October 26th, 2015
12:30 AM ET

Rubio on Trump's immigration plan: "what he's saying now borders on the absurd... His plan makes no sense."


Today, Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) sat down with CNN’s Jamie Gangel, which aired exclusively on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper

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Rubio on Trump’s immigration plan: “No, his rhetoric is a little louder but, if you think about where he was six months ago, his position on immigration six months ago was nothing like what he's saying now.  And even what he's saying now borders on the absurd.  He's going to deport all these people and then he's going to allow back in the ones that are good.  His plan makes no sense.”

Rubio on why he has missed Senate votes: “Well, everyone needs to run their own campaign.  I can tell you that in the history of presidential politics, people have when they've been running for politics in the Senate, they've missed votes.  And I'm not missing votes 'cause I'm on vacation…. Well, actually this is lower than what other people have missed.  And here's the other point I would make. I'm running for President so that the votes they take in the Senate are actually meaningful again.  A lot of these votes won't mean anything.  They're not going to pass and, even if they did, the President would veto it. ”

Rubio on on Hillary Clinton: “Well, she'll be the Democratic nominee, someone who comes from a political dynasty and that, in and of itself, is going to bring fundraising capabilities and so forth.  People may think she had a good week.  I think this is the week it was proven that she lied about Benghazi.”

October 26th, 2015
12:28 AM ET

Sen. Sanders on Clinton's effort to "rewrite history" on DOMA: "everybody at the time knew this was simply homophobic legislation"


Today on CNN’s State of the Union, Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT), joined anchor, Jake Tapper.

MANDATORY CREDIT: CNN’s “State of the Union”

Bernie Sanders on Clinton’s effort to ‘rewrite history’ on DOMA:   “Well, I think the history of that is pretty clear.  The Republicans came into Congress.  Many of them, I'm sorry to have to say, were homophobic.  They saw it as a good political issue.  And what they were trying to do was make it impossible for gay couples to be married, to have - get benefits from the federal government, to have marriage in one state be recognized in another state I think everybody at the time knew this was simply homophobic legislation.  And I have to tell you something, Jake.  The vote that I cast, we were way - the vote on that was just overwhelmingly for DOMA because I think a lot of members of Congress were nervous about going home.  And it was not an easy vote.  I voted against DOMA because I think - I thought then and I think now that people have the right to love those folks that they want to love and get married regardless of their sexual orientation.  It was not an easy vote.  But that was the issue.”

Sander’s remarks on Clinton’s implication that he is being sexist with “stop shouting” on guns rhetoric: “Well, you know, all that I can say is I am very proud of my record on women's issues.  I certainly do not have a problem with women speaking out.  And I think what the secretary is doing there is taking words and misapplying them.  What I was saying is if we are going make some progress on dealing with these horrific massacres that we're seeing, is that people have got to stop all over this country talking to each other.  It's not Hillary Clinton.  You have some people who are shouting at other people all across this country.  You know that.  This nation is divided on this issue. “

Sander’s reacts to criticism from CEO of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America: "Well, let me say this.  I am very proud that when I was chairman of the Senate Veterans' Committee, I received the highest awards from the American Legion and the highest award from the Veterans Foreign Wars, VFW.  And I received those awards because they knew that I was doing everything that I could to protect veterans' rights, do everything I could to make sure that every veteran in this country got the health care and the benefits that they needed in a timely matter."


October 26th, 2015
12:26 AM ET

Donald Trump on Carson: "Ben doesn't even go to Iowa that much. And he's doing well in Iowa?"


Today on CNN’s State of the Union, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, joined anchor, Jake Tapper.

MANDATORY CREDIT: CNN’s “State of the Union”


Trump hits Carson on immigration: “He is very, very weak on immigration and I'm very strong on immigration. He believes in amnesty strongly. He believes on citizenship, I mean he's going to give citizenship to people that are here illegally and you can't' do that. And, you know we disagree on other things also. but I think the big thing also is that he's just not going to be able to do deals with China, to do deals with Japan. These companies, these countries, are all ripping us like nobody has ever ripped us before.”

Trump on Carson: "No, no, I talk about Ben Carson too.  I think Ben Carson is a very low energy person.  Actually I think Ben Carson is lower energy than Jeb, if you want to know the truth.  We need strong energy.  The thing with Ben is he's got a very good PAC, and he's got people running his PAC, and in my opinion, he's got people all over Iowa from his PAC, and they are running – Ben doesn't even go to Iowa that much.  And he's doing well in Iowa?  And so I think that super PACs are a real problem in terms of our country, and I'm talking about Ben.  I did talk about Jeb because I thought Jeb was going to be the front runner.  Obviously he's no longer the front runner.  I probably won't talk about him so much anymore."

