October 10th, 2014

Preview: CNN International Programme Information Weeks 44 & 45

Alpine Edge

Christina Macfarlane hosts ‘Alpine Edge’ from Sölden, Austria
Christina Macfarlane hosts ‘Alpine Edge’ from Sölden, Austria
Friday 24 October at 0500 BST/ 0600 CET, 1230 BST/ 1330 CET and 2230 BST/ 2330 CET
Saturday 25 October at 0030 BST/0130 CET, 0600 BST/ 0700 CET, 1700 BST/1800 CET and 2200 BST/2300 CET
Sunday 26 October at 0030 GMT/ 0400 CET, 0700 GMT/ 0800 CET, 1600 GMT/ 1700 CET, 2030 GMT/ 2130 CET
‘Alpine Edge’ airs during ‘World Sport’

‘Alpine Edge’ returns with a new series in October, capturing the thrills and spills of the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup, taking viewers inside some of winter sport’s most prestigious venues.

The first show features the World Cup season opener in Sölden, Austria. From ski, to singing, the programme goes behind the scenes with members of the American ski team for a jam session with their very own girl group.

Host Christina Macfarlane visits the Swiss team’s secret glacier hideaway to find out how pristine conditions are preparing them for a fast start this season. ‘Alpine Edge’ also breaks down the art of Alpine Ski Racing from Slalom to Downhill to find out what it takes to be the best in every discipline.


Living Golf

‘Living Golf’ profiles golf’s obsessions with power and distance (Credit: Getty Images)
‘Living Golf’ profiles golf’s obsessions with power and distance (Credit: Getty Images)
Thursday 6 November at 1030 GMT/ 1130 CET and 1730 GMT/ 1830 CET
Saturday 8 November at 0830 GMT/ 0930 CET and 2200 GMT/ 2300 CET
Sunday 9 November at 1730 GMT/ 1830 CET
Duration: 30 minutes

This month’s ‘Living Golf’ profiles golf’s obsession with power and distance. From top pros to average punters, the need for more yards on the course is all consuming.

CNN spends the day with former Long Drive World Champion Joe Miller to find out what goes into driving the ball 450 yards plus. Fitness plays a key part in the power game with Pro golfers today spending as much time in the gym as on the range. ‘Living Golf’ catches up with Camilo Villegas, a winner on tour in 2014, in his home gym to see what needs to be done to keep up with the competition and meets Joey D, the world’s top golf fitness trainer, to get his thoughts on how athletic the sport has now become.

Club and ball technology is also crucial in the power game, with leading manufacturers constantly trying to develop new products promising to add distance. ‘Living Golf’ studies the market forces that drive today’s golf industry and also visits Formula One team Williams’ R&D department to study the science they’re taking from their racing cars into the evolution of their bespoke drivers.



CNN Equestrian

This month, Jodie Kidd hosts ‘CNN Equestrian’ from Pau, France.
This month, Jodie Kidd hosts ‘CNN Equestrian’ from Pau, France.
Saturday 1 November 1830 GMT/ 1930 CET
Duration: 30 minutes

‘CNN Equestrian’ offers viewers an event-side seat at the world’s premier equestrian events, across the various disciplines of the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) – jumping, dressage, eventing, driving, endurance, vaulting and reining  –  presented by television personality, international fashion model and equestrian expert Jodie Kidd.

This month Jodie hosts the show from the stunning French town of Pau, as Zara Phillips talks to Christina Macfarlane about returning to riding after the birth of her first child. Also, 2012 Olympic double gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin explains how her relationship with fellow dressage rider Carl Hester turned her into a record breaking performer.

‘CNN Equestrian’ also looks back at the Nations Cup final in Barcelona and meets the vet who ensures the German team’s horses are fit and healthy.


Make Create Innovate

Bob the robot at the University of Birmingham (Credit: Birmingham Post)
Bob the robot at the University of Birmingham (Credit: Birmingham Post)
Thursday 6 November at 2100 GMT/2200 CET
‘Make, Create, Innovate’ airs within Quest Means Business

‘Make, Create, Innovate’ is a science and technology series that tells the stories behind the inventions and technological breakthroughs that are reshaping our world, profiling pioneers in the fields of health, space exploration, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing and many more.

In this episode, CNN explores the development of Bob, the Security Robot.

When people think of the robotic arm of the law, naturally the mind conjures images of RoboCop cruising around Delta City terrifying baddies with his monotone delivery of ‘dead or alive, you’re coming with me’.

Dr Nick Hawes from the University of Birmingham however, has developed Bob, not quite a gun-wielding cop, but a robot that can help patrol and monitor for anything out of the ordinary. Developed in partnership with G4S, the world’s largest security company, Bob had his first beat at the company’s HQ and could soon be on-duty across Europe.