leaders in the world and the region that unless this is averted then Iraq – once it reaches point of no return – all of the region will burn up."

Holmes, who has made more than a dozen tours of Baghdad in the last decade, says things are in many ways worse for Iraqis now than in 2011. Find out why here: www.cnn.com/holmes.


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