May 9th, 2014

CNN’s Isha Sesay discusses Amnesty International report with Nigeria’s information minister

During a special edition of CNN NewsCenter live from Abuja, Nigeria, CNN’s Isha Sesay (@IshaSesayCNN) spoke to Nigerian Minister of Information Labaran Maku about the claims made in Amnesty International’s report on the abduction of 250+ girls from a boarding school in Chibok.

When asked to confirm whether the Nigerian military had four hours of advanced warning about an attack by Boko Haram, the minister said the claim was “outrageous.”

“This is really outrageous, unbelievable. I don’t know if Amnesty International investigated this, or they just had the report from someone telling them – from the Nigerian military – not to talk of the government. It is inconceivable to believe soldiers on duty were informed that an attack is about to take place in Chibok four hours, and they didn’t act.”