October 30th, 2015
01:36 PM ET

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 47 and 48

**NEW** New York In 24 Hours

New York City. Credit: Afton Almaraz / Getty

New York City. Credit: Afton Almaraz / Getty


Wednesday 9 December at 1030 GMT / 1130 CET and 1730 GMT / 1830 CET

Saturday 12 December at 0630 GMT / 0730 CET and 1930 GMT / 2030 CET

Sunday 13 December at 1330 GMT / 1430 CET

Saturday 19 December at 1230 GMT / 1330 CET

Duration 30 Minutes

Busy travellers have little free time in their schedules, so moments must be memorable.

CNN International’s new 30 minute travel show, ‘In 24 Hours’ descends on a vibrant city each month to experience a perfect day's down time.

From morning until after hours, host James Williams brings viewers unique and exclusive experiences. From New York to Hong Kong, CNN offers its audience the chance to take a look at the world's latest hotspots before they pop into the travel guides.

The iconic and sophisticated city of New York is the first featured city in the programme, opening with a flyover of the island of Manhattan via high-end helicopter service, Blade. This service works like Uber—customers are able to order a helicopter with the app and fly anywhere in the city in minutes. FULL POST

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October 29th, 2015
01:15 PM ET
CNN Wins Two Eppy Awards
October 28th, 2015
03:12 PM ET

CNN Wins Two Eppy Awards

CNN Digital has been awarded with two Eppy's, given out annually by Editor and Publisher.  Honoring the best in digital media, the Eppy awards are now in their 20th year and are bestowed across 31 diverse categories.

The winning entries were:

All winners will receive an engraved award.


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October 28th, 2015
12:09 PM ET

Lindsey Graham describes why the kids table debate ‘sucks'

For a presidential candidate who believes Washington "needs to drink more," Sen. Lindsey Graham got a good head start at CNN's Politics on Tap event Tuesday.

Graham got behind the bar, serving up beers in downtown Boulder, Colorado - the site of Wednesday's Republican debate - before sitting down with CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash.

The setting was so informal, in fact, that Bash got Graham to play a popular bar game she sanitized as "date, marry, or make disappear forever," with Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina, and Sarah Palin as his choices.

To find out Lindsey Graham's response, view the full story here.


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October 27th, 2015
05:05 PM ET

Carson explains how he would fund public schools


Ben Carson denied Tuesday that he supports the redistribution of public funds to fund public education, despite comments in a 2014 interview that indicated otherwise.

"If you happen to be in an affluent community, there's a lot more money for the schools, better facilities, everything. All that does is perpetuate the situation," he said in an interview with Politico published in April 2014. "Wouldn't it make more sense to put the money in a pot and redistribute it throughout the country so that public schools are equal, whether you're in a poor area or a wealthy area?"

To read more about Ben Carson's interview, please view the full story here.



HLN up Double-Digits in Total Day & Prime in October
October 27th, 2015
03:12 PM ET

HLN up Double-Digits in Total Day & Prime in October

HLN up Double-Digits in Total Day & Prime in October 

HLN Beats MSNBC in Total Day for 17 Straight Months

HLN Ranks #1 in Weekend Total Day

“Morning Express with Robin Meade” Ranks as the #2 Cable Morning News Program in October 2015 and 2015 to-date


  • HLN is up in Total Day Oct 15 vs. Oct 14, experiencing the only double-digit growth among cable news nets in P25-54 up +14% (116k vs. 102k);
  • HLN is up double-digits in M-F Prime in P25-54 +16% (96k vs. 83k), and +9% in M-Su Prime (99k vs. 91k);
  • HLN beat MSNBC for 17 straight months in Oct in Total Day by +33% in P25-54; the longest winning streak in more than 16 years (March 99);
  • HLN ranks #1 across cable news in Weekend Total Day among P25-54 (125k), beating FNC by +12% and MSNBC by +49%.

All HLN signature shows are experiencing double-digit growth YOY in P25-54  FULL POST

CNN Digital Awarded Prestigious Missouri Honor Medal
Dean David Kurpius, of the U of Missouri J-School, awards CNN Digital Editor-in-chief Meredith Artley the Missouri Medal on behalf of CNN. Credit: Lizz Cardwell
October 27th, 2015
12:39 PM ET

CNN Digital Awarded Prestigious Missouri Honor Medal

Last night, the Missouri School of Journalism awarded the Missouri Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism to CNN Digital.

The prestigious award has been given out annually since 1930 to outstanding journalists, advertising and public relations practitioners, business people, institutions and media organizations from around the world.

Previous recipients include CNN’ers Bernard Shaw (1992), Judy Woodruff (1993), Christiane Amanpour (1999) and Ted Turner won on behalf of CNN in 1987. These former recipients join others like Tom Brokaw, Sir Winston Churchill and Gloria Steinem.

Editor-in-chief of CNN Digital, Meredith Artley (alumna, BJ 1995), accepted the award on behalf of CNN Digital.


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October 27th, 2015
12:16 PM ET

CNN #1 in Prime Time Demo for Second Straight Month


CNN #1 in Prime Time Demo for Second Straight Month; First Time in 14 Years

Ranks 2nd in Total Day for 16th Consecutive Month

Network Sees Most Prime Growth in Cable News vs. Last Year

CNN was #1 in cable news in the prime time demo in October, topping Fox News for the second straight month.  The last time CNN beat Fox News for two consecutive months was 14 years ago (October-November 2001). CNN also beat MSNBC in prime time in both total viewers and the demo. In Total Day, CNN ranked #2 in cable news in total viewers and the demo, ahead of MSNBC for the 16th straight month.  During dayside (9a-4p) CNN easily topped MSNBC by 46% in total viewers (539k vs. 369k) and had a 107% advantage in the demo 25-54 (122k vs. 59k). CNN also ranked No. 1 across cable news in weekend primetime among adults 25-54.

