June 6th, 2015

On Smerconish: Ron Paul Discusses Rand Paul’s White House Bid

Ron Paul, former Republican congressman and three-time presidential candidate, joins CNN host Michael Smerconish to discuss his son Rand Paul’s bid for the White House.

Text Highlights:

Ron Paul on what sets Rand apart from himself and other candidates: “He’s the only one that, from my viewpoint, is talking any commonsense.  Obviously, people point out that we are not identical and who would expect us to be identical?… When he did the NSA thing, people said, you know, ‘he’s done – he’s finished.’ And Republicans and Democrats all in the Senate – everybody in Washington – jumped on him. Yet when you did a poll of the national people, they were with him and not with McConnell…  I think he is able to talk more to the American people than the other candidates because I think he has a set of principles, which means that he’d much rather see smaller government and not make excuses for expanding the surveillance state and not expanding our military presence around the world.”

Ron Paul on whether or not he’ll stump for Rand: There’s no plans for it.  And we haven’t talked about it so I don’t know what we’ll do. I went to his announcement and supported him there.  But it’s his show right now.  And I don’t want to distract from what he’s doing.  So it’s one of those things that I think that it will work its way out.”

Ron Paul on how to manage a debate with 15 or 16 candidates: “I’d take it out of the hands of the media because that becomes very biased…The most important first debate was in New Hampshire.  And it was a Fox debate.  And I was scheduled to be on it.  And I was doing very well in the polls. But I think two days before or something they said, ‘no, Ron Paul, you’re not allowed to come to the debate,’ which obviously was a negative for me. So, no, I don’t think they should have as much clout.  I think it was better when the League of Women Voters or some other independent group, a truly independent group, would schedule the debates, rather than media outlets, because I think they’re very, very slanted.”

Ron Paul on his and Rand’s achievements: I have to admit, I think they’re one and the same because political achievements are secondary for me.  I thought they were worthwhile for me as well as for Rand, but for one reason: that we’re promoting something we seriously believe in; that we believe we’re doing some good. And so I can look at what he’s done with NSA, and I have to say that I have to sort of search around for what I’ve achieved, but, you know, I made an effort, and maybe, you know, opened up the door.”