Trump’s remarks on Paul Ryan potentially serving as Speaker of the House:TRUMP:  They have to pick somebody. I think I'll get along with him great.  And he could change.  But they have to pick somebody.  Right now they have no idea who they're going to pick.  It looks like it's going to be Paul Ryan.  I think he's a very nice guy.  I think he's a very capable guy.  But there are a couple of issues that he's very weak on, and one of those issues is immigration.  And we have to- We have to have a border.  We have to have a wall.  We're going to have a wall.

CNN #1 in Digital News; Beats Yahoo News, Buzzfeed
October 22nd, 2015
10:42 AM ET

CNN #1 in Digital News; Beats Yahoo News, Buzzfeed

CNN is on a five-month winning streak in multiplatform views (desktop + mobile) and video for September 2015, beating out Yahoo News and Buzzfeed once again.  CNN (84 mm) also narrowed the gap with Yahoo News (90 mm) in multiplatform uniques, and beat all other competitors including Buzzfeed (77 mm).

CNN continued to dominate across social platforms with more fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter than any other news organization.


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Inga Thordar appointed as Editorial & Programming Director, CNN Digital International
October 22nd, 2015
10:29 AM ET

Inga Thordar appointed as Editorial & Programming Director, CNN Digital International

London, 22 October 2015: CNN has appointed Inga Thordar as Editorial & Programming Director, Digital International, overseeing the EMEA-based Digital news and sports team.

Based in the network’s London bureau, Thordar will oversee all digital news and sports output, as well as managing, coordinating and communicating the content flow of other digital units, including CNN’s Hong Kong team.

She will also be tasked with developing best practice in site management and platform programming across CNNI Digital.

Thordar joins CNN from the BBC, where she was Senior Editor, leading a number of editorial teams.  She will report into Andrew Demaria, Vice President and Managing Editor of CNN Digital International.

“Inga has deep experience in setting and driving an editorial agenda,” said Demaria. “She understands both journalists and technical staff, and has delivered some outstanding multi-media original and distinctive journalism.  She’ll be a fantastic asset to the news team across our platforms.”

Thordar added: “CNN is doing exciting things in digital journalism and building on the very latest trends in digital media, so this is a great time to be joining the international team. I’m looking forward to continuing and progressing the work on innovative storytelling and multi-platform production that’s well underway here.”


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October 21st, 2015
03:41 PM ET

Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq hosted by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria airs Monday on CNN and CNN International


President George W. Bush had a dream that Iraq would become a beacon of hope in the Middle East.   Now, with the region wracked by chaos, civil war, and violence, some U.S. presidential candidates are pledging to order American “boots on the ground” again in Iraq – this time to fight ISIS.  The crucial question is:  do we understand the Iraq we would be going back to?  CNN’s Fareed Zakaria will take a timely look at the reality of what is left of Iraq in Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq.

Zakaria asks tough questions of many of the key architects of America’s military intervention in Iraq over the last dozen years: Who is responsible for the unraveling of Iraq?  Do those who want to send American troops to Iraq again understand the mistakes of the past?  And, is Iraq even a country anymore?

Zakaria was himself an early supporter of the 2003 military intervention in Iraq. Explaining how his views evolved over time, Zakaria points out the consequences of the major strategic choices. He argues there were too few troops sent to maintain post-war order once the American-led coalition had conquered Saddam’s army. And, greater inclusion of the sectarian groups in Iraq could have meant more regional support for the nation-building efforts that followed the collapse of the Baathist regime.

In Long Road to Hell, Zakaria examines these vital pivot points and mistakes – some previously unknown until now. Offering answers and exploring the challenges are:

  • Tony Blair, U.K. Prime Minister (1997 – 2007), Quartet Representative for the Middle East (2007 – 2015);
  • Antony Blinken, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State (2014 – present);
  • Paul Bremer, Presidential Envoy to Iraq (2003 – 2004);
  • Richard Clarke, Special Advisor to the President for Cyberspace (2001 – 2003); National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism Czar (1998 – 2003); Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence (Ronald Reagan Administration);
  • Douglas Feith, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy (2001 – 2005);
  • Peter Galbraith, former U.S. diplomat;
  • Richard Haass, PhD, president, Council on Foreign Relations (2003 – present); former lead U.S. official on Afghanistan and Northern Ireland (2001 – 2003); and
  • Gen. David Petraeus (ret.), Commander, Multi-National Force in Iraq (2007 – 2008); Commander, International Security Assistance Force and Commander, U.S. Forces in Afghanistan (2010 – 2011); Commander, U.S. Central Command (2008 – 2010).

The one-hour primetime special, Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq, hosted by Fareed Zakaria, is scheduled to premiere in simulcast on Monday, Oct. 26 at 9:00pm on CNN/U.S. and CNN International. It will also encore on CNN/U.S. at 12:00am.  Zakaria will be answering questions about this topic via CNN’s Facebook page prior to the special at noon on Monday, Oct. 26. All times Eastern.


CNN Politics Shatters Records in Seventh Straight Month as #1
October 21st, 2015
09:57 AM ET

CNN Politics Shatters Records in Seventh Straight Month as #1


CNN Politics broke records in every measured digital politics category to claim a seventh straight month as the number one political news destination in September 2015.

