April 20th, 2015

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 19 & 20

UK General Election

CNN to air through-the-night coverage of UK General Election

Thursday 7 May

CNN’s through-the-night coverage of the General Election will be anchored on location by Hala Gorani and Max Foster across the Thames from the Palace of Westminster, capturing all the drama of the closest election for generations.

Expert analysis will be provided by Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour and guests outside the Houses of Parliament.

Richard Quest will be live on one of London’s famous open-top double-decker buses as it travels around key election locations in the Capital, picking up an eclectic and entertaining mix of guests en route.

Nina dos Santos will be at the big screen in the CNN London studio to crunch the numbers and see which party leader is heading to 10 Downing Street.

Correspondent Phil Black will be live in Edinburgh for what the polls suggest will be a momentous night for the Scottish National Party.








Culinary Journeys

vicky lau

Michelin Star chef Vicky Lau and Chinese tea master Wan Jiachun in Hangzhou

Friday 8 May at 1630 BST/ 1730 CET and 2330 BST/ 0030 CET

Saturday 9 May at 2030 BST/ 2130 CET

Sunday 10 May at 0130 BST/ 0230 CET

Tuesday 12 May at 1030 BST/ 1130 CET

Wednesday 13 May 0430 BST/ 0530 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

‘Culinary Journeys’ is a new series of monthly half-hour shows on CNN International, which explores a different destination through the dish or cuisine that has helped put it on the map; from gazpacho soup in Madrid to Doro Wett in Addis Ababa; Khao chae in Thailand to pierogies in Krakow.

The third episode of the series features Hong Kong chef Vicky Lau (pictured), founder of Tate Dining Room & Bar in Hong Kong. With a Michelin Star under her belt and a new title of Asia’s best female chef, Lau is out to express her inspirations and experiences through what she calls “edible stories”.

Though Lau lives in Hong Kong, she feels she still has a lot to learn about Chinese cuisine. Her culinary journey takes her from Hong Kong to Hangzhou, capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. Hangzhou is famed for its beautiful landscapes which have inspired poets and writers alike. Here Lau heads to the mountainous tea farms with tea master Wan Jiachun (pictured) to learn the art of the legendary Dragon Well tea. This tea is a key ingredient to the traditional dish, Dragon Well tea shrimp.

Also on the show, Lau joins Colin Cheng, chef at 28 HuBin Road restaurant to learn the secrets behind a dish that started as a mistake during the Qing Dynasty.


Living Golf

ben hogan statue

The Ben Hogan statue at the Colonial Country Club

Thursday 7 May at 1030 BST/ 1130 CET

Friday 8 May at 0530 BST/ 0630 CET

Saturday 9 May at 0730 BST/ 0830 CET and 2230 BST/ 2330 CET

Monday 10 May at 0530 BST/ 0630 CET

Saturday 16 May 1730 BST/ 1830 CET

Sunday 17 May 0730 BST/ 0830 CET and 2230 BST/ 2330 CET

Duration: 30 minutes
This month, ‘Living Golf’ profiles one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game, Ben Hogan (pictured). In preparation for the US Open, an event Hogan won four times, ‘Living Golf’, hosted by Shane O’Donoghue, travels to Texas where this year’s competition will be held in June.

Hogan’s record speaks for itself: nine major titles, including three in one year. Hogan is fourth on the list of men’s major championship winning golfers and only one of five men to claim the career grand slam. Along with his competition victories, Hogan is revered for his swing widely recognised as one of the finest the game has ever seen.

Featuring on the programme is six time major winner Nick Faldo, who met Hogan in his later years. Faldo explains how Hogan, one of his idols, is somebody he will continually admire for his personality, his playing style and his commitment to the practice range.

Also on ‘Living Golf’ in May is Hogan’s niece Jaqueline Hogan Towery, and his biographer Curt Sampson who both give personal insights on the man.





CNN Ones to Watch

Lang lang

World-renowned classical pianist Lang Lang (Getty)

Friday 15 May at 1630 BST / 1730 CET

Saturday 16 May at 2030 BST / 2130 CET

Sunday 17 May at 0130 BST / 0230 CET

Monday 18 May at 0430 BST / 0530 CET

Tuesday 19 May at 1030 BST / 1130 CET and 1730 BST / 1830 CET

Wednesday 20 May at 0430 BST / 0530 CET and 0930 BST / 1030 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

Chinese pianist Lang Lang’s concerts sell out in every major city in the world. He was the first ever Chinese pianist to be engaged by the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras, and his name has become a trademark. There are now an estimated 40 million classical piano students in China, for which credit is often given to the ‘Lang Lang effect’.

On ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ this month, this classical musician with rockstar status is the ‘master’ who nominates up and coming stars in the world of Classical Music.

Lang Lang (pictured) first choice is a ten-year old whose genius is a nod to his own beginnings. Alasdair Howell from London began playing the piano aged three. Now, when he sits at the piano, the allure of toys and technology are far away – for him it’s Mozart, Mendelssohn, Mahler. He takes a seat at the piano next to Lang Lang, to take a few notes from a legend.

In the South African township of Soweto, a group of young string musicians are creating an extraordinary sound. Buskaid are Lang Lang’s other ‘Ones to Watch’.

This South African ensemble grew out of a music academy in the heart of one of the country’s most notorious slums. ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ witnesses them performing alongside the prestigious French Alma Chamber Orchestra, led by violinist Anne Gravoin (the wife of the French Prime Minister) at the historic Regina Mundi Church, focus of much of the anti-apartheid struggle.

From the slums to the stage, the programme follows the dreams of some of Soweto’s finest fiddlers. ‘CNN Ones to Watch’ hears their thoughts on the challenge of breaking through.





Make, Create, Innovate

Hendrik Marius Jonkers

Hendrik Marius Jonkers (pictured centre)

Thursday 7 May at 2100 BST/ 2200 CET

‘Make, Create, Innovate’ airs within Quest Means Business

‘Make, Create, Innovate’ is a science and technology series that tells the stories behind the inventions and technological breakthroughs that are reshaping our world, profiling pioneers in the fields of health, space exploration, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and many more.

In this segment ‘Make, Create, Innovate’ explores developments in creating self-healing cement. Over time concrete begins to slowly crack. Currently expensive maintenance and steel engineering is required to ensure its upkeep, but Hendrik Marius Jonkers, a microbiologist from the Netherlands, has a new process.

Jonkers has developed a way to seed dormant bacteria in the cement that will activate once cracks appear in the concrete. The water and air that seep into the concrete activates the bacteria, which then produce limestone as a byproduct, filling the cracks. ‘Make, Create and Innovate’ explores Jonkers new method which is helping to save on concrete maintenance.