Compared to last year, CNN grew across Total Day and prime time, in both total viewers and demo, easily growing the most vs. Fox News and MSNBC:


CNN Program Highlights (October, 2015): 

  • CNN’s New Day (6-9a) tied with MSNBC’s Morning Joe in the demo this month (100k). In the last 16 months, New Day has beaten Joe for 15 months and tied once. Across cable news versus year-ago, Fox & Friends was the only program down among both total viewers and the demo, posting the largest and only double digit declines in P25-54 (-14%).
  • The Lead with Jake Tapper(4p) ranked #2 in total viewers (596k) and the demo (129k), growing +5% in total viewers from a year ago.
  • The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer(5p-7p) ranked #2 in total viewers (614k) and the demo (162k), increasing +4% from last year in total viewers.
  • Erin Burnett Outfront (7p) ranked #2 in the demo (178k), easily topping MSNBC’s Hardball (138k).  EBOF grew +3% in total viewers compared to a year ago.
  • AC 360 (8p) ranked #2 in both total viewers (795k) and the demo (210k) easily topping MSNBC’s Chris Hayes(725k/136k).  360 grew an impressive +40% in total viewers, the most growth across cable news in the hour, and +8% in the demo vs. last October.
  • CNN Tonight with Don Lemon(10pm) ranked #2, topping MSNBC (139k vs. 132k) in the demo 25-54. Lemon was up +6% vs. last year.
  • Smerconish (9a) was #2 in its time period on Saturday mornings in both total viewers 545k) and the demo (125k) increasing 11%/13% respectively. Smerconish also ranks #2 at 6pm.
  • State of the Union with Jake Tapper (9a) ranked #2 in total viewers (500k) easily topping MSNBC and among 25-54 (105k vs. MSNBC’s 75k). SOTUalso ranked #2 at noon in both total viewers and the demo 25-54.
  • Fareed Zakaria GPS ranked #2 in both total viewers and the demo at both 10a (621k/135k) and 1p (495k/94k).
  • Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter ranked #2 in total viewers (507k) and among 25-54 (114k).

Democratic Candidates’ Debate:

  • The October 13th airing of the debate ranked #1 in all of television that day in total viewers, 25-54 and 18-34 among Live+SD.
  • The debate ranked third among all CNN telecasts on record (back to 1993) in total viewers.
  • Among Live+3 data, CNN’s Democratic Candidates’ debate ultimately drew nearly 16 million viewers.

CNN Original Series Highlights (October, 2015):

  • Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 6 to-date (9/27-10/25/15; five episodes): Across cable news in its time period, ranks #1 among both 25-54 and 18-34, outperforming the combined delivery of Fox News and MSNBC in each demo.  Bourdain ranks #2 among Total Viewers and more than triples MSNBC.
  • Somebody’s Gotta Do It with Mike Rowe Season 3 to-date (9/27-10/25/15; five episodes): Ranks #1 in cable news in its time period among both 25-54 and 18-34, outperforming the combined 18-34 delivery of Fox News and MSNBC.  SGDI also ranked #2 among total viewers, more than doubling MSNBC.
  • This is Life with Lisa Ling Season 2 to-date (9/30-10/21/15; three episodes): Tops MSNBC, ranking #2 among both key demos 25-54 and 18-34 on Wednesday nights at 9pm.

Data is a blend of Nielsen Live+SD and the more inclusive Live+3 and final Live+7 data when available.

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October 26th, 2015
05:06 PM ET

#LongRoadtoHell America in Iraq hosted by @Fareed Zakaria debuts TONIGHT at 9p on CNN & CNN International

Tonight at 9:00pm, CNN's Fareed Zakaria looks for answers to who is responsible for the chaos in Iraq.  The special hour, Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq debuts tonight at 9:00pm on CNN and CNN International.

Providing new insights and commentary are: former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Presidential Envoy to Iraq Paul Bremer, president of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass, Gen. David Petraeus (ret.), former Undersecretary for Defense Douglas Feith, former Counterterrorism Czar Richard Clarke, and former U.S. diplomat Peter Galbraith.

Viewers can interact with the producers via Twitter during the broadcast by using #LongRoadtoHell.

The one-hour special encores at 12:00am on CNN International.  Global airtimes:

+ Monday October 26 at 9:00pm ET CNN International in North America / 1:00am in UK (Tuesday, October 27) / 2:00am in Europe (Tuesday, October 27)

+ Friday, October 30 at 2:00pmET CNN International in North America / 6:00pm in UK / 7:00pm in Europe

+ Sunday November 1 at 1:00am ET CNN International in North America / 6:00am in UK / 7:00am in Europe

All times Eastern.


October 26th, 2015
11:09 AM ET

Long Road to Hell – Facebook Live Chat with CNN's Fareed Zakaria at noon #FZGPS


Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq, hosted by Fareed Zakaria, debuts tonight on CNN/U.S. and CNN International at 9:00pm.  Prior to the special, at noon today, Zakaria will be answering questions about this topic via CNN’s Facebook page.  All times Eastern.


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