Complementing the historic ratings success of the CNN Reagan Library Debate in September, CNN Digital recorded all time records in multiplatform unique visitors, mobile unique visitors, multiplatform page views and video starts.

In the month of September 2015:


October 20th, 2015
02:31 PM ET




For a sneak peek and preview, click here: http://cnn.it/1RklNLy

It was an election night that ended with epic confusion as networks called the key swing state of Florida for both Gore and Bush – and the uncertainty soon escalated into 36 days of dramatic combat for the oval office.

In the retelling of election 2000 – 15 years later – CNN Chief Political Analyst Gloria Borger takes viewers inside the war rooms, control rooms and campaigns. With perspectives from NBC Anchorman Tom Brokaw to Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Lieberman – and others - the stories are told by those who lived through it, and provide a candid look at the bare-knuckle brawl happening behind the scenes.  The strategies, the mistakes and the maneuvering that ultimately landed George W. Bush in the White House – and changed the course of history.

The story begins with election night 2000.  (“I was just seeing my life kind of flash in front of me and kind of breaking out into a sweat thinking oh my god, what do we do here?” says Bill Daley, Gore Campaign Chairman.) It moves to the battle to win Florida, a state whose governor, Jeb Bush, was George W. Bush’s younger brother.  (“We were going to fight them tooth and nail, house to house, hand to hand, and we were going to hold Florida unless they sent in federal troops,” says Mac Stipanovich, an adviser to Katherine Harris, the Florida secretary of state.) And the final act is played out at the Supreme Court, a decision that is still controversial.

The passage of time has not dimmed memories or hard feelings. (“I think it was probably the biggest disappointment that I've had in my lifetime in terms of what the Supreme Court has done,” says David Boies, who argued the case for the Democrats.) As Election 2016 approaches, the story of Bush vs. Gore – a dead heat election fought to the finish, a piece of history still subject to intense debate. Says Ron Klain, a key Gore adviser: “I’ve not gotten it over it yet, that’s for sure.”

“Bush vs. Gore” was produced by Brian Rokus. Wade Payson-Denney was the Video Producer. Dani Sloan was the Production Assistant. Jen Hyde is the Executive Producer. Michael Bass is the Executive Vice President of Programming.

CNN's Arwa Damon reports from 'Doomsday' seed vault in Arctic as Syrian civil war forces early withdrawal
October 19th, 2015
11:01 AM ET

CNN's Arwa Damon reports from 'Doomsday' seed vault in Arctic as Syrian civil war forces early withdrawal

CNN’s senior international correspondent Arwa Damon (@arwacnn) travels to the global seed vault – often referred to as the “Doomsday Vault” – in Svalbard, Norway as scientists in Syria have made an unprecedented request to withdraw seeds to replace samples now inaccessible due to the civil war.

This seed bank, which is tucked deep in the side of a mountain in the Arctic archipelago, contains more than 860,000 frozen seed samples from around the world. It is meant to be humanity’s backup in the event of catastrophe that devastates crops.

Damon also visits a vault in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley where the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is keeping the seeds from Svalbard until they’re planted at new facilities in Lebanon and Morocco.

ICARDA representative Thanos Tsivelikas, who is overseeing the withdrawal from the vault, describes the operation as "a rescue mission; these seeds cannot be replaced."

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‘CNN 30 – Three Decades that Changed Our World’
October 19th, 2015
10:27 AM ET

‘CNN 30 – Three Decades that Changed Our World’

Friday 30 October at 1900 GMT / 2000 CET

CNN has been broadcasting globally for 30 years.

In that period momentous change has taken place – geopolitically, technologically, medically, and socially.

In a special programme hosted by CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour, ‘CNN 30 – Three Decades that Changed Our World’, CNN highlights moments in world history from the past three decades, and looks ahead to what the next 30 years might hold.

Filmed at McLaren’s Thought Leadership Centre, using a state of the art 360 degree timeline, ‘CNN 30 – Three Decades that Changed Our World’ draws on CNN video archive to immerse the studio audience in the events which have shaped their lives.

Presented as a ground breaking visualisation, the timeline will lead the audience through the discussion.

Joining Christiane Amanpour is a panel of thought leaders who will contribute their understanding of the global developments…and imagine what comes next, including:

  • Ekow Eshun
  • Baroness Susan Greenfield
  • Bernard Kouchner
  • Elif Şafak

‘CNN 30 – Three Decades that Changed Our World’ is filmed in front of a studio audience of people aged 30 and under, whose lives have been entirely shaped by the events under discussion – and whose futures are determined by the issues at hand.

The programme also airs at the following times:

Saturday 31 October at 0300 GMT / 0400 CET and 1000 GMT / 1100 CET

Sunday 1 November at 0100 GMT / 0200 CET


For more information, please contact:

Joel Brown

PR Manager

CNN Europe, Middle East & Africa

Tel: + 44 20 7693 0967


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