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May 13th, 2014

Ed O’Keefe Joins CNN as VP of CNN Money and Politics

Ed O’Keefe, former Editor-in-Chief of NowThis News, will join CNN as vice president of CNNMoney and Politics.  In this role, […]

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May 12th, 2014

Puff Daddy tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that his honorary degree from Howard University was his “Mother’s dream”

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Witnesses to Boko Haram’s kidnapping speak to CNN

In a CNN exclusive, Nima Elgabir and her team make the dangerous journey to Chibok, Nigeria, where Boko Haram kidnapped […]

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Anderson Cooper AC360 Exclusive with Donald Sterling airs Monday at 8:00 pm ET

CNN’s Anderson Cooper sat down for an exclusive interview with Donald Sterling in Los Angeles. The LA Clippers owner says he’s sorry […]

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May 11th, 2014

CBS’ Benghazi Problem

Today on CNN’s Reliable Sources hosted by Brian Stelter, Joe Hagan, writer for New York Magazine, and Jeff Greenfield, political analyst, spoke to CNN about the difficulties […]

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Santorum bucks his party on minimum wage

Today on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, former Senator Rick Santorum  (R-PA), spoke to CNN about health […]

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Kissinger on Russia’s global integration

CNN’s FAREED ZAKARIA GPS featured interviews with former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Nixon Administration) and Karl-Theodor Zu Guttenberg, […]

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“We ran and we ran”: A Nigerian girl tells CNN she still feels afraid after escaping Boko Haram

In a CNN exclusive, CNN International Correspondent Nima Elbagir (@nimaCNN) interviews one of the kidnapped girls who managed to escape Boko […]

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May 9th, 2014

Analysis: Hillary Clinton will be asked about Monica Lewinsky

(CNN) – Hillary Clinton has been hitting the speaker circuit lately, getting plenty of exposure, but also reminding critics of […]

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CNN’s Isha Sesay discusses Amnesty International report with Nigeria’s information minister

During a special edition of CNN NewsCenter live from Abuja, Nigeria, CNN’s Isha Sesay (@IshaSesayCNN) spoke to Nigerian Minister of Information […]

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