July 31st, 2014

CNN – undisputed #1 news channel

New data reaffirms #1 position amongst international news brands across Middle East and Africa

The latest EMS figures released by Ipsos show CNN as the undisputed number one international news brand in the Middle East and Africa, reaching a larger audience than all direct news competitors in every metric across both regions on TV, digital and cross-platform.

Every month, CNN reaches 59% of Africa’s upscale population and 37% of affluents in the Middle East via TV and digital platforms*. Weekly reach is also impressive with 52% in Africa and 24% in Middle East, and respective daily reach at 32% and 11%. This puts CNN ahead of direct international news competitors such as the BBC, Sky, CNBC, Euronews and Bloomberg in every cross-platform metric**, and follows CNN being named the international news brand with highest cross-platform monthly reach in the EMS Europe survey. 

In TV, CNN International is the number one international news channel in both Africa and the Middle East, well ahead of BBC, Sky, CNBC, Euronews and Bloomberg in both regions. CNN’s Africa reach is 55% monthly, 48% weekly, and 28% daily, whilst Middle East reach is 32% monthly, 19% weekly and 9% daily.

CNN Digital (combined, CNN Money, and in the Middle East CNN Arabic) also tracks ahead of international news competitors in both markets, with 11% monthly reach in the Middle East and 23% monthly reach in Africa. CNN’s mobile performance in Africa is particularly strong, with 10% of all the continent’s affluents using CNN on mobile every month.

CNN is also unrivalled amongst international news competitors in reaching all key affluent audiences of Business Decision Makers (71% cross platform monthly reach in Africa; 40% Middle East), Opinion Leaders (79% Africa, 41% Middle East), C-Suites (63% Africa, 44% Middle East), High Income Earners (75% Africa, 35% Middle East), and International Business Travellers (76% Africa, 40% Middle East).

“Africa and the Middle East continue to be strategically important regions for all news channels given the coverage of stories arising from them,” said Rani R. Raad, Chief Commercial Officer, CNN. “Equally, from a commercial perspective, CNN has an unrivalled track record across these regions as we build successful long-standing partnerships and relationships across all sectors. Even though business leaders and opinion formers can choose from an ever greater number of content providers, this latest data shows that they are coming to CNN more than anyone else for unparalleled, unrivalled and objective news and information.”




*The EMS Africa Survey defines digital platforms as those accessible via pc/laptop, mobile (app or website) or tablet app.

** Competitor cross platform reach: BBC: Africa reach: 47% monthly, 40% weekly, 20% daily; Middle East: 32% monthly, 22% weekly; 10% daily. Sky: Africa reach: 37% monthly, 28% weekly, 11.5% daily; Middle East: 13.5% monthly; 10% weekly; 3% daily. CNBC: Africa reach: 13% monthly, 10% weekly, 4% daily; Middle East: 22% monthly, 14% weekly, 6% daily.  Euronews: Africa reach: 23% monthly, 18% weekly, 9% daily; Middle East: 7% monthly, 5% weekly; 2% daily. Bloomberg: Africa reach: 8% monthly, 5% weekly, 1% daily; Middle East: 5% monthly, 2% weekly; 1% daily.

*** Opinion Leaders (undertaken 1 or more activities in the past 12 months).



About EMS:

EMS Middle East 2014 examines the media and product consumption habits of the affluent in the Middle East region. The latest research was carried out in 2013. 2 million qualifying adults aged 25 and over, across 8 markets, comprise the EMS Middle East universe. The EMS Middle East study is conducted by Ipsos.

EMS Africa 2014 examines the media and product consumption habits of affluent Africans. The latest research was carried out in 2013. 3.4 million qualifying adults aged 25 and over, across 7 markets, comprise the EMS Africa universe. The EMS Africa study is conducted by Ipsos.