May 8th, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Benham brothers speak out after losing HGTV show for ‘anti-gay’ remarks

Tonight on OutFront, CNN’s Erin Burnett spoke exclusively to twin brothers David and Jason Benham whose HGTV show “Flip It Forward” was canceled after the website Right Wing Watch posted a piece labeling David Behnham as “anti-gay, anti-choice” extremist for remarks he made while leading  a prayer rally in 2012 outside of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Caroline.  During the prayer David Benham said “If 87 percent of Americans are Christians, and yet we have abortion on demand, we have no-fault divorce, we have pornography and perversion, we have a homosexuality agenda that is attacking the nation–”

Asked by Burnett if he stand by his words, David Benham said “never have I ever spoken against homosexuals as individuals and gone against them.  I speak about an agenda.  And that’s really what the point of this is, is that there is an agenda that is seeking to silence the voices of men and women of faith.  And that’s what all this is about.”  He went on to say “I’m grateful for the opportunity to say directly to the camera that we love homosexuals, and we love Muslims, and we have absolutely nothing against the people.”

The brothers said they are not angry with HGTV and feel they were “bullied,” and “pushed into” canceling their show.