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CNNMoney Exclusive Investigation: The Hunt for Maria Duval

CNNMoney’s award-winning investigative journalists Blake Ellis and Melanie Hicken embarked on a months-long investigation to search for the woman who is the face of one of the biggest cons in history — French psychic Maria Duval.

The scam has lasted more than 20 years and has spanned more than a dozen countries. It has allegedly claimed at least 1.4 million victims in the United States alone.

And yet authorities around the world have been unable to shut it down.

In a five-part series beginning today, Ellis and Hicken trace the evolution of the scheme, uncovering a surprising world of shell companies and businessmen, and the role of Duval herself, whose existence even investigators have questioned.

Explore the series in full at, and catch Ellis and Hicken on CNN’s New Day on Thursday morning to hear more about their investigation.

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