July 2nd, 2015

Video: Feeding America’s Most Vulnerable Children with CNN’s Poppy Harlow

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The Special will air on CNN Saturday, 7/4 at 4:30p ET

A 30 minute special with CNN’s Poppy Harlow on Child Hunger in America visits the town of Bridgeport, Connecticut and explores “how we feed our most vulnerable children for only a few dollars a day.”

“The United States has one of the highest child-poverty rates in the industrialized world, one in five children here now rely on food stamps, and right here in Bridgeport, Connecticut it is double that- 40%”

Harlow also touches upon the increase in food stamp recipients over the past five years:

“Despite the unemployment rate being almost half of what it was five years ago, food stamp recipients are up 15% nationwide since 2010. It costs tax payers $74 billion in 2014.”

To experience the reality and better-understand the day-to-day lives of poverty-stricken families, Harlow stepped into the shoes of one of Bridgeport’s low-income households.

“We followed a family as their children ate breakfast and lunch in school for free, as 19 million other children do nationwide. We saw how these lunches are made with limited resources and strict guidelines. We went shopping with their single mom on a food-stamp budget where healthy food is hard to come by or afford. We had dinner with them at home”

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