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CNN Video Tops All Competitors, Posts Highest Month on Record Holds Number One Spot in Digital Video for Two Straight Months

With 212 million video streams in June, posted its highest month ever and topped every competitor in the news category.  The two-month winning streak places CNN ahead of Buzzfeed and Yahoo News, making the undisputed news leader in digital video.  The wins reflect the network’s heavy investment and prioritization of premium, digital-first video – from CNN Digital Studios’ original series and short films to its global newsgathering efforts.

For the month on June 2015: is #1 in Video Streams

For the second month in a row outperformed all competitors in video streams, earning 60mm more than Buzzfeed and 77mm more than Yahoo News. 212mm streams

·       Buzzfeed – 152mm streams
·       Yahoo News – 136mm streams
· – 130mm streams
·       MSN News – 56mm streams
· – 50mm streams Video is #1 in Unique Visitors

More people watched video on than any other news site in June. CNN bested Yahoo News by 18%, by 59% and it more than doubled the video audience of  18 mm unique visitors

·       Yahoo News – 15 mm unique visitors
·       Buzzfeed – 14 mm unique visitors
· – 11mm unique visitors
·       MSN News – 9mm unique visitors
· – 7mm unique visitors Video is #1 in Minutes Consumed

People spent more time watching video on than any other news site in June. topped and more than doubled that of Buzzfeed in consumption time.  1.2B minutes

· – 1.1 B minutes
·       Yahoo News –  861mm minutes
·       MSN News – 539mm minutes
·       Buzzfeed – 495mm minutes
· –  263mm minutes

Source: comScore Video Metrix, June 2014-June 2015.