April 2nd, 2015

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 16 & 17

Open Court

 The Monte-Carlo Masters - Credit: Clive Brunskill / Getty images

The Monte-Carlo Masters – Credit: Clive Brunskill / Getty images

Thursday 16 April at 1030 BST/ 1130 CET and 1730/ 1830 CET

Saturday 18 April at 0730 BST/ 0830 CET and 2230 BST/ 2330 CET

Sunday 19 April at 1730 BST/ 1830 CET

Saturday 25 April at 1730 BST/ 1830 CET

Sunday 26 April 0730 BST/ 0830 CET and 2230 BST/ 2330 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

April’s episode of CNN’s monthly tennis programme ‘Open Court’ previews the start of the clay season, when the best players in the world trade hard courts for clay ones.

One of the most prestigious clay court tournaments is the Monte-Carlo Masters (pictured), where Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic & Roger Federer will be competing this month. ‘Open Court’ host Pat Cash reports from the picturesque event, with a look at how clay courts began and a reminder to viewers it was this surface current stars Federer, Nadal & Djokovic began their playing days.

The show also looks at the story behind Babolat’s Smart Racquet. The tennis manufacturer has launched a series of racquets connected to computer technology. This technology gives detailed information on the rotation, power and quantity of shots. Used by Rafael Nadal and Caroline Wozniacki, ‘Open Court’ visits Babolat’s headquarters in Lyon to investigate.





The Circuit

 Spanish F1 Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Race Credit: Mark Thompson / Getty images

Spanish F1 Grand Prix Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya – Race

Credit: Mark Thompson / Getty images

Friday 24 April at 1630 BST/ 1730 CET and 2330 BST/ 0030 CET

Saturday 25 April at 2030 BST/ 2130 CET

Sunday 26 April at 0130 BST/ 0230 CET

Tuesday 28 April at 1030 BST/ 1130 CET

Wednesday 29 April at 0430 BST/ 0530 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

In April, CNN’s ‘The Circuit’ takes on a Spanish theme, with a look ahead to the first European race on the Formula One calendar, Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya (pictured). Host Amanda Davies retraces the history of the legendary grand prix, getting a look at the current venue with former Ferrari test driver and local resident, Pedro de la Rosa. Known as one of the most physically demanding circuits on the calendar, CNN correspondent Christina Macfarlane explores the impact g-forces have on a driver’s body during a race.

Also on the show is former Formula One driver Sir Jackie Stewart, aka the ‘Flying Scotsman’ who recalls the thrills and dangers of the infamous Montjuïc circuit. The Montjuïc was the former location of the Spanish Grand Prix before it was deemed too dangerous in 1975.





Producing the Goods

 Visitors at the Hannover Messe - Credit: PATRICK LUX/AFP/Getty Images

Visitors at the Hannover Messe – Credit: PATRICK LUX/AFP/Getty Images

Monday 13 to Friday 17 April

The Business View at 1100 BST/ 1200 CET and Quest Means Business at 2100 BST/ 2200 CET

In a special theme week of coverage CNN International will be reporting from the Hannover Messe (pictured), the world’s largest industrial fair.

Airing within ‘Quest Means Business’ and ‘The Business View’, ‘Producing the Goods’ explores technological developments in industry with particular interest in the automated processes that govern them. At the fair, some 6,000 international exhibitors showcase innovations and ground breaking solutions in robotics, automation and digitisation.

CNN brings viewers all the discussion points from the fair, interviewing influential CEOs including Avi Reichental of 3D Systems and Marijn Dekkers of Bayer Healthcare. They will discuss the seismic shift across industry and manufacturing that is driving profound economic change, from the 3-D printing of airplane wings to the design of energy efficient wind turbines. Everything is being transformed by our relationship with increasingly sophisticated machines.





Make, Create, Innovate

 Cloudscapes, Credit: Barcroft / Getty Contributor

Cloudscapes, Credit: Barcroft / Getty Contributor

Thursday 23 April at 2000 BST/ 2100 CET

‘Make, Create, Innovate’ airs within Quest Means Business

CNN’s ‘Make, Create, Innovate’ is a science and technology series that tells the stories behind the inventions and technological breakthroughs that are reshaping the world. The segment profiles pioneers in the fields of health, space exploration, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and many more.

This episode takes a look at cloud-seeding, a technique that attempts to create clouds in order to control the weather.

With a history dating back to the 1950s, cloud-seeding is a kind of geo-engineering that uses technology to improve the environment. It’s an expensive and potentially toxic practice which uses planes to drop silver particles into the atmosphere. It is in this field where laser scientist Professor Jean-Pierre Wolf has focussed his expertise using lasers to create clouds.



CNN Equestrian

 'CNN Equestrian' Host Jodie Kidd

‘CNN Equestrian’ host Jodie Kidd

Saturday 25 April at 1830 BST/ 1930 CET

Duration: 30 minutes

April’s ‘CNN Equestrian’ travels to one of the sport world’s most iconic locations as Las Vegas prepares to stage the FEI World Cup Finals Jumping and Dressage. Host Jodie Kidd (pictured) reports from ‘fight town’ as the planet’s finest equestrian athletes congregate, in between the glamourous hotels and glitzy casinos, for the first time since the FEI World Cup Finals took place there in 2009.

The event takes place over four days as horse and rider compete to be crowned World Cup Winners and ‘CNN Equestrian’ is there to see all the drama unfold.

Also in the programme, the story on how Europe’s finest horses are flown across the ocean to the landlocked American state of Nevada, plus a masterclass in horse jumping from Kidd who illustrates the technique and artistry required for the event.




Human to Hero

 Italian fencer and politician Valentina Vezzali

Italian fencer and politician Valentina Vezzali

Wednesday 22 April at 1130 BST/ 1230 CET and 2130 BST/ 2230 CET

‘Human to Hero’ airs within World Sport

CNN’s ‘Human to Hero’ gets to the heart of what it means to be a sporting star, exploring the dedication, determination and inspiration it takes to be one the world’s best athletes. This episode profiles one of fencing’s most successful stars, Valentina Vezzali (pictured).

The 41-year-old Italian has competed in five Olympic Games, and was the first fencer in the history of the sport to bring home six gold medals. On top of that record, she has also won 14 gold medals at the World Fencing Championships.

Not content with her success in the sporting field, Vezzali launched an advance of a different kind, becoming a member of the Italian Parliament in 2013. She tells ‘Human to Hero’ how respect for one’s opponent and perfect timing are essential in both the art of fencing and politics.