Live from LA, "Michaela" debuts July 11, on HLN
June 20th, 2016
11:19 AM ET

Live from LA, "Michaela" debuts July 11, on HLN

Three-Hour Weekday News Show Hosted by Michaela Pereira Airs 10 am ET

HLN’s new three-hour daily news program, hosted by seasoned journalist Michaela Pereira, premieres July 11.  Pereira brings her news acumen, effervescent personality and POV to HLN in a new show, titled “Michaela.” Live from CNN’s Los Angeles bureau, the show airs from 10am-1pm ET/7-10 am PT.

Setting itself apart from the competition, “Michaela" is the only national morning news program broadcast from Los Angeles. “Michaela” has an upbeat vibe with issue driven conversation, lively guests and breaking news. “Michaela” explores the conversation about the people and passion that drive the day’s headlines.

The show reunites executive producer Scott Warren and Pereira. The two collaborated at both KTLA and TechTV as executive producer and anchor, respectively.

Pereira is an award-winning journalist who joined CNN in 2013 and was the co-host of CNN flagship morning show "New Day." Before joining CNN, Pereira spent 9 years as co-host of "KTLA Morning News," Los Angeles' number one rated morning newscast. Prior, Pereira was named anchor of the technology news program "TechLive" on TechTV in San Francisco in 2001. In 1999, she was the guest host and internet correspondent of Buena Vista's "Ebert & the Movies." Before that, she hosted "Internet Tonight" on ZDTV. Pereira made her news television debut in 1993 on Canada's CHEK-TV in Victoria, B.C. as a beat reporter and host of a magazine program.

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October 6th, 2014
03:33 PM ET



“ROOTS: OUR JOURNEYS HOME” kicks off Sunday, October 12th, with a two-hour primetime special airing Tuesday, October 21st at 9 pm ET

Storytelling is at the core of what CNN does, and in a week-long series beginning Sunday, October 12th, thirteen of the network’s prominent hosts and anchors set out on a journey to find their ROOTS. A project one-year in the making, these journalists embark on an emotional journey across continents as they discover never-before-known details of their family histories.

ROOTS: OUR JOURNEYS HOME will kick-off on Sunday, October 12th at 9 pm ET with a special episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and will air across the network throughout the week, culminating in a two-hour special on Tuesday, October 21st at 9 pm ET. The following is the broadcast schedule for ROOTS:

SUNDAY 10/12
Anthony Bourdain – (9 pm ET) This investigation into the puzzling history of the Bourdain’s great, great, great, grandfather, Paraguayan émigré Jean Bourdain, serves as a springboard to his first tour of this South American country. In Paraguay, Bourdain explores both jungle and desert land, a rich culture, and savory local dishes that include Bife Koygua, Bori Bori, and Sopa Paraguaya.

MONDAY 10/13
Michaela Pereira – (6am ET on New Day) Michaela Pereira’s adoption journey began when she was very young—just three-months-old in Canada. Although she “hit the jackpot” with her adoptive family, she also knows that much of what you see in front of you—the color of her skin, the curl of her hair—comes from her biological parents. After a brief search years ago led to closed doors, Michaela embarks on her roots journey again—this time not in pursuit of her birth parents, but for the place that her ancestors came from—in St. James Parish, Jamaica.

Anderson Cooper – (8pm ET on AC360) Many people know Anderson Cooper as having come from one of America’s most famous families – the Vanderbilts. But growing up, Anderson was always drawn to the southern roots of his father, Wyatt Cooper. Anderson travels to Mississippi where his father grew up and discovers ties between the poor farming family and the rich Vanderbilts that existed before his parents ever met. FULL POST

August 18th, 2014
10:22 AM ET

CNN EXCLUSIVE: New Video Recorded by Witness Immediately following Michael Brown's shooting

Today on New Day, Piaget Crenshaw – a witnessed the shooting of Michael Brown – shared new video she recorded immediately after the incident. Piaget told Michaela Pereira "To see something like this outside of my window ... it’s just, traumatizing." Crenshaw said Brown was running away from police and then turned around. She said that was when Brown was shot.

In the video, you can hear Crenshaw's emotional response to what she had just seen. "God bless his soul," she said. "Police shot this boy outside my apartment."

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March 12th, 2014
11:13 AM ET

CNN Coverage: NY Building 5-Alarm Fire

Chris Cuomo, Michaela Periera and Brooke Baldwin anchor CNN’s live simulcast coverage of the 5-Alarm building fire in New York City. continues with live updates and video.

Reporting on scene:

Poppy Harlow @poppyharlowCNN

John Berman @johnberman

Don Lemon @donlemon

Ashleigh Banfield @CNNAshleigh

Maria Santana @MariaSantanaCNN (CNN en Espanol)

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem
John Berman and Michaela Pereira To Co-Anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. Hour
January 17th, 2014
12:01 PM ET

John Berman and Michaela Pereira To Co-Anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. Hour

CNN today announced changes to its weekday programming lineup. Starting Monday, February 10, 2014, John Berman and Michaela Pereira will co-anchor CNN’s 11 a.m. (ET) hour of dayside programming.  Berman and Pereira will continue to anchor “Early Start” and “New Day,” respectively.  Pereira joined the network last year with the launch of “New Day,” while Berman joined in 2012, and has covered several national news stories including the Boston Marathon Bombing and the deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma. FULL POST

November 25th, 2013
09:53 AM ET

11-year-old dancing Pistons fan: "I was born with smooth moves"

The video of a dance off between 11-year-old Detroit Pistons fan Antwain Alexander and NBA usher Shannon Sailes, went viral. The two visited “New Day” to battle some more and debut choreography. Alexander said he was “born with smooth moves.”

“New Day” airs weekday mornings from 6-9 a.m. ET on CNN.

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November 14th, 2013
09:01 AM ET

"Treme" actor Rob Brown talks class action lawsuit against Macy's: This "can't happen again"

“Treme” actor Rob Brown filed lawsuits against Macy’s and the NYPD for racial profiling him while shopping for a watch. Brown appeared on “New Day” with his lawyers to talk about his experience and other recent allegations against department stores, which has even led to public criticism of Jay-Z’ partnership with Barneys.

Brown said, “Well, at the time I realized this event can't happen again to anyone and I was just thinking from a personal level. Then Trayvon Christian came out, learned about other instances and now that I'm here, I want, hopefully, I'm hoping that other people will come out and talk about their stories. And hopefully employees come out and talk about possible goings on in the department stores that they're privy to that no one knows about. I think that's the main focus right now is, like you said, put the spotlight on it and to, hopefully, get more people to talk about it.”

“New Day” airs weekday mornings from 6-9 a.m. ET on CNN.


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November 6th, 2013
10:18 AM ET

New Day debate: Pandora's Promise - Is nuclear power the answer to climate change?

CNN New Day Anchor Kate Bolduan interviewed Academy Award-nominated director Robert Stone about his documentary film Pandora's Promise, which profiles several high profile environmentalists who now strongly support nuclear power as a part of the global solution to reduce fossil fuels emissions.  Stone, who supports the replacement of fossil fuel powered energy plants with nuclear energy, debated Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune, who says that the cost and safety concerns of nuclear energy are outweighed by the relative benefits of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

Pandora's Promise debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013 and is set to debut for the first time ever on television on Thursday, Nov. 7.  The CNN Films broadcast will premiere tomorrow from 9:00pm to 11:00pm and 11:00pm to 1:00am on CNN.  All times Eastern.  During the film, users can join the debate with the filmmaker and environmentalists from all perspectives on this topic online tomorrow by using #PandorasPromise or by tweeting to @CNNFilms on Twitter.

More information about Pandora's Promise may be found here:

New Day with Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan airs weekday mornings from 6:00am-9:00am ET on CNN/U.S.



October 28th, 2013
10:02 AM ET

Neil Patrick Harris talks magic show, final season of "How I Met Your Mother," + "Sleep No More"

Neil Patrick Harris visited CNN’s morning show “New Day” and opened up about directing magic show “Nothing to Hide,” wrapping up the ninth and final season of “How I Met Your Mother,” and guest starring in PunchDrunk’s “Sleep No More.”

“Two amazing card magicians named Derek DelGaudio and Helder Guimarães performed at the Magic Castle, and I’m the President of the Academy of Magical Arts there at the Magic Castle,” Harris said about ‘Nothing to Hide.’ “I saw them do this show together; it was wildly successful, but only in that little, small world. So I had them do it at the Geffen Playhouse in L.A. It broke records there. It extended four times. And so now we’re bringing it to New York. So, it’s guys doing card magic like you’ve never seen.”

On his interest in magic, Harris said, “I’m a big fan of live, variety arts. I’ve always loved it. I love the Cirque du Soleils. I love the David Copperfield. I love going out and seeing things. That’s why I’m a proponent of theater and the Tonys and all of that. Because I think there is a better, more complete experience when you’re immersed in something, as opposed to just sitting and watching it.”

“New Day” airs weekday mornings from 6-9 a.m. ET on CNN.

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October 4th, 2013
09:28 AM ET

The real Siri revealed: People want me to make a "naughty" app

Siri, Apple’s voice-activated virtual “assistant,” made its debut on October 4, 2011 with the iPhone 4S. The real person behind the voice revealed herself to’s Jessica Ravitz, and now to the world. Although Apple won’t confirm it’s her, an audio-forensics expert with 30 years of experience confirms that it is “100%” Susan Bennett, a voiceover artist from suburban Atlanta. Bennett told her story to “New Day” explaining how she became the voice of Siri and why she finally decided to come out.

When CNN News Anchor Michaela Pereira asked Bennett questions such as “why is one foot longer than the other” and “what is the driving time from New York to LA,” she replied a very common Siri response, “I’m sorry Michaela, I cannot answer those questions.”

“That’s something that people would like me to do is make a little, naughty Siri app,” Bennett said. Red Chair interview:

“New Day” airs weekday mornings from 6-9 a.m. ET on CNN